What Is A Bloodhound Australian Shepherd Mix?

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An Australian Shepherd Bloodhound mix is a result of breeding Australian Shepherds with Bloodhounds. Due to the fact that this is a new breed and not traditional in terms of breeding there isn’t much history of this type of dog. Though they have gained popularity in recent years we expect to see more information about this breed as interest grows.

In this research you will know the answer to the query “What Is A Bloodhound Australian Shepherd Mix?“.

Can you imagine what you’d get if you crossed a Bloodhound with an Australian Shepherd dog?

Despite sounding like the beginning of a bad joke this combination of two popular breeds exists.

The punchline for the joke is getting a dog capable of hunting tracking and herding!

Thats a pretty good personality trait isnot it?

The exact balance of traits you will get when you mix dogs from two different breeds is hard to predict but that is why we are talking about the combination of dogs from two different breeds. 

There is always an element of luck involved in breeding!

We’d like to introduce you to the parents to help you understand whats going on.

Breed History

An Australian Shepherd Bloodhound mix is a result of breeding Australian Shepherds with Bloodhounds. 

Its unique breed combination combines both hunting and tracking with herding to create an interesting dynamic. 

Due to the fact that this is a new breed and not traditional in terms of breeding there isnot much history of this type of dog. 

Though they have gained popularity in recent years we expect to see more information about this breed as interest grows. 

The Bloodhound Australian Shepherds parents are shown here

The parents of the Bloodhound Australian Shepherd mix are the Bloodhound and the Australian Shepherd. As we said earlier mixing the tracking and hunting prowess of the Bloodhound with the herding instincts of the Australian Shepherd makes for a truly unique breed. 


Lets look at Bloodhounds in more detail. Hounds have been used as hunting and tracking animals for hundreds of years in ancient Europe and the Mediterranean. Hunters and gatherers used them to track elusive prey while also providing powerful hunting skills to bring down the prey. 

They were used by European nobles to hunt deer stags and wild boar on their lands in more recent centuries. Bloodhounds were best suited for tracking down prey and killing it. The practice only continued until firearms became more widely used making hunting animals less useful.

The amazing sense of smell of bloodhounds makes them some of the best tracking dogs in the world. It has been known that they can track smells from as far as 20 kilometers away! 

The Bloodhound will track a scent tirelessly sometimes going days without sleep until they find the source of the scent. They can track long after most breeds of dogs would give up the pursuit when they have high stamina and endurance. 

When it comes to temperament these dogs are very patient and kind making them good with children. They require a lot of exercise due to their high stamina. Typically they require multiple walks a day to expel their energy.

Australian Shepherds

The Australian Shepherd is a distant cousin of the German Shepherd and shares the same natural instinct to herd livestock like sheep cows and goats. While they have Australia in their name they were actually bred in the United States and have since become closely associated with cowboy life. 

In part because of their great shepherding instincts these dogs make excellent ranch dogs due to their toughness and leanness. Their ability to move livestock from one point to another makes them highly sought after by ranchers and farmers. 

The Australians go so far as to shepherd children birds or other dogs. Its just that they want to shepherd something and they’ll take whatever they can get. There is also a reputation for this breed to be quite intelligent which can be a plus and a disadvantage for some owners. If you ever get one of these dogs you’ll need to keep a close eye on him. 

The Australian Shepherd has huge amounts of stamina and energy similar to Bloodhounds so they need to be walked or jogged multiple times every day to burn off their energy. These dogs will make sure you get up and move every single day if you are sedentary!

Size and Life Expectancy

Bloodhounds and Australian Shepherds when bred together create an adorable easy-to-train breed that is intelligent hard-working and loves to learn. Similar to their parent breeds the Bloodhound Australian Shepherd mix will grow to about medium size. 

An individual of this breed of dog can expect to live anywhere from 9 to 12 years if they are in good health. Despite some dogs’ life spans falling outside this range this is the average life span you can expect for this breed. 


Brown or blue eyes and a slightly pointed muzzle distinguish Bloodhound Australian Shepherd mixes. Their ears are triangular in shape and set high on their heads drooping a bit when at rest like their Bloodhound parents. When threatened or excited their ears stand tall. The dogs have short straight tails. 

In addition to their droopy ears and light-colored eyes they share many of their parents’ characteristics and physical traits. 


Watch-guarding dogs are especially adept at this breed. Because of their patience diligence and willingness to work hard they make excellent guard dogs or sentries. In addition to barking and warning their owners of possible hazards they also defend their families and homes with surprising ferocity. 

WatchGuard may seem all work but they are not. Watchguards are also playful and are extremely happy when their owners see them. Dogs with patience and a stern demeanor make great companions for children. 

Feeding and Care

Mixes of bloodhounds and Australian Shepherds need to be exercised between 30 to 60 minutes per day preferably at a high level of intensity. This allows them to get rid of all their energy and prevents them from becoming depressed or anxious. 

Typically these dogs require wide-open spaces to let all their energy out. Even so if you do not have a large field for them to run around in a large yard will still suffice. Alternately you could also go running with them on a regular basis. 

Because of their tendency to take charge this breed will need a firm and confident owner to properly handle them. A lax owner can quickly become overwhelming acting like the house belongs to them and you have to follow their instructions when it should be the other way around. 

This dog should be fed approximately five cups of dry dog food per day divided into two meals. Then they will be able to get the proper nutrients and calories they need to remain healthy and strong. 

Potential Health Problems

Generally this breed is not prone to many health issues; however a lack of proper exercise can seriously affect their mental health. If they do not get the proper amount of exercise each day they may become overly aggressive anxious or depressed. 

Owners of medium- or large-sized dogs should avoid feeding them overly greasy fatty or seasoned foods to avoid bloating. 

Coat Color and Grooming

A dark coat is typical for this breed with lighter markings around the eyes nose and paws. Its coat can range in color from chocolate brown to dark black with its lighter portion appearing almost straw-like or reddish in color. 

As this breed has a short-haired coat that does not require a lot of brushing or trimming grooming is minimal. Although most of the time brushing with a stiff bristle brush will be sufficient their coats can sometimes become tangled and knotted which will require cutting. 

Their coats will need almost no maintenance if they are properly cared for. A stiff-bristled brush should be used to brush the owners hair regularly. 

Bloodhound Aussie Mix Alternatives

In addition to the Bloodhound Aussie Shepherd mix there are several other breeds that are similar in size appearance and personality. 

Its a Collie up first. The Collies like the Aussie Shepherd are known for being amazing herding dogs and are bred to have the same instincts for herding. These characteristics make them incredibly loyal and hardworking. Despite their similar size and build to an Aussie they have much longer thicker coats. They are also mellower in temperament. 

A great herding dog German Shepherds are next on this list. Due to their size they may require a little more care than the Aussie Bloodhound mix. Although they are not the prettiest dogs they are intelligent inquisitive and friendly. Compared to Bloodhound Aussies their coats are medium length and have similar coloring. 

The Blue Heeler is another good alternative to Bloodhound Aussies. Despite being herding dogs as well Blue Heelers were bred to withstand harsh temperatures. The Bloodhound Aussie has the same build but their coats are lighter in color. Due to their strength and speed these dogs are perfect for owners who are active. 

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