Why Do French Bulldogs Rub Themselves?

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What causes Frenchies to rub and how do they clean?

I’m not referring to the country folk but rather to the cute and squeaky French Bulldogs. French Bulldogs are adored across the globe for a variety of reasons including their small stature; squished faces; bat-like ears and energized personalities. French Bulldogs are known for their vocal nature and attention-seeking ways which is why they require more monitoring and laughing than other breeds. You will learn today why your Frenchie does the things it does as well as what to watch out for and how to help them. 

Why do French Bulldogs rub themselves?

The French rub themselves for a variety of reasons some more confirmed than others but they are all worth monitoring.

It is expected that French Bulldogs will have problems and behaviors as a result of their breeding history as they are brachycephalic dogs. Known for their ability to talk and be attentive to their human companions they find unique and humorous ways to get your attention.

Frenchies love being cuddled and to feel desired so they will do anything for attention. In addition to their variety of vocal styles they also enjoy being cuddled. There are a few reasons why your Frenchie may be rubbing themselves before you start worrying.

It is common for French Bulldogs to rub themselves in various locations and for different reasons. Here are a few places and reasons that Frenchies rub themselves.


The French are known for exercising their faces with strange looks and loud noises seeking your attention by rubbing up against you for kisses. Your Frenchie maybe just clear their airways if they rub their faces after a sneeze or cough.

If the rubbing persists however there might be a problem. When the face is constantly rubbed it may indicate allergies blocked airways or skin conditions. Let their vet know about the face-rubbing so they can assess and assist your pup. 

Lower half

If you notice your dog doing the classic bum drag more than other breeds its not because they’re trying to be funny or because they ate something spicy; its actually quite common among brachycephalic dogs.

They have extremely limited licking movements because their faces are so flat their snouts so short and their bodies so small. It is impossible for brachycephalic dogs to clean their bums and private parts as they are not flexible enough and their faces are too flat to reach.


A common movement among Frenchie pups is the army crawl in which they waddle with their little bodies and big clown heads closer to you.

As the only way to move for food pups pick up this trait from the very beginning of their lives. It is an adored characteristic of the breed that can translate into adulthood and can even be taught. However if your dog has never pulled their body against a flood before it could be a sign of a skin allergy forming. Have them examined and take them to the veterinarian if it persists. 

Here are a few reasons and ways Frenchies rub themselves. As seen most do not represent an immediate threat but are rather attributed to the traits of the brachycephalic breed and some are even rewarded with treats.

So do not worry too much if you see your Frenchie dragging their bum or body across the floor; this is completely normal behavior for this strange and wonderful breed.

Can French Bulldogs clean themselves?

The Brachycephalic breed of dog known as the Frenchie comes with its fair share of breeding issues and companionship needs and this will also be emphasized in the arena of grooming.

Due to their small stature they tend to be stiff and limited in their ability to move which makes maintaining themselves more difficult.

It is expected that you will have to groom your dog but Frenchies can be taken care of in the comfort of your own home. Although French Bulldogs require more frequent management than some breeds they are generally low maintenance.

French Bulldogs require your assistance in cleaning them regardless of how easy it is. Even though some of the grooming recommendations are more important than others it can not hurt to ensure your pet gets the full pedigree treatment while you’re at it.

Any use of water with any breed of dog must be accompanied by thorough drying in order to prevent bacterial growth and illness. Here are a few places your Frenchie might struggle to clean along with some suggestions for how to help them: 


It is important to brush Frenchies once a week even though they do not have a lot of furs. In addition to showing your love for your Frenchie brushing contributes to preventing shedding and overheating since displaced hairs do not get trapped and cluster together.

Additionally taking a bath will greatly benefit your French Bulldog by removing any sweat or allergens from their fur which will help with their temperature regulation and breathing problems. Donot overwash your pup and make sure you rinse thoroughly to preserve their natural body oil. 


The dental health of Frenchies is another problem. Due to their brachycephalic nature their teeth are prone to breakage and infection which is why you need to keep a close eye on your pups teeth to avoid issues in the future.

You can greatly improve your dogs oral health and hygiene by brushing his teeth with species-specific toothpaste and training him. You can also use chew toys and dental snacks as fun ways to clean and strengthen your dogs mouth. 


There is bound to be some maintenance involved in those lovely large and bat-like ears. Since they are large and open they are susceptible to ear infections and early deafness from dirt accumulation.

We recommend cleaning your Frenchies’ ears at least twice a week with either a canine ear cleaning solution or a cloth dipped in baby oil. Avoid poking and prodding the ear canal and instead gently massage and dab the ear to loosen dirt.

Following treatment it is important to clean your pups ears with normal water so that no oils or solutions are trapped in the ear canal. Although your Frenchie may not like it at first a few treats and tummy scratches will help. 


Due to their small size French Bulldogs stand close to the ground; therefore they are incredibly sensitive to allergens.

While you might think that removing the dog from the allergen-infected area would help in reality germs dirt and dust particles get trapped in the wrinkles of your Frenchies. For Frenchies skin fold care is very important so that they do not have hotspots skin issues or allergies. Donot forget to clean in between their wrinkles and pay attention to their flaps. 

Bottom bits

Because of their short snouts and small bodies it is nearly impossible for this brachycephalic breed to reach and clean their bottom bits.

Frenchies may even be more susceptible to build-up because of their tail position as some drop below the bum while others remain short and high. Although this does not sound great for either party its not that common.

You may have to assist your pup when they have an upset stomach but otherwise they will adjust their position according to their pooping needs. Keep an eye on your French Bulldogs bum which would not be hard with those short stubby tails and wipe it as needed. 

Although these are some of the more frequent grooming requirements the list is not exhaustive. All dog breeds should have their nails trimmed to avoid the nails pushing back into the bed or even breaking.

Every dog should be brushed and washed on a regular basis. Despite the fact that every dog needs grooming Frenchies do require a more careful process due to their breeding history and issues.

French Bulldogs are prone to drying out their eyes and noses which can cause more issues. Keep them clean and moist by keeping them clean and moist. Even though these dogs are generally low maintenance and can be groomed at home its still essential to do your homework.

Have fun

The French Bulldog is one of the friendliest and most well-mannered breeds on Earth. They are great companions as well as easy to clean.

With their small size you can pop them in the sink for a quick soak while their loving nature might even encourage them to do so. The French love their human companions and have a variety of ways to express their love provided they are reciprocated.

When its time for the next sit-down session keep some dental treats around for when you clean their ears and give them some tummy scratches.

Frenchies low maintenance cleaning will become even easier with the ease with which grooming can be handled. Let your Frenchie know that everything you do is because of love even if you oil their ears.

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