What human food can French bulldogs eat? Check these 32 foods out!

In this research you will know the answer to the query “What human food can French bulldogs eat? Check these 32 foods out!“.

Do you own a Frenchie and do you wonder whether to feed him human food? Many veterinarians recommend you give your French bulldog only dog food but it can be difficult to keep your pet from sharing what you are eating. Its heartbreaking to watch your Frenchie indulging in delicious food while he watches you. Think about the sad eyes staring at you. Your heart will melt!

Owners of French bulldogs are responsible for ensuring that their pets are fed the right kinds of food. Because of his or her diet a dogs health can be greatly influenced.

There are a lot of dog foods available that your veterinarian might recommend but you surely want to know if you can actually serve human food as well. Yes you can. But however you have to remember that not all table foods are suitable or Frenchie. There are some foods that are safe and others that could be dangerous. Therefore you should know which ones are highly recommended.

Is it possible for French Bulldogs to eat human food?


Bananas are edible for dogs of all breeds according to experts. Your Frenchie will enjoy the potassium Vitamin C and B6 that this type of fruit contains. With the peel you will need to be careful since it is difficult for dogs to digest. If swallowed whole it could block your pets intestinal tract which could result in further complications or more health problems. You would thing you want to do isyour dog to the vet for any kind of treatment.

Because bananas contain fiber they can also improve your dogs digestive system. This does not mean you can serve bananas to your dog every day. Moderation is still necessary. Occasionally serving your dog a banana would be fine.


Both humans and French bulldogs enjoy munching on apples as a snack. You can also feed this fruit to your puppy. Apples contain Vitamin C and pectin which makes them the best choice for breakfast.

Additionally Frenchies with diabetes should be given this fruit because it has low sugar content. It is recommended that you remove the skin and seeds when serving. Providing it in slices will make it easier for your dog to bite and chew. Additionally this prevents choking.


Berries are generally good sources of antioxidants. Besides fiber and Vitamin C they also contain phytochemicals that can benefit your pet.

Blueberries are delicious and your French bulldog will definitely enjoy snacking on them. If you wash them first to remove dirt attached to them you can serve frozen or fresh. You can also ensure your pet would not consume leftover pesticides by doing this.

You need to limit the amount of blueberries you feed your pet just like any other food that French bulldogs can eat. When giving this type of fruit to your dog for the first time it is highly recommended that you minimize it. After your pet has not experienced any side effects you can then increase the serving size later on.


The only difference between apples and pears is that pears are sweeter and softer. Furthermore they are rich in fiber potassium and vitamin C. They are also rich in folic acid which is known to have numerous health benefits especially for pregnant Frenchies.

Remember to remove the skin and seeds from pears before feeding them to your French bulldog. In addition to slicing them you should also store them separately to make them easier for your pet to digest.


Summertime is the perfect time to enjoy oranges. This fruit would refresh you on a hot day as well I bet. Perhaps you should also feed it to your pup?

Oranges are safe to eat for Frenchies as well. These foods are rich in vitamin C. However as they contain a lot of sugar you should limit how much you consume. For example do not feed your dog an entire orange. You can serve half as an appetizer.


Fruits like cantaloupe are very beneficial for your pooch. Dietary fiber vitamins A and C folate niacin and other nutrients are present in this food that benefit young French bulldogs in particular. Sugar is the only drawback just like oranges. That is why you should limit the servings as well.

The high-sugar content of cantaloupes makes them not suitable for Frenchies who suffer from diabetes. This will make your dogs health worse.


Frenchies whose bowel movements are irritable may benefit from eating artichokes according to some medical experts. You can feed your puppy any part of this vegetable as long as you cut them into tiny pieces first. Make sure to monitor the amount that you are giving and do not add any other ingredients to it.

What is in artichokes that is good for your dog? In fact they contain a bunch of vitamins and minerals including fiber Vitamin C and magnesium. They also contain folic acid. This makes them a healthy snack for pregnant women as well.

Also artichokes contain antioxidants which are known to be a great shield against cancer and other life-threatening diseases in dogs.


Are you aware that eggplants can also be used to treat your pets? The answer is yes! Just use it moderately.

In order to fight cancer and heart disease eggplants are packed with phytonutrients.

Start off with a small amount of this vegetable if you decide to feed it to your pup. In the event that your dog experiences any allergic reactions you should stop giving it to him right away to avoid further health problems.


Vegetables of this type are known to aid dogs’ indigestion. This does not mean you have to include it in your French bulldogs diet every day. Make sure that you monitor the servings because too much is not good.

We highly recommend that you boil or steam the cabbage before giving it to your pet. This will help ensure that the thiocyanate content is removed. The cabbage should also be cut into tiny pieces so that your pup can eat it more easily.


How about giving your dog a low-calorie snack that is healthy? A carrot would be a good choice. Due to the hardness of this food you must cut it into small pieces.

Vitamin A is the most important of all the healthy elements in carrots. Vitamin A is essential for good health. Vitamin A plays a vital role in skin health. Additionally it supports the proper functioning of the dogs nervous system.


Feed your dog celery if you want it to have fresh breath. In addition to the high fiber content this is also highly recommended by veterinarians as a weight loss aid.

Nevertheless if you live in an apartment or condominium this might be a source of headaches for you important to know that celery can increase your dogs urine production so he will need to spend more time outside.rs.

Celery is generally considered good for your Frenchie though. Be sure to serve it in moderation however.

Green Peas

Dog foods with green peas in them are available from different brands. They can be given to puppies without concern. Peas provide your pet with a lot of nutrients as well as low calories so they are healthy for them. As a recommendation serve the frozen green peas rather than the canned ones because the canned ones contain preservatives and excessive salt neither of which is good for you.


You probably love mushrooms on your pasta or other dishes that you make at home. Mushrooms are another human food that pets can enjoy. Nevertheless you should not mix it with anything like onion or garlic. You should serve it plain instead. You should also avoid poisonous mushrooms.

When buying mushrooms you should always check what the item contains.


In addition to its fiber content pumpkin is another food that you can give to your Frenchie from time to time. It is easy on the digestive system. In fact many French bulldog owners recommend pumpkin to treat diarrhea or upset stomachs in their puppies.

In addition this food contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients that keep your Frenchie active and healthy. When giving canned pumpkins you need to be very careful because they may contain xylitol which poses the same dangers as we described earlier. It is best to just use fresh pumpkin if you want to keep your dog safe.


You can occasionally give a French bulldog a slice of bread as a treat. You should choose a plain one as other ingredients such as raisins might upset your pups stomach.

Despite this you should keep in mind that bread contains carbohydrates which can easily cause your pet to gain weight. You do not want your Frenchie to become overweight so be sure he or she does not eat too much bread.


Your puppy can eat oatmeal with you for breakfast. However do not put too much extra stuff on your poochs food if you are one of those who loves to do so. The extra ingredients in a pets food could be harmful to their health so it would be best to serve them plain oatmeal instead.


Protein should be an important part of your dogs diet. Chicken is an excellent source. Make sure it is low-fat by choosing the breast part. Furthermore you should remove the bone as a precaution since it could choke your furry friend.

In addition cooked chicken is preferred over raw chicken as the latter could lead to Salmonella infections.


Pork is another excellent source of protein. However as with chicken it is highly recommended that you cook it. Raw or undercooked pork may also cause some types of infection in your French bulldog.

You’ll never know if some of the ingredients in pork are harmful to your pet if you add too many to it. You should stay away from processed pork products since they contain preservatives and other chemicals that could harm your Frenchie.


When you stuff a turkey on Thanksgiving or any other day you feel like it do not forget to save some for your Frenchie. You can give your dog turkey too but do not give him stuffed or seasoned turkey. Prepare something special for your pooch before you start cooking. Donot forget to remove the skin and bones as well.


Almost all dog foods contain beef as an ingredient. This food is packed with protein vitamins and minerals that your pup needs to stay healthy and strong. Make sure however that it is lean beef that you feed. As with any other type of meat avoid the seasonings and other ingredients when serving it.


Milk has many health benefits which is why a lot of people enjoy drinking it. It is important to be cautious when sharing this with your dog. You can still give milk to your dog but limit the amount. One or two tablespoons would be sufficient.


What makes salmon such great food for your French Bulldog? Omega-3 fatty acids are found in it and they have many benefits. They can first of all improve the appearance of your dogs coat. They can also improve the skin heart and eye health of French bulldogs.

Additionally salmons contain nutrients that enhance your Frenchies brain functions. Its seafood that has a lot to offer. That being said you should start feeding your pup this kind of table food. They can even enjoy this with a side of vegetables just like you.


The Omega-3 fatty acids in tuna are similar to those in salmon. You can therefore expect that your dog can enjoy the health benefits that salmon can offer. The only thing that we suggest is that you serve plain tuna and avoid those that come with spices since these could trigger allergies. Maybe it would be better to give your puppy raw or fresh tuna instead of canned tuna.


A Frenchie can also enjoy this type of seafood but never feed it raw. It is possible for uncooked shrimp to contain bacteria that could make your pet sick. Its a good idea to cook them first and not add anything to eat afterward. You should also remove the shells since they are choking hazards.

Rice or Pasta

The carbohydrates in rice and pasta can help your Frenchie grow stronger. You should serve them plain especially if your pet has a sensitive stomach to avoid some issues. No seasonings or flavorings should be added.

In addition if your dog has diarrhea this food group can help contain the problem since it is quite simple to digest.

Rice or pasta can also be prepared very easily. Preparing this food for your pet does not require a cookbook. Quite the contrary!

Peanut Butter

I present to you yet another snack that you might love peanut butter! What person wouldnot want their bread or celery with peanut butter like Skippy? Is this something your Frenchie will be able to handle? Absolutely! Hurray!

You can give peanut butter to your dog as a treat but you need to be careful about one thing. Check whether the brand contains xylitol which can be dangerous to dogs including French bulldogs. In addition to being hard to digest it can cause hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. The result could be a liver failure or worse death.

As we mentioned above its critical to check the ingredients when buying peanut butter. Look for one you can give to your dog without worrying.


French bulldogs are a favorite of many people but what about cheese? Does it matter to them?

Two factors determine the answer; the dog and the cheese.

Many dogs suffer from lactose intolerance which means they are unable to digest some dairy products. There are some pups that are able to eat this food group without any issues while there are others who cannot. You should have your veterinarian check your Frenchie to determine if he or she is lactose intolerant.

Because of their low fat and sodium content cottage cheese and mozzarella are great choices for French bulldogs. When searching for cheese that can be served to your pet this is something that you should consider.


You may be surprised to see this on the list but yes you can share your popcorn with your Frenchie while watching a Netflix movie. Then again as with the other foods that we have mentioned there are some things that you should be aware of. Make sure your popcorn has been properly popped. Otherwise it may choke you. Additionally it is best to serve it without salt or butter.

Frenchies benefit from vitamin B2 thiamine and riboflavin that are found in popcorn. Additionally it aids their digestive systems.


Yogurt is probably your favorite breakfast food and FYI you can also serve this to your French bulldog for breakfast. The serving size however should be controlled. Animals cannot digest dairy like humans. This could cause serious digestive issues so make sure you give it to your pooch as a treat in small quantities.

Yogurts contain active bacteria particularly yeasts and probiotics which are beneficial to the digestive system. Additionally they can strengthen the immune system of your pets.


Cashews are fine for French bulldogs as well but you should make sure they do not eat them every day. It is fine to give them a little bit every now and then. The consumption of too many cashews can cause Frenchies to become overweight which is not good for them. It can lead to other health-related conditions or even death.

Your pet could benefit from the proteins antioxidants and calcium contained in cashews.


You can feed your pooch eggs as long as they are fully cooked. You do not want your puppy to suffer from biotin deficiency from raw eggs especially the white part. Thus it is important to ensure that both the yellow and white parts of the chicken are cooked.

An egg is one of the best sources of protein that can be easily digested by a dogs digestive system. Eggs can also be used as a remedy for upset stomachs. A dog can be given one or two eggs every week. There is no reason why this cannot be done.

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