What Is SimpleGuard

What Is SimpleGuard?

Last Updated: August 20, 2023
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An antiparasitic medication called SimpleGuard is used to prevent dogs from getting fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, lice, sandflies, and mites. Many veterinarians recommend it as a topical treatment for dogs with ticks or fleas.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “What Is SimpleGuard?“.

Theres more to ticks and fleas than blood-sucking parasites. 

What Is SimpleGuard

Besides throwing your dog into a frightening scratch-craze they can also cause significant health problems. 

When your dog attempts to lick off an itch it may ingest fleas which can cause tapeworm infestation. 

Anaemia hot spots and Bartonella infections are possible in flea-infested dogs. 

How can you help?

In addition ticks are even worse – from immobility to Lyme disease Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and a myriad of other life-threatening diseases these little bloodsuckers can cause problems for both you and your four-legged friend. 

Therefore you might want to get some preventative treatments to put an end to all of this worry and anxiety.

I would like to talk about SimpleGuard today.

Are you looking for a knight in shining armor? If so lets find out…

What is SimpleGuard?

An antiparasitic medication called SimpleGuard is used to prevent dogs from getting fleas ticks mosquitoes lice sandflies and mites. 

Many veterinarians recommend it as a topical treatment for dogs with ticks or fleas. 

All of the parasites that can infect your dogs such as fleas ticks and lice are wiped out with this product when it comes in contact with parasites it destroys them and renders them resistant to the parasite. 

When it comes in contact with parasites it destroys them and renders them resistant to the parasite. 

In this way parasites infecting your dog would not have to bite again before SimpleGuard starts working.

Besides killing living parasites SimpleGuard also stops fresh-born flea larvae pupae and pupations from multiplying. 

The treatment begins by eliminating adult fleas within six hours and can protect your pets for up to one month. 

It can also be used on puppies over the age of eight weeks.

What side effects might it have for dogs?

Dog owners and veterinarians generally consider SimpleGuard to be very safe. 

Dogs will most likely not experience any side effects at all. 

It is possible that your dog might experience short-term side effects. 

Some dogs are very sensitive to things like this partly because you are squeezing liquid onto their skin.

I have a dog named Sylvie who hates liquids on her back and will immediately run off and roll around on her bed. 

Dogs may not like the feeling of this liquid on their skin and it may irritate their skin for a few minutes.

In contrast for other dogs its the smell of the liquid that bothers them more. 

It penetrates into every nook and cranny of the dogs skin protecting it against parasite invasion. 

So do not be alarmed. Its normal. Generally this happens because the medication is quite strong and designed to protect your dog against parasitic infections for about 30 days. This is serious business. 

The solution will also sting the poor thing a bit if it is fresh and wet. This is especially true if its his first time. In fact stinging is a sign that it is actually working. Think about it this way! 

Donot panic if your dog behaves erratically in response to SimpleGuard.

Simple side effects typically last for a few hours or so at most. 

The itch disappears completely after that. 

While you are waiting you should be able to keep your dog busy with something preferably by playing with or feeding it so that it will become distracting. 

In case the itching becomes a little too much for your friend there contact the vet immediately. 

How long does it take SimpleGuard to work?

Within five minutes of treatment SimpleGuard begins to reduce flea attacks and within six hours it is destroying them. 

These ingredients are extremely strong and highly repellent against dog skin infestations. 

The main reason SimpleGuard acts so quickly is that it kills parasites immediately upon contact. 

A flea or tick does not have to bite your dog to die if they come into contact with the treatment.

How long does SimpleGuard stay effective?

The medicine SimpleGuard is very potent.

 When its applied its strength can even cause the dogs itching to become worse for a few moments. 

The reason SimpleGuard is so long-lasting is that it is designed that way. 

The treatment is effective for a period of one month or roughly 30 days. 

It prevents your dog from becoming infected again during this period.

 You can even take your pup swimming when you go out for a little swim. SimpleGuard is still effective when you get out of a shower or a bath.

Can Simpleguard for Dogs only be bought with a vet prescription?

Yes it must be prescribed by a veterinarian. 

It is a very powerful medication so its a good idea to consult with your veterinarian before giving it to your dog.  

There are other over-the-counter treatments available for fleas and ticks. 

There are a few highly rated products you might want to consider including K9 Advantix II and PetArmor Plus. 

There is also Frontline which I will discuss in my next section. 

SimpleGuard vs Frontline

How else are they different besides the fact that Frontline can be purchased over-the-counter and SimpleGuard needs a prescription?

When you read some of the information online it can be confusing since the product descriptions are similar.

Fleas and ticks are both killed by both products and they both provide thirty days of protection.

Each liquid comes in tiny vials (toothpaste tubes) and must be applied directly to the skin. 

Water-resistance is claimed by both products.

Are there really any differences between the two?

The debate on this forum becomes quite heated in this discussion. Frontline is preferred by most participants. These products have very different active ingredients which is the difference between them. 

To accomplish the same task they use different chemicals. 

SimpleGuard has permethrin dinotefuran and pyriproxyfen as active ingredients while Front Line has fipronil and methoprene. 

Can I give my dog a bath after applying SimpleGuard?

SimpleGuard can be applied after your dog has been bathed. 

You just need to wait 24 hours for the solution to dry completely on your dog. 

Despite being a waterproof solution Simple Guard needs to be absorbed into the skins layers before it can stop getting washed away by water. 

Your good boy will surely find it to be a relief after an intense bout with both the fleas and the medicine meant to kill them!

Can I apply SimpleGuard on a puppy?

As for SimpleGuard it works just as well for puppies as it does for older dogs. 

Although you should realize that not every puppys skin is the same in the early days. 

Because of this most flea and tick medicines and products should not be used on puppies until they’re at least seven or eight weeks old. 

You should always consult your veterinarian about tick and flea preventatives and when its time to start medicating your puppy. 

SimpleGuard recommends using its product for puppies over 8 weeks of age as well. 

What are the best natural alternatives for treating fleas and ticks?

For preventing and treating fleas or ticks on dogs there are tens if not hundreds of home remedies. Some great ones include:

Essential Oils spray

Essential oils such as peppermint tea tree eucalyptus and others are excellent for repelling fleas from dogs. 

Apple Cider Vinegar and Salt spray

You can use this solution to optimize the pH of your dogs skin so that ticks and fleas cannot live there.

Rosemary dip

In a large pot of boiling water soak the needles until they are soft then drain and dilute. After the rosemary water has reached a suitable temperature pour it on your dog and massage it into his coat.

Lemon bath

Ticks and fleas are naturally deterred by citrus sprays and liquids.

Natural Predators (Nematodes)

Insect larvae are consumed by nematodes which live in the soil. They are quite helpful in the fight against fleas in certain varieties.

Diatomaceous Earth

The fossilized remains of tiny diatoms make up diatomaceous earth a granular white material. Upon contact it dissolves the exoskeletons of fleas and ticks which causes them to dry out and disappear.


If you own a dog you are already among the luckiest humans on earth. 

Your dog not only brings pleasure and happiness to your house but also provides you with a reason to smile each time you get home and get embraced by your loyal companion. 

Nonetheless they can also get sick and contract various illnesses like humans. 

A dogs condition is often caused by parasites such as fleas and ticks. 

If you think your dog has it or is infested with ticks or fleas you’re not alone. 

Dog owners are also worried about the same thing. 

It is our responsibility to take care of these lovable fellows since they completely depend on us for their survival. 

It is also our responsibility to ensure their well-being if we have adopted them into our family. 

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