7 Small Dogs That Look Like Foxes

In this research you will know the answer to the query “7 Small Dogs That Look Like Foxes“.

Do you enjoy looking through your patio doors to see foxes as they visit your garden?

Do you have a wildlife camera set up?

Under your shed you may have had a group of foxes known as a “skulk” or “leash”.  

Are you willing to feed them? I know my father does…

Nonetheless I have created a list of seven small dog breeds that look like foxes for todays post. 

How would I define small?

In my list the smallest breed stands just 18 cm high and weighs as little as 1.4 kg whereas the largest breed stands up to 38 cm high and weighs 7 kg.

These seem like very small dogs to me especially after writing about large velcro dogs that weigh more than 100 pounds and are 75 centimeters tall.

I will begin my list by discussing foxes and going over a few interesting facts about them…

A description of a fox

The red fox is the most common of the dozens of species of foxes.  

And of course its most distinguishing features are its ears snout and tail!

This creature has triangular ears a long snout and a tail that measures between 30-55 cm in length. 

A word that sounds like the fox in ancient European languages actually means “thick hair tail”. 

Red foxes can range in height from 33 centimeters to 50 centimeters and weigh from 2 kilograms to 14 kilograms as adults. 

1. Chihuahua

Thats what you wanted!

With a weight of about 3 kg (6.6 pounds) and a height of about 25 cm (9.8”) Chihuahuas are about as small as they can get.

Normally you might think that chihuahuas are black so how can one look like a fox? Read on.

There are many colors of Chihuahuas but I think red and brown Chihuahuas most resemble a fox.

Their coats can be smooth or long and I think the long-coated ones look the most fox-like.

2. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Do you know what a Welsh fox looks like? They are a little “podgy” but if you catch them at just the right angle in the long grass you might think you have just seen a fox!

Okay I get it! Observing a Corgi from the side its back is significantly longer than its legs making it impossible to be a fox.

It is true that a red Corgi looks most like a fox but they do come in many colors. 

Among these are black and tan fawn and sable. 

Fox-like ears certainly stand out as does the size of the snout compared to the size of the head. 

The Welsh Corgi is usually 25 to 30 cm tall and weighs about 13 kilograms. 

3. German Spitz Klein

It almost looks like a fox has gotten caught in a tumble dryer as this German Spitz Klein looks a bit too fluffy to be a real fox.

Its a good color though. The color is orange for this breed.

I wonder what the tail looks like. Even though its position is off its shape and volume are perfect. 

It is a good shape but perhaps a touch short on the ears and perhaps the snout is too short. 

German Spitz Kleins can grow up to 25 cm in height and weigh 10 kg so they might be able to give you that baby fox look you desire.

4. German Spitz Mittel

Let me introduce you to the German Spitz Mittel if you were looking for a dog with the same fox-like appearance but a bit larger.

Its maximum height is 25 cm whereas its maximum weight is 11 kg and its maximum height is 38 cm. 

In all other respects nothing has changed. 

5. Pomeranian

The Pomeranian is the last breed of our Spitz family.

Spitz can stand as tall as 18 cm and weigh as little as 1.4 kg making it the baby of the Spitz family.

However if you are looking for a ball of soft fur that looks like a tiny fox then perhaps the Pomeranian is the right choice. 

You can also get the Pomeranian in white if you’re an Arctic fox fan. 

6. Schipperke

When a Welsh Corgi and a Spitz Klein cross what do you get?

Its like a Schipperke!

The fox impersonation contest would be won by the apricot “model” of this small Belgian dog. 

The ears and tail are perfect for mistaking it for a fox. The snout has just the right proportions and the ears and tail are the right shape and size.

There is only one thing that isnot foxlike about the body which is the lack of a streamlined look.

It is bulky as if this fox had gotten the chickens day after day. 

A red fox is much larger than this one.

It is a long way off to think that a fully grown male can measure 32 cm and weigh 9 kg in real terms. 

Even so the model turned out pretty well for a scaled-down version!

7. Japanese Spitz

Do you know what an Arctic fox looks like? Snox and white foxes live in the Arctic where they’re commonly known as snox and white foxes.

It looks like a long-lost cousin of a Japanese Spitz. 

In contrast to their red cousins who have a flat coat snow foxes have a much fluffier coat as one would expect from an animal that has to live in such cold temperatures every day.  

Its uncanny how similar they are. Not only does it have a long coat a snout and a bushy tail but it also has a jet black nose and eyes. 

A foxs ears are triangular and they appear smaller but it might just be that they are more hidden by that gorgeous fur.

A white fox can reach a maximum height of 30 cm whereas an adult male Spitz can reach a height of 38 cm.

They are very similar however with a fully grown male snow fox weighing in at around 9 kg and a Japanese spitz tipping the scales at around 7 kg. 


People might be attracted to dogs that look like foxes because they are beautiful animals. 

You cannot keep chickens unless you keep them!

You have probably found a breed you like in my list of seven small dogs that look like foxes. 

I wish you the best of luck in your search. 

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7 Small Dogs That Look Like Foxes (Watch Video)

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