Why Do Dogs Eat Underwear?

correct answerThe Short Answer is:

As socks and underwear carry the strongest scent markers from their owners dogs tend to pick them up.

In this research you will know the answer to the query “Why Do Dogs Eat Underwear?“.

Dogs eat strange things. There are some that chew shoes some that go for your furniture and some that eat underwear.

Whats the use of these expensive chew toys if they can not chew on them? What do you expect?

This is right there dog-friendly and generally does not cause any permanent damage.

So the reasoning might not always make sense because well dog logic.

After Rover has devoured those new briefs what happens? What might go wrong? How should you proceed?

Should you wait for it to pass through his system or should you rush him straight to the emergency vet? Here are some tips from some experts.

Why Do Dogs Eat Underwear? Why Do Dogs Chew Underwear?

There are many possible reasons why your pet kid is an underwear connoisseur. The following are some common reasons:


Its likely that hes teething if hes still a puppy. An itching mouth will drive anyone to the edge of their seats so he’ll chew just about anything that looks like it might soothe those burning gums.

Attention Seeking

Dogs can become bored or feel neglected sometimes. I know you do not neglect your dog. Even so some dogs are sensitive and something as seemingly insignificant as you getting up later than normal can upset them. Usually this leads to chewing on anything and everything that catches your attention.


The disorder Pica causes dogs and humans to chew on things that have no nutritional value. Your fur kid should see the vet as soon as possible if this is the case. It is possible that Pica is caused by medical psychological or nutritional causes which could lead to gastrointestinal complications if not treated quickly.


We breed dogs from wolves and wolves hunt. Dogs do not hunt for real but they enjoy playing with things around them such as your underwear. I’m sorry. They are also strongly attracted to smells and our underwear and socks have the strongest smell.

You can bet your bottom dollar that your pup will make a beeline for your pheromones if he sniffs them. This item represents your identity and he is going to protect it for all its worth. Honestly he loves you and is probably willing to sacrifice his life for you. Would you blame him for being a bit strange when he smells stuff that smells like you?

What Could Go Wrong?

He might be fine or he may have to deal with a lot of things. This depends on the situation. Its never a good idea to eat anything thats not food. We do know however that dogs (and cats) eat the weirdest things.

Imagine that your pup chows down on your dirty underwear. In that case elastic components and other fabrics will probably be on the menu. His digestive tract could be blocked if these items become stuck in his intestines. Most of the time this will pass with minor complications after a while. Having a small dog or a big chunk might make things a bit hairy. In the event that your furkids condition does not improve you should take him to the vet right away.

If your pup ingests your underwear in severe cases it may start vomiting. Immediately go to the vet if this happens since the situation could be life-threatening. Likewise if he has diarrhea you should take him to the vet immediately. 

Be sure to pay close attention to your pups symptoms as these could help the vet decide what to do.

Occasionally your pup swallows more than just soft cotton underwear. His tummy might get pierced by some clips hooks or other sharp items lying around. He is going to have a hard time. It is possible that those objects could seriously damage his internal organs and he will need immediate medical attention.

Dog Eats Underwear or Panties? | What to do?

Find the Root

Your pup is chewing on your underwear so figure out why. It is likely that your pup will act out in other ways if you ignore the symptoms without treating the underlying cause. By treating the underlying cause you are also able to treat the symptoms.

When your pup is teething and chewing your underwear give him a teething toy to chew on. You never know. If you remove your underwear he will start chewing on your socks or furniture because he wants attention. It is possible for him to deflect further and start peeing everywhere. That sucks.

Discourage the Behavior

Replacement tactics do not work and your pup still goes for your underwear instead of the new chew toys its time to try something new. Animals watch the reactions of their human parents to determine whether they have been good or bad. Make a big deal about whatever he did and he’ll do it again because it gets a reaction. Even if you yell at him that it would not happen again any reaction is usually warmly welcomed.

You can discourage your pup from chewing your undies by not reacting to it. Put away those tempting boxers and instead provide him with healthy alternatives such as toys that disperse food. It makes sense that he wouldnot be able to chew them if he could not get to them.

Visit the Vet

When your pup eats your underwear and does not pass it you should take him to the veterinarian. In extreme cases surgery might be necessary to remove the unwelcome obstruction. In most cases this is not necessary.

You will be examined thoroughly by the vet to determine the best course of action. A physical exam begins with a check of your pups abdomen where he will feel for obstructions physically. As well as checking your heart rate temperature gums (to detect dehydration) and listening to your heart and lungs he’ll also check your heart and lungs. The results will reveal whether your pup is in pain suffering from shock or dehydration and whether further investigation is needed.

A veterinarian may request blood tests and X-rays if further investigation is required. Your pups body will be examined to see if it has an infection if foreign material is causing a blockage and where it is located. Afterward your vet can give your pup an electrolyte solution either intravenously or orally. Surgery may also be necessary if the situation looks dire.

In the case that the material only resides in the stomach of your pup the vet may suggest that you undergo an endoscopy. The process is less invasive than surgery and it is similar to those claw machines at the fair where you try to grab the toy. What about those cute teddies your girlfriend asks for and your ego tells you that you’re better than the machine thats rigged against you? Anyway digress. If all the foreign material is in one place in the stomach and in one piece then an endoscopy might be a good option. Your pup might still need surgery if this is not the case.

Induce Vomiting?

Veterinarians should be consulted for this one and it should be handled as quickly as possible. The passage of food (or foreign objects) from the stomach into the small intestine depends on the size and metabolism of your dog. Inducing vomiting would force the object out of your pups body and you would be able to put the whole ordeal behind you. However if you miss because the window and the object are already in the small intestine vomiting will not help. The only thing that will happen is for your pup to feel worse and weaken his immune system.

There is also the safety factor to consider. What exactly was ingested by Rover? If it was just soft fabric Rover might be fine. Nevertheless if your pup swallowed anything sharp hard corrosive or large it could cause more damage coming out than it already did. Be sure to talk to your vet first before considering inducing vomiting. 

When someone vomits they run the risk of aspirating where the material they bring up goes into the airways and lungs instead of going out. Additionally pneumonia and severe illness may result from this complication. Its not an enjoyable thought.


Dogs eating underwear is not uncommon but it is also a potentially serious medical emergency waiting to happen.

Your pup might chew on your underwear for a number of reasons but he should not.

Keep that underwear out of his reach for his own safety and discourage this behavior.

Its impossible for him to chew on something he can not reach right?

Get your puppy to the vet right away if he swallows some of your underwear.

By acting immediately you could prevent potentially life-threatening complications and bring your furry friend back to health in no time.

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Why Do Dogs Eat Underwear? (Watch Video)

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