Why Are My Dog’s Balls Red or Pink?

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It can be caused by allergies skin irritation or too much exposure to dry air. Coconut oil or aloe vera can be applied to your dog's testicles if its scrotum is sensitive and dry. The dryness will be alleviated as a result.

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Its not uncommon for dog owners to get more exposure to their dogs’ private parts than they would like. No matter how hard you try to ignore the fact that your dog is licking himself sometimes you cannot prevent yourself from noticing something is wrong.

The balls of my dog are red and peeling. What is wrong with my dogs testicles that are red and raw? What is the reason for my dogs pink scrotum? It is a concern you must address regardless of how you feel about it. How do you treat a sick dog? There is something you need to do. 

As it turns out it is not often a serious problem. Your dogs ball can become red from minor irritation but it will go away on its own.

Changes in your dogs appearance of his scrotum can be a sign of serious medical conditions requiring immediate medical treatment. The following information will help you understand why your dogs ball is turning pink.

What does it mean if my dog’s testicles are red and raw?

If your dog is neutered the scrotum contains no testicles. If it does it used to. Hairless and very thin the scrotums skin is very thin. As well as being easily irritated.

It might not surprise you to learn that licking a dogs balls is among his favorite pastimes. For him its a pleasurable activity and since they’re nearby how can he resist? 

Licking too much can cause your dogs scrotum to become raw and red. What can you expect if he has been working on it for the past hour? Look for signs of injury on the dogs testicles including scratches punctures and insect bites. If swelling is present that must also be investigated. You probably have nothing to worry about if you do not see anything of the sort. 

Why does your dog lick himself so much? That is the question you need to ask. There is no obvious reason for it of course. 

Dogs that suddenly become obsessed with their nether regions may be suffering from boredom or a psychological problem. Dogs will entertain themselves as best as they can if they lack mental stimulation. If you increase the duration of his daily walks you can easily cure him of boredom. He’ll enjoy playing with some mentally stimulating toys if you take him to a doggy park. He’ll also enjoy chewing on a bone.

If your dog is anxious or depressed he might also be depressed. These problems do not only affect humans. Find out what is causing him to feel this way. Did anything change recently in your home? Has anyone to whom he was particularly attached left? Has anyone newly arrived in the house? Do you feel neglected by your dog? 

Your dog could use some training if he is licking his balls red and raw just for fun. You should also leave his balls alone when you command ‘Leave it.’

Why are my dog’s balls red and swollen?

Swelling in your dog is a clear sign that theres something wrong. The following medical conditions could contribute to this problem. 


Swollen scrotums are sometimes caused by dogs hurting their underbelly when running or playing. Scrotum infections can be spread by viruses bacteria or fungi after a scratch or puncture. The dogs testicles will appear swollen and bright red if there is some type of inflammation. 

The acute inflammation of the scrotum is called orchitis and it can also be caused by internal disorders such as a UTI or inflammation of the prostate.

Look at his scrotum once again. An antibiotic ointment should be applied to any wound you find. Within a few days the infection should clear up.

You should however consult your veterinarian if the remedy does not seem to work. In order to determine the exact nature of the infection they will perform some tests. You may be prescribed oral antibiotics for your dog. 


STDs are not an exclusively human problem as you might have thought. Sexually transmitted diseases such as brucellosis are very difficult to treat.

Brucella Canis bacteria are responsible for the disease. Although its fair to point out that this bacteria can be picked up by dogs simply by sniffing the urine of an infected dog. 

The symptoms of the disease manifest themselves as enlarged testicles in male dogs. Swollen scrotums can also be observed in such animals.

It is common for dogs with brucellosis to develop a skin rash on their scrotum so their balls will appear both red and swollen. It can cause infertility if the dog is not treated. It can atrophy and shrink the testicles on a long-term basis.

When your dog gets brucellosis your vet will prescribe powerful antibiotics but the condition cannot be completely cured. Even when no visible symptoms are present such as swollen red testicles he will continue to shed bacteria intermittently. 

In addition to its effects on dog fertility and its highly contagious nature this disease should be reported to federal authorities.

Theres no need to worry about getting infected even if your dog has brucellosis. 

Testicular torsion

Dog balls in their pouch are a bit loose as you have probably noticed. Their only support comes from an area of connective tissue that supplies blood to the scrotum.

Occasionally one or both testicles can twist around the connective tissue a condition known as testicular torsion. Connective tissue can become inflamed preventing blood flow to it. 

Torsion of the testicles can be caused by external factors like a blow to the area. It is also possible for one or both testicles to rotate in your dogs body and become entangled in the connective tissue due to his obsession with his balls.

It will appear red and swollen on your dogs scrotum. Tenderness in the scrotal area disinclination to walk and lethargy are other symptoms of testicular torsion.

The condition of testicular torsion requires immediate medical attention. It might cause the testicles to die and your dog might go into septic shock if left untreated.

Antibiotics and packs of ice on the scrotum are usually effective in treating most cases. A vet may recommend removing one or both testicles if they cannot be saved in some cases. 

Why are my dog’s balls pink?

Shade is all that matters. There is no difference between a dogs red or pink testicles the causes are always the same. When inflammation is present in your dogs scrotum it may appear pink rather than red since they have a lighter skin tone. 

Similarly if your dogs balls look purple or black it could be a sign of an infection or injury. Its best to see a veterinarian if they’re swollen as well.

The scrotum of puppies is quite common with pink spots. It is not medically significant. As the puppy grows the pink spots will disappear due to varying pigment levels.

Why Are My Dog’s Balls Red?

As well as being associated with cold weather dry skin can also indicate skin irritation.

You can apply aloe vera coconut oil or vaseline to your dogs sensitive scrotum if it becomes dry. The dog will not be in danger if he licks himself because none of these substances are toxic. The peeling or flaking should disappear within a few days if the scrotal skin is well moisturized 

There is also a possibility that your dogs skin irritation is due to an allergic reaction. If for instance your dog takes a nap in the garden and your lawn was recently treated with pesticides the dog might experience an allergic reaction to those substances.

Allergies are characterized by rashes on the skin. The itchiness can be relieved by giving your pet a bath with a hypoallergenic shampoo if there are no other worrying symptoms. 

Why are my dog’s balls red and raw after neutering?

Its because hes had an allergic reaction to the ingredients used during the surgery as well as a skin irritation caused by rough manipulation of a very delicate area.

It only takes a small incision to neuter a dog but it is usually enough to cause its balls to become raw and red. 

The site of incision might develop infection over the next few days so monitor your dog closely. There is no way to stop your dog from lying down on the floor or outside in the dirt and licking himself so your vet may have fitted your pet with a cone to keep him from licking himself. 

Are some dog breeds more prone to skin problems?

In addition to respiratory problems bulldogs are also susceptible to skin problems. All breeds of bulldogs are susceptible to skin problems.

Due to their numerous folds of skin wrinkled dogs are more likely to develop skin problems because they are breeding grounds for bacteria viruses and fungi. 

If the dog licks himself he can carry the bacteria that is multiplying in the folds of his skin all the way to the scrotum. Bacteria will easily penetrate inside the very sensitive skin of the scrotum and cause inflammation.


The balls of your dog may be red due to an irritation of the skin. An infection or an allergic reaction could cause excessive licking.

There is no need for immediate concern if the scrotum does not appear swollen. If he continues to lick his privates apply some ointment and see if things improve.

The dogs balls should be checked right away if they are red and swollen. To treat whatever is bothering him your dog will probably need antibiotics.

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