7 Small Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed Or Bark

In this research you will know the answer to the query “7 Small Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed Or Bark“.

Do you have nightmares about the time you spent vacuuming with your last dog?

Your living room should not be covered in thin hair so you want a dog that does not shed.

Does the barking continue? Do your dogs bark when they see shadows and leaves falling?

Are you getting too stressed out?

The following are seven small dog breeds that do not shed or bark (too much).

You might want to pinch yourself and continue reading if this seems impossible.

Pros/ cons barking

The bark of a dog is loud and intended to get attention as quickly as possible like a babys cry. 

113 dB was recorded as the loudest dog bark. You can listen to it here. 

The belief that small dogs bark more than big dogs does not have any scientific basis but the majority of us seem to think so.

Among the reasons for this is that a small dog can appear larger by barking.

For owners their families and even their neighbors the combination of the volume and frequency of a dogs bark can be very stressful.

Although finding a dog that is quiet is an appealing prospect quiet dogs do have one significant disadvantage- they are hopeless watchdogs.

Lets move on to the pros and cons of barking now that we have discussed the pros and cons.

Is it possible to own a dog that does not shed?

Pros/ cons shedding

Owning two golden retrievers I fight a daily battle with dog hair every day trying and failing to keep my home “hair-free”.

Its carnage when they shed!

Dogs that do not shed do not have any disadvantages.

You’ll not only extend the life of your vacuum but you’ll also reduce the smell of “dog” in your house!

There is only one disadvantage namely that the selection of small dogs is limited.

Lets get started and look at the first small dog breed on my list that does not bark or shed.

1. French Bulldog

French Bulldogs have short smooth and very fine fur.

As a result you will barely notice any hair falling out.

They do not have hypoallergenic fur however.

Its true that Frenchies do not bark a lot but that does not stop them from making a range of strange and wonderful noises. 

 In the absence of barking or shedding (a lot) how do French Bulldogs spend their days?

There are many reasons to adopt a Frenchie over another small breed of dog.

This is why they have so much character and life.

He is an absolute riot and my stepdaughter has one…

Frenchies weigh around 9 kg and stand about 30 cm tall. They are incredibly friendly gentle and tolerant.

You will form a very close bond with these dogs if you have toddlers and small children. 

Playing with the dog and the children is a lot of fun.

Having a Frenchie makes it easier when you have small children because their exercise needs are minimal.

There are a variety of colors to choose from including Tan Blue Fawn Brindle and White.

Because of their difficulty breathing many French Bulldogs have a range of serious health concerns even though they can live up to 14 years. 

Due to their popularity you might find it difficult to get your hands on one although you might be able to pick one up from your local shelter because they are also being abandoned in greater numbers. 

2. Italian Greyhound

Italian greyhounds have a short and smooth coat more silk than fur and they are generally very quiet. 

Isnot their look very timid?

An Italian Greyhound is a good choice if you want a dog who can be both a couch potato and a sprinter.

It is well known that Italian Greyhounds are lazy but they can also move like clappers if they choose to. 

Due to their fast turn of speed they should not be allowed off lead in unfenced areas because they may take off and chase any small animal that moves. 

Male adults can grow up to 37 cm tall and weigh just 5 kg.

Animals love human company and are incredibly playful. 

Additionally they have a unique habit of sleeping on high surfaces like window sills or the backs of sofas. 

3. Boston Terriers

I explained in this post how Boston Terriers are fairly unique Terriers because they generally enjoy playing with cats.

Additionally they are a rare breed of Terrier in that they do not bark!

French Bulldogs can sometimes be confused with Boston Terriers because their faces are similar but a Boston Terriers snout is much longer than a French Bulldogs. 

Bostons are physically bigger than Frenchies: they stand about 35 cm tall and weigh up to 11 kg.

The Boston Terrier has a lovely temperament in addition to not shedding and not barking. 

This breed is known as the “American Gentleman” because of its good manners and “tuxedo” looks and is extremely friendly and curious.

Going for a walk in their local neighborhood is one of their favorite activities – partly for the exercise and partly to catch up with “old friends”. 

4. Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested dog on the other hand has hair on just a small portion of its body unlike all of the breeds that I have looked at so far.

There are actually two types of them:

 The dogs are hairless except for their heads tails and ankles

Known as Powderpuffs these dogs have very fine hair all over their bodies.

The most important thing is that neither variety sheds excessively. 

Unless the dog has a coat you might think it does not need to be groomed.

Perhaps you should rethink your decision. 

The skin of dogs without hair can be very sensitive and requires almost as much attention as dogs with fur!

They are not known for barking much although if they are left alone too much they can get quite anxious. 

Depending on the size and weight they may range from 25 cm to 33 cm.

The dogs make great family pets as they are loving and affectionate.

Their sensitive nature however does not allow them to accept being told off or to live in homes that are too chaotic and noisy. 

5. Basenji

I have included the Basenji in another of my lists a breed of dog with a long neck because it has appeared in that list. 

One of its claims to fame is that it is also known as “the barkless dog” since its noise is more like a yodel than a bark. 

Despite having short fine hair their coat does not shed much. 

Vacuum cleaners will not notice much difference.

Additionally these dogs are incredibly clean and have the fastidious grooming habits of cats. 

They have a coat that comes in a range of colors including black red brindle tan white and tan. 

In terms of height and weight the Basenji is characterized as being a “large” small dog.

Just taking a glance at one you can tell that this is a dog that is very alert and intelligent as you would expect of a breed that was bred to flush out game from African underbrush. 

They are also extremely affectionate and would make an excellent family pet.

Its only if you can meet the familys need for a huge amount of physical activity!

6. Bolognese

When I hear this name I immediately think of spaghetti!

Small toy dogs Bolognese dogs are only available in one color-white and are named after the Italian town where the dish also comes from.

They have a mass of small curls on their coat.

There is no excessive shedding although the time you might save from vacuuming may have to be spent grooming as these curls will need lots of attention to look so good. 

In comparison to other small dog breeds their barking is much less than usual for a small dog.

It helps that they do not seem very territorial. 

Bolognese dogs can reach a height of 30 cm and weigh between 4 and 6 kg. 

The dogs were bred for companionship so they enjoy nothing more than spending time with their owners and enjoy nothing less than being left alone!

As a white-haired dog owner I shudder at the effort it takes to keep the coat that white and mud-free.

7. English Toy Spaniel

I just realized that King Charles Spaniel is the most famous version of a toy spaniel!

Internet searches reveal that many other people are also confused…

Each variety has a distinct coat color. 

The red and white coat of a Blenheim Spaniel

The coat of King Charles is black and tan

The Prince of Wales wears a black white and tan coat

Red is the coat color of the Ruby Spaniel. 

Dogs of this breed are known for their long and drooping ears.

A sign of how gentle this breed is is that it appears on my list of small dogs who like cats. 

Furthermore they are quiet and do not bark excessively.

Taking a look at their coat it is evident that they have quite a bit of fur.

Due to their single coat (layer) of fur Toy Spaniels do not shed as much as breeds with double coats such as a Finnish Spitz or a Pomeranian. 

Size-wise they are about 30 cm tall and weigh between 6 and 9 kilograms. 

In general they are highly adaptable and do everything they can to please their owners. 

Feel like lounging around? No problem! How about a quick trip to the local coffee shop? I just need to grab my coat!

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7 Small Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed Or Bark (Watch Video)

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