7 Small Dog Breeds That Are Good With Cats

In this research you will know the answer to the query “7 Small Dog Breeds That Are Good With Cats“.

Would you consider adding to your family?

Looking for the perfect small dog to love and adore your cat as much as you do?

Do you plan to get a new dog and a cat at the same time?

What a brave act!

I provide a list of seven small dog breeds that get along well with cats in this post. 

In the meantime let me go over a few basics.

Do dogs like cats?

As a result of cultural influences such as Tom and Jerrys cartoons we are led to believe that dogs and cats do not get along.

Its a fact that many dogs and cats have very loving and touching relationships.

The affection between my cat and one of my dogs is enough to melt your heart as the owner of one cat and two dogs.

However I would like to add two “buts”.

In the beginning do not expect your dog and cat to get along like a house on fire. To facilitate the relationship you will need to invest some time and effort.

In addition there are a number of dog breeds that you should never ever consider bringing into a household with a cat. 

There is a risk that your cat could be seriously injured or killed by these dog breeds due to their high prey drives. The risk is just too great.

The Boston Terrier is one of the exceptional terriers that can form a very strong bond with a cat. Most terriers are on that list but let me start with the one that stands out. 

1. Boston Terrier

A Boston Terrier will more than likely consider a cat to be one of its best friends due to its friendly disposition and calm disposition.

Boston Terriers are unique among Terriers in this regard.

There is a strong prey drive in most Terrier breeds so cats are often chasing moving objects not cuddling with them.

It shows just how lovable Boston Terriers are that they accept cats so well.

2. Pug

Would you like a lap cat to go with your lap dog?

In that case you will only need to find a cat who fits your Pug!

Also you might need to do another lap. 

Puggles can grow up to 30 cm tall and weigh 7 kg.  

As long as they have company they are very comfortable doing as little as possible.

Pugs have their roots in ancient China where emperors admired the breed so much that they were housed in special quarters and waited on by a team of servants at all times!

It is because cats and dogs both have a very high opinion of themselves that they get along so well.

In addition to loving cats they are also very tolerant of children. 

The faces of pugs are almost as flat as those of cats!

3. Beagle

Is the Beagle a small breed? 

The Beagle is one of the two varieties and stands at around 37 cm tall so hopefully they will make the cut!

While browsing various forums I discovered that many Beagles have wonderful relationships with cats. 

The only reason I thought they were unsuitable for non-canine pets was that they came from hunting backgrounds.

I was wrong but how wrong I was.

Their loveable and social personalities make them great family pets. 

The Beagle requires a lot of exercises and there are times when they will have to be temporarily separated from the family cat in order to keep them happy. 

4. Bichon Frise

As a popular toy breed a Bichon Frise is a popular toy dog breed that is happy to spend time with cats. They range in height from 23 cm to 30 cm and weigh up to 5 kg. 

They are also great with children as well as being gentle enough to accept cats.

Their white coats are full of curls and have a tail that looks like it is made from pipe cleaners. 

They have lots of energy and they can be very playful.

They can be very territorial if they do not receive the proper training and socialization. 

5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels stand slightly taller than Bichon Frises (at around 30 cm) and weigh a few kilograms more.

Maybe its the combination of those beautiful round eyes and those long droopy ears that make you think “what a cutie”.

Breeds of this breed are known for being either very lazy or extremely active.

It may be their ability to lounge around on sofas that make them an ideal match for cats. 

Depending on the lifestyle of their owner they change into the best type of dog.  

Clearly that is one of the reasons King Charles Spaniels are such popular dogs and are currently among the top 20 in popularity in the United States. 

It is said that these Spaniels spend most of their lives on an even keel. They enjoy being noticed but they are also calm and serene.

6. Pomeranian

A Pomeranian might seem like a cat from afar- a cat that has a fluffy coat at the very least.

I list the Pomeranian in this research as one of the small dogs that look like foxes.

Foxes on the other hand are very feline. 

Despite being as tall as 30 cm they are usually only 18 cm and weigh 1.3 kg at their smallest. 

Considering the size of the cat it might be more of an issue of whether it wants to be friends with the dog (or a fox) than vice versa!

Even though they have a lot of personalities they are very persuasive…

Most of these dogs’ exercise comes from playing a variety of games indoors so they’ll make a great companion for someone who does not spend much time outdoors. 

7. Papillon

Papillons are named for the butterfly-shaped ears on their ears making them stand out among toy dog breeds.

Papillons are just a touch over 4 kg in weight and they stand about 25 cm tall like the butterflies they are named after. 

The dogs are cat-friendly because what makes them that way?

They are highly intelligent friendly affectionate and friendly.

When properly guided and trained papillons will be able to adore young children.

Ignoring them because they are small does not make them any less important.

To prevent boredom and to help these dogs find their place within the pack these dogs need to be regularly trained walked and mentally stimulated.

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7 Small Dog Breeds That Are Good With Cats (Watch Video)

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