What Can My French Bulldog Not Eat

What Can My French Bulldog Not Eat? 12 Foods To Stay Away From

Last Updated: August 20, 2023

The purpose of this article is to explain “What Can My French Bulldog Not Eat?“.

The responsibility of having a dog includes making sure it gets the best care just as you would for your own child. Frenchies require proper nutrition in order to grow strong and healthy.

You may now be aware that French bulldogs can eat human food as well. You must remember however that not all the food on your table can be served to them. Some of the foods that you eat on a daily basis may be harmful to your dog. There is a possibility that your pet will have to go to the vet or even worse may even die. Here is the most important reason to know what NOT to feed your pooch.

What Can My French Bulldog Not Eat

What Can French Bulldogs Not Eat?


One of your favorite foods might be avocado or guacamole alone. As you are enjoying this particular fruit and thinking of possibly giving some to your Frenchie you better stop right there. While avocados are considered “superfoods” because of their many health benefits to humans that does not mean French bulldogs can eat them as well.

Avocados contain Persin which has been found to be quite harmful to dogs and other animals. This substance can cause digestive problems for your pup because it cannot be digested by him.


I’m sure your cute Frenchie would love to share your chocolates. Nevertheless you should be aware that these sweets contain theobromine which can negatively affect the heart. This may lead to hyperactivity in your dog. Alternatively the heart may become irregular which could lead to death.

Additionally it has a diuretic effect which means that your French bulldog may experience excessive urination. This may cause your dog to become dehydrated. Dehydration can be fatal to your dog.

A Frenchie that eats too much chocolate can also become poisoned which is characterized by vomiting tremors diarrhea as well as seizures.

Having said all that it may be fun to give your dog some chocolates but its best to keep the treat for yourself.

Cooked Bones

This list includes cooked bones which may surprise you. We all know how dogs love to eat bones which might seem ironic. However I would like to emphasize once again that we are discussing “cooked” bones. Especially puppies are at risk of ingesting them.

Once they are cooked they become brittle and easy to break. Their sharp edges may get caught in a dogs teeth. If that happens wounds or sores may develop. Consequently your Frenchie would not be able to eat which could lead to further complications.

Choking could result from swallowing sharp bones. As well as damaging the stomach lining they can cause damage to the intestines as well.

Corn Cobs

It is also a big no-no to feed your French bulldog corn on the cob. Cobs themselves are quite dangerous because they could cause choking or intestinal obstruction. Regardless of how cute your Frenchie looks while you eat a piece of corn on the cob remain firm. Do not share it with your dog. In addition corn can irritate the dogs skin.


Especially when sautéed onions are delicious. Adding onions to meals can make them even more delicious. Nonetheless this type of ingredient should not be given to your Frenchie at any cost. There are certain compounds in them (disulfides and thiosulphates) that affect a dogs red blood cells negatively. RBCs could break down or burst making breathing difficult for your puppy. If this happens your puppy may die. Therefore you should always ensure that the meal is not mixed with onions when you feed your dog.


A dog should not be given garlic as a spice. It is the same as giving an onion to a dog. The onion may cause anemia and red blood cell problems.

Raw Eggs

Well-cooked eggs are fine for French bulldogs but raw eggs should definitely be avoided. In addition to causing allergies raw eggs can also pose the risk of contracting salmonella. You may also cause your dog to be deficient in biotin by giving them these products.


Nutmeg is a spice that is commonly used in baking. It is not recommended for Frenchies to consume. If taken in large amounts it can be toxic. The toxin called myristicin not only causes hallucinations but also abdominal pain and seizures. Blood pressure can also be increased.

Take a close look at the ingredients before letting your French bulldog eat any baked goods. If you suspect your puppy has eaten nutmeg you must call a veterinariaas soon as possible especially if it shows the symptoms listed above.

Macadamia Nuts

It is not good to give even a few pieces of this particular type of nut to your Frenchie especially when they are consumed without their shells. You may notice that your pups body temperature and heart rate increase. He may also become paralyzed or exhibit tremors.

Consult your veterinarian if you notice that your French bulldog is panting abnormally or if it is having difficulty standing (due to weak legs).

Fatty Foods

The Frenchie can also enjoy meat just as any other dog breed. If you do give fatty foods such as turkey or chicken skin bacon and deep-fried foods you should avoid them. Pancreatitis may result.

Swelling of the abdomen gagging diarrhea and restlessness are all symptoms of canine acute pancreatitis. If you notice your Frenchie is experiencing any of these you should consult a veterinarian as soon as possible. If not the condition may get worse which could lead to a more serious health issue.


Our family enjoys peaches as a snack or as a dessert. Nevertheless this type of fruit could be dangerous for dogs because it contains plant toxins (cyanogenic glycosides) that lead to cyanide poisoning. Such a condition is fatal for dogs.

Dogs are sensitive to both cherries and plums so you must be careful. Donot give these food items to your cute pup.

Salty Foods

Neither humans nor animals should consume salty foods. Treats loaded with salt can lead to kidney failure in your Frenchie. As a result the dogs blood pressure will most likely increase which is life-threatening.

In addition whenever you serve a snack to your puppy especially one that you purchase at the store check how much salt it contains. Remember that salt is being used as a preservative and too much of it is quite dangerous.

Processed Foods

It may be enticing to feed your dog processed foods that are advertised on TV or in magazines. Many of them advertise that they contain only natural ingredients. The food however contains high levels of preservatives which could be harmful to your puppy. Due to the fact that they have been cooked already their chemical structure has been altered thereby reducing their nutritional value. There is a possibility that your French bulldogs system will be unable to digest them and this could lead to health problems.

Moreover processed foods contain artificial colors as well as unhealthy fats which are all harmful to your French bulldog.

What Difficulties Do French Bulldogs Have When Eating?

The mouths of Frenchies are small and shaped strangely. They often have trouble eating because of this. Despite their hunger they cannot bite into large pieces of food. Therefore they may not be able to grasp their treats either.

French bulldogs also tend to have an underbite in the majority of cases. Sometimes this is a problem but other times it is not.

A severe underbite as well as the small and irregularly-shaped mouths of Frenchies may lead to their teeth not aligning well. Due to the collision between upper and lower teeth the teeth themselves may wear out. Due to lack of nutrition the dog may not be able to eat well anymore and may develop serious illnesses.

How can Frenchie be helped with their eating?

You can do the following to ensure that even though your pooch has an irregular mouth teeth jaws and other facial structures he can still eat as he should:

You should provide your puppy with a bowl that can support its facial structure. Shallow bowls are recommended.

Once in a while you can feed your Frenchie with your hands to show affection (when feeding dry food). It might encourage them to eat more.

Do not serve large portions of food especially when it comes to meat and hard fruits or vegetables. They should be sliced before serving.

It is important to see a veterinarian as soon as you notice your Frenchie has lost its appetite so you can find out what the problem is.

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