Why Is My Male Dog Leaking Clear Fluid

Why Is My Male Dog Leaking Clear Fluid?

Last Updated: August 20, 2023
correct answerThe Short Answer is:

Preputial discharge is one of the main causes of dogs leaking a clear odorless fluid. Each male dog (and human, too) produces a lubricant in the sheath of his penis.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Why Is My Male Dog Leaking Clear Fluid?“.

Puddle of mystery. It is a mystery that many pet owners have trouble understanding.

Why Is My Male Dog Leaking Clear Fluid

When your dog wakes up from a quick nap theres a pronounced wet spot on the ground. How did that happen?

Various causes could explain the mystery puddle and most of them are benign so there is no cause for concern.

Unless you want to clean up the mess.

On the other hand there may be an inflammation or infection causing the leak. 

There is only one problem: You need to find the source of the clear fluid the dog leaves behind. Because it cannot be excluded it helps to know where drooling is coming from.

Here are some things to look out for if you think it is coming from the rear. 

What is Smegma? My Dogs Penis is Leaking

Preputial discharge is one of the main causes of dogs leaking a clear odorless fluid.

Each male dog (and human too) produces a lubricant in the sheath of his penis.

Smegma is a clear to the cream-yellow fluid that accumulates in the dogs prepuce due to dead cells and other debris.

It is possible that the leak from the prepuce may appear slightly green in some cases but that does not necessarily mean there is a problem.

When pups are about to experience their first sexual encounter preputial discharge is more abundant.

Therefore some discharge from the penis is normal but you should also consider that the puddle that nearly wrecked your couch might be caused by a health issue. 

What causes penis and prepuce inflammation in dogs?

You should think about possible penis or prostate inflammation when the dog leaves wet spots behind.

A veterinarian should be consulted if the discharge appears to be tinged with pus or blood. 

These are the most common causes of inflammation in the dogs private parts:

  • The prepuce has been impacted by an object from abroad
  • The penis has been traumatized
  • Infection of the urinary tract (including urinary tract stones)
  • This is an anatomical anomaly
  • Problems with erectile function
  • The prostate is a disease
  • Viral or bacterial infection
  • Infection with fungi

Balanoposthitis refers to inflammation of the penis or the prepuce. It is possible for some cases to clear up on their own but others require medical attention to avoid serious complications.

What are the symptoms of penis/prepuce inflammation in dogs?

It is not enough to see a stain on a couch or carpet to diagnose Balanoposthitis. Other symptoms of a problem include:

  • Penis and foreskin show signs of inflammation and redness.
  • Penis/foreskin blisters/ulcers
  • The penile area is painful
  • Abnormal growth of tissue
  • Penile injuries (cuts bites tears)
  • Licking or biting excessively of the foreskin or the penile area in general
  • Urination problems or incontinence

Take your dog to the veterinarian if he keeps making a mess and especially if he is dripping blood.

How are penis/prepuce inflammations treated?

Additionally the vet may conduct an analysis of the discharge to rule out infection as well as look for obvious trauma to the penis. 

Antiseptic flushes and antibiotic ointment are usually sufficient to cure the inflammation.

In the event of an abscess the doctor will have to lace it and drain it a procedure that will require local anesthesia if not general.

When the dog gets something stuck in the prepuce the vet has to remove the foreign object (hair cord sand grass etc) and that would not be a pleasant procedure at all.

However some antiseptics will clear up the infection in a few days once the foreign object is removed. 

It is rare for abnormal tissues to grow which is a blessing because they require surgery.

Can wet dreams cause a leak?

In fact it is entirely possible that your dog just had a wet dream which caused the mess on the couch.

Dogs usually experience such accidents when they are young and they are perfectly normal.

If theres a female dog in heat in your neighborhood your dogs mating instincts will be roused.

Its only a matter of getting a stain remover and cleaning up the mess. 

If this is more than an accident or if these puddles keep appearing you might assume its not a dream but rather a health issue. 

Why is my dog’s penis swollen?

It usually appears at the most inconvenient times like when you’re hosting a party. The dog sits down in the middle of the room and starts licking at his visibly swollen penis.

Theres nothing you can do about an erection caused by all the commotion in a young and excitable dog. You can only draw everyones attention to the food on the table by making a joke.

Alternatively if the problem persists and the penis does not return to its normal state within an hour you should check for other causes. 

If you experience discomfort loss of appetite abnormal discharge or lethargy consult your doctor. Get your dog examined if it does not seem like his usual self.

The dogs penile area may have been swollen due to an infection injury or tumor and not an erection. 

How to clean dog smegma off furniture?

It is common for dog owners to wonder what to do about their dogs excessive production of smegma.

Leave the dog alone if there is no underlying problem or if he does not have an infection or injury.

There are some who suggest using wet wipes or soap and water to clean up excess smegma. You risk causing your dog irritation by doing this and this is only a temporary solution.

The production of smegma is a natural process and you should not interfere with it. However if the dog leaks just about everywhere around the house you will have a lot of cleaning to do. 

Check out these tips for cleaning dog smegma off furniture and carpets.

The stain will need to be removed using an enzyme-based cleaner from the store.

Using enzyme-based cleaners is best since both stains and odors can be removed. 

Test the cleaner on a small patch of the upholstery that is not visible to make sure the fabric is not damaged.

After spraying the cleaner on the stain scrub it with a dish towel or rag. You can prepare a cleaning solution using household items if you do not have a cleaner on hand.

One part vinegar and two parts water can be combined to make a solution that can be sprayed on the stain. Remove the stain with a piece of cloth and let it dry. 

Can a urinary tract infection cause a leak in dogs?

The dog may have left no mess behind other than urine and the smegma had nothing to do with it. The challenge is determining whether the fluid was clear.

Try soaking some tissue paper in the puddle and seeing if it stains yellow if you want to figure out what the leak is. You may also want to sniff the puddle.

Having a UTI can cause your dog to have incontinence so you should keep this in mind. As a result the urine in these cases tends to be very diluted and it does not look yellow nor does it smell.

The following symptoms may also indicate a UTI:

  • Trips outside frequently
  • Urination problems
  • Urine dripping
  • Liking the penile area excessively

Generally if a dog has a UTI his urine will smell strong. He may leak out diluted odorless urine during his sleep however. 

Male Dog Leaking Clear Odorless Fluid from Anus?

It can be difficult to determine the source of a leak sometimes. Consider the possibility of the anus if you do not see any symptoms that indicate a genital or urinary problem.

Most likely this is related to the dogs anal glands. The accumulated fluid may leak occasionally when the dog has difficulty expressing the anal sacs while defecating.

A problem with the anal glands can also be indicated by scouting and licking at the anal area. 

There is just one thing to remember. The leak will stink if it is indeed coming from the anus. The fluid in the dogs anal sacs has a pungent smell since it is used as a mark of territory. 


In male dogs clear fluid leaks are common. The main problem in young dogs is smegma the lubricant that coats the sheath. Sometime

smegmas are perfectly normal but frequent accidents of this kind clearly indicate a problem.

There may be an infection in the dogs urinary system or a bacterial infection in the penile area. These conditions must be treated medically.

In addition to urinary incontinence which can be caused by an infection a clear odorless leak can also be caused by urinary incontinence.

There is also the possibility of anal leaks but in that case you’ll probably notice the revolting odor before you even see the stain. 

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