Is There A Trifexis Alternative?

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Nexgard Sentinel Comfortis and Frontline are the four main alternatives to Trifexis. There are different benefits and protections offered by each of the four options. Your vet's recommendation and the needs of your dog will determine which medication you need to buy.

In this research you will know the answer to the query “Is There A Trifexis Alternative?“.

Would you like to know how to protect your dog from parasites such as heartworm whipworm roundworm and hookworm? 

Trifexis a popular oral medication to treat intestinal parasites and pests such as fleas and ticks may be familiar to you. 

What about safety? 

Besides the above options what are the others? 

Can natural remedies be used? 

Choosing a medication that is right for your dog can be difficult so we have done the research for you. 

You can read this comprehensive research to answer the question: Is Trifexis right for my dog? 

In addition to answering common questions about this medicine we also provided a list of alternatives both prescription and over-the-counter.

What is Trifexis?

Chewable tablets flavored with beef for your dog that kill fleas as well as treat hookworm roundworm and whipworm.

Additionally it prevents flea and heartworm infestations in the future. 

Each tablet should be taken once a month by your dog.

For dogs of different sizes Trifexis is available in five different sizes.

The chewable texture and tasty taste make it easy for dogs to swallow.

You can increase its effectiveness by giving it to your dog with food.

One hour after your dog takes the medication make sure to monitor them.

It is notable for its triple parasite protection from fleas heartworm disease and intestinal parasites.

A parasite feeds off the body of its host causing harm to your dog.

Trifexis protects your pet in a proactive manner.

There are two main ingredients in Trifexis: spinosad and milbemycin oxime.

Flying insects are killed by spinsad a natural substance.

The drug milbemycin oxime treats intestinal parasites and prevents heartworm disease.

When combined these two ingredients offer triple parasite protection.

What are its side effects?

Whenever your pet starts a new medication it is perfectly normal to be concerned about side effects.

As a result Trifexis’ side effects are rare and when they do occur they are usually mild.

There were no serious side effects noted in dogs taking Trifexis during a 180-day study.

Mild side effects were the only ones recorded.

In less than one percent of dogs studied the tablet caused adverse reactions. 

The following were reported as side effects:

  • Vomiting
  • Itches
  • Lethargic
  • Having diarrhea
  • Itching and inflammation of the skin
  • Reddening of the skin
  • Appetite decreases
  • Redness inside the ear

The most common side effect was vomiting.

You can contact the FDA about Trifexis side effects by calling 1-888-FDA-VETS or visiting

Is Trifexis vet prescribed?

A vets prescription is required for Trifexis. Medications that require a prescription are determined by the FDA. It usually depends on whether a vet must follow up on the medication before the FDA approves it.

As heartworm prevention Trifexis typically does not cause adverse side effects that need to be monitored. 

Trifexis can be harmful to dogs who already have heartworm disease which is why your vet needs to know your dogs heartworm status before prescribing Trifexis for heartworm prevention.

Can Trifexis be bought on Amazon or at PetSmart?

There are almost no restrictions on where you can buy Trifexis even if it is prescribed! It does not matter where you shop – Chewy Walmart Amazon PetSmart PetCo – they all carry Trifexis. 

Considering Trifexis is a prescription medication its super easy to get. To order online you’ll need your pets information and the information of your veterinarian. You will then be asked to contact your vet for confirmation that your dog has been prescribed Trifexis. In-store purchases will be confirmed immediately by the employees by calling your veterinarian.

What are the commercial alternatives to Trifexis?

If you decide to put your dog on a new medication it is important to look at what the other options have to offer. Nexgard Sentinel Comfortis and Frontline are four of the main alternatives to Trifexis.

There are different benefits and protections associated with each alternative. You need to consider your dogs needs as well as your veterinarians recommendation when choosing a medication.

The Nexgard flea and tick tablet tastes like beef and kills fleas and ticks. It contains the ingredient afoxolaner. When a dog consumes afoxolaner it is distributed throughout his body. The fleas and ticks come in contact with the drug and are killed protecting your dog. In most cases fleas and ticks die within an hour of the dog taking the medication.

As with Trifexis Sentinel protects against fleas hookworms roundworms heartworms and whipworms. A flea egg is killed with lufenuron before it hatches.

Fleas are killed and flea infestations are prevented with the beef-flavored Comfortis tablet. Studies have shown that it starts killing fleas within 30 minutes and eliminates 100% of them within four hours. Tablets should be taken with food. 

The topical cream Frontline kills fleas and ticks and repels mosquitoes which can transmit heartworm disease. Additionally it kills flea eggs lice and flea larvae. 

How are these different products the same and different?

Different types of parasites are protected by each of these products.

Trifexis kills intestinal parasites but Nexguard does not making it an unsuitable product for flea control. Unlike Trifexis Sentinel uses lufenuron rather than spinosad to kill fleas.

There is no way to treat parasites other than fleas with Comfortis.

Frontline works externally rather than internally by repelling and killing parasites. See the comparison chart below:

Product Trifexis Nexgard Sentinel Comfortis Frontline
Form Tablet Tablet Tablet Tablet Topical
Kills fleas Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kills ticks Yes Yes
Kills lice Yes
Prevents Heartworm Yes Yes Yes
Prevents Lyme disease Yes Yes
Treats Roundworm Yes Yes
Treats Hookworm Yes Yes
Treats Whipworm Yes Yes
Dosing Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly
Prescription required? Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Cost per 6 pack $117-$125 $159-$169 $50-$72 $102-$113 $58-$68

Is there an over-the-counter alternative to these products?

Frontline is the only product that can be purchased without a vets prescription. Many of the same parasites can be treated and prevented with over-the-counter medications and creams.

In addition to being a liquid dewormer Nemex is ideal for dogs who would not eat tablets.

As young as two weeks and pregnant dogs can be treated with it safely for hookworms and roundworms.

Your dog will be protected from intestinal parasites for a month with just one teaspoon of this FDA-approved medicine.

Alternatively Panacur C can treat hookworms roundworms tapeworms and whipworms currently present in your dog.

The medicine will take effect after three days when it is mixed into your dogs food.

As with Panacur C Bayer Quad Dewormer removes parasites currently present.

Hookworms roundworms and whipworms are treated with this chewable tablet.

Often compared to Frontline K9 Advantix II is a monthly cream that provides your dog with flea tick mosquito biting fly and chewing lice protection.

By repelling and killing such pests and parasites infestations and diseases caused by fleas and ticks can be prevented.

To kill fleas Capstar starts working within 30 minutes. You can reduce your dog if he gets fleas again.

Using PetArmors flea and tick collar flea and tick shampoo and flea and tick spray your pet can be free of fleas ticks and chewing lice for up to 30 days.

Is there an effective natural alternative to Trifexis?

Several natural alternatives to Trifexis are available including store-bought medicines and homemade remedies.

Natural Pet HW Protect Liquid Herbal Formula is a herbal alternative to heartworm prevention and flea repellent. Mix the tincture with food or apply it directly to your dogs mouth three times a day.

Wafers of Petguard Yeast & Garlic can be sprinkled on your dogs food or given directly. Ticks and fleas are repelled by the smell your dog excretes after ingesting small amounts of garlic for two weeks.

In addition to repelling fleas and ticks apple cider vinegar (ACV) can relieve arthritis indigestion and other ailments. You can spray ACV directly on your dogs fur or put it in their water bowl.

Diatomaceous Earth Neem Powder and Yarrow Powder in equal amounts repel fleas ticks flies and mosquitoes. Apply the powder evenly to your dogs fur after mixing the ingredients well. 

Is Trifexis safe for puppies?

Yes! When a dog reaches the age of eight weeks and weighs five pounds it is safe to start taking Trifexis. It does recommend different dosages based on the weight in categories 5-10 lbs 10-20 lbs 20-40 lbs 40-60 lbs and 60-120 lbs. If your dog is large make sure you buy the right package. 


The answers to all your questions about Trifexis are now at your fingertips! With this information hopefully you and your dog can decide which method works best for you. A veterinarian is always a good resource to consult if you’re still unsure. Nevertheless each of the treatments listed above is a valid and safe option for your pet. 

The treatment you choose will soon have your dog feeling better. You can now take your dog outside without worrying about parasites and pests now that they are free of parasites and pests. Have fun!

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