What Are The Alternatives to Nylabone Chews

What Are The Alternatives to Nylabone Chews?

Last Updated: August 20, 2023
correct answerThe Short Answer is:

A better alternative to Nylabones is Benebones or Kongs, which can stimulate the mind and clean teeth.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “What Are The Alternatives to Nylabone Chews?“.

Most dog owners have visited a pet store at least once. 

What Are The Alternatives to Nylabone Chews

You can easily get overwhelmed when shopping for your furry friend when there are so many smelly treats and dog toys to choose from. 

There are so many toys available that it is difficult for dog owners to choose which ones are safe for their dogs. 

Pet stores are stocked with Nylabones a chew that seems to be a big hit with dogs. 

Nylabones come in every imaginable flavor and color and dog owners love them because their odor is undetectable to humans they do not leave a mess and dogs love chewing on them for a long time. 

Is it worth the cost of the chew? 

Can dogs chew on them regularly and are they safe to do so? 

In this article you will learn a few tips on how to use Nylabones and some alternative chews.

What is a Nylabone?

Chewing is a dogs favorite pastime.

As a pet owner it can be difficult to provide them with safe chews that will satisfy their needs. 

By creating veterinarian-recommended toys that occupy and entertain dogs Nylabone fills this gap in the market since 1955. 

How does a Nylabone differ from a Nylabone? Moreover how does it differ from a Nylabone?

Nylabones are hard plastic chew toys that are non-edible. 

Pet stores frequently have them on the toy shelves along with rows of antlers and animal bones. 

There are many different kinds of Nylabones including rings wishbones and traditional bones. 

In addition they offer many different flavors including chicken cheeseburgers and funnel cakes. 

Even the pickiest dogs can find a chew toy they love thanks to flavors such as vanilla milkshake and peanut butter. 

What are the main types of chew toys that Nylabone makes?

Nylabone manufactures a wide variety of products but there are a few chews that seem to be the companys best-sellers. 

Nylabones Small Dog Value Pack is one of my favorite options. 

Three different bones come with this affordable option a healthy edible bone a dental chew and a flexi-chew for moderate chewers. 

There are often difficulties finding high-quality chews for small dogs and the Small Dog Value Pack is an excellent option to help meet that need. 

Nylabone produces chews in all sizes not just toys for small dogs. 

The Xlarge Durachew Textured Ring Chew Toy is absolutely loved by my 70 pound standard poodle. 

This toy keeps my dog occupied for hours and the ridges keep his teeth clean as he chews. 

Large dogs and dogs who chew extremely hard will enjoy this toy. 

There are Nylabone chews for young dogs as well so you do not have to worry if you have a puppy. 

A great option for puppies to learn and develop proper chewing habits is the Nylabone Puppy Petite Dental Puppy Chew Toy. 

Puppies do not yet have fully developed jaws so these bones satisfy their chewing need without harming important bone structures that are not yet developed in them. 

This chew toy is less than $5 making it a no-brainer for puppies and dogs of any breed.

Among Nylabones many chewing options there is something for everyone. 

With all of the options Nylabones offers its easy to see why dogs love the product. 

To learn more about veterinarians’ thoughts on Nylabones continue reading. 

Why are Nylabone chew treats so good for your dog?

Nylabones is a favorite among veterinarians and its no wonder why. 

Boredom anxiety and stress are relieved by Nylabone chews which help dogs manage their emotions by satisfying their chewing instincts. 

The chew toy was developed by a team of veterinarians dog trainers and pet owners to ensure dogs can chew safely. 

Dog parents test each new chew before it is released to make sure it will hold up to the standards of the company. 

One of the few toys on the market that is both mentally and physically stimulating is Nylabones. 

But what other options do you have?  

What Are The Alternatives to Nylabone Chews?

Nylabones have become increasingly popular with pet parents in recent years but they are not the only toys on the market designed to appeal to super chewers. 

Pet parents also prefer Benebones which are made from a similar material to Nylabones. 

Benebones are made of Nylon and infused with real flavors like chicken beef and bacon. 

A Benebone can be shaped in several different ways including a wishbone and a zaggler. 

Compared to Nylabones Benebones are a bit more expensive and there are not as many varieties available as with Nylabones. 

The dogs that love them do not seem to be put off by that. 

Kongs are another excellent alternative to Nylabones. 

A Kong is a toy with a specially formulated design that provides hours of enrichment for dogs. 

The rubber Kongs are durable easy to clean and can withstand chewers of all kinds. 

Kongs have a hole in the middle that you can fill with treats like wet dog food peanut butter or canned pumpkin. 

The company even has a section on its website that lists special recipes for Kongs to fill with to keep them entertained for a long time. 

It is a great alternative to Nylabones for my dogs and he enjoys bouncing the rubber Kong around the kitchen after he gets the treat out of the center. 

Although Kongs are more expensive than Nylabones they last longer and are not easily damaged. 

Kong remains one of the best sellers and can be purchased here. 

Real bones vs Nylabone (or any plastic or fabric chew toy) pros and cons

Nylabones and other synthetic alternatives like Benebone or Kong offer so many advantages. Can we overlook the other options in the dog chew aisle? 

Pet parents prefer Nylabones because they are developed to satisfy dogs’ chewing needs safely. 

Some bones however are not suitable for chewing. 

Nylabones are sold in the same aisle as real bones like beef marrow bones knee bones and hoofs but that does not mean that they’re safe. 

Bones are so hard that they can cause your dogs teeth to break although many people still give bones to their dogs. 

Veterinary professionals often do not recommend them because of this health concern. 

As well as splintering off when chewed these types of bones can also be very dangerous if consumed. 

Pet stores carry antlers in their chew aisles as well as bones. Here are some benefits and drawbacks of chew alternatives. 

Nylabone vs antlers. Pros and cons

A dogs teeth and jaw structure can also be seriously damaged by antlers just like bones. The most popular dog chew is antlers but they are not as safe as Nylabones. 

There are different grades of softness and quality of antlers. 

Due to the fact that they are derived naturally from animals like deer and elk its hard for companies to develop standards for their products. 

Antlers can hold up to extreme conditions and are used by animals in the wild for fighting. 

Despite the fact that dogs seem to enjoy chewing them their purpose is not to be a chew toy for dogs–it is to support wild animals. 

The fact that Nylabones are developed by veterinarians to ensure their safety is just one of the many reasons why they are a better alternative. 

Nylabone vs rawhide. Pros and cons

Rawhide is also developed for dogs like Nylabones. 

Its not surprising that rawhide chews are popular with pet parents since they’re readily available and relatively inexpensive. 

As long as rawhide is chewed properly it can be an enjoyable semi-natural treat for dogs. 

Pet parents should however know how rawhide is made before giving it to their dogs. 

Generally rhino hide is made from the soft skin or hide of an animal such as a cow. 

In order to preserve the product during packaging and transport the harvested skin is immersed in a chemical bath. 

Then it is cleaned and molded into a shape that dogs can grasp easily. 

Regarding rawhide one important thing to note is that the US has different regulations than rawhide that is imported. 

Pet owners should always verify that the rawhide products they purchase are made in the USA as international rawhide treats may contain extra chemicals and even arsenic or formaldehyde both of which are prohibited in the U.S. 

Rawhide can be a good chewing material for dogs if consumed properly and sustainably. Rawhide can however cause blockages that require emergency surgery if large enough if ingested by dogs. Pet parents should be aware of dogs that chew rawhide- pieces can be ingested and cause blockages. 

Nylabones though they’re natural are not necessarily better than rawhide. 

Rashida is coated in chemicals that are not always regulated unlike Nylabones which are specifically designed for dogs.  

At what age should puppies be given their first toy?

Chewing is a dogs favorite pastime and puppies are no exception. 

As a puppy explores his environment and learns about his world he usually begins playing within a month of his birth. 

Puppies benefit from playing by exploring their surroundings and enhancing their growing bodies and minds. 

Toys that puppies love are generally soft chewy and entertaining like puppy Nylabones which they can nibble on or fetch. 

The Nylabone Teething Pacifier Puppy Chew Toy was developed specifically to meet this need. Puppies can chew retrieve and toss it around with their owners. 

For pet owners this is an affordable option that is less than $10. 


Nylabones are a popular treat for dogs and its not hard to see why. Our Nylabones are designed by veterinarians pet parents and dog trainers to make chewing fun and safe. 

Nylabones have many alternatives including antlers bones and rawhide but not all of the alternatives are safe.

Alternatives to Nylabones include Benebones and Kongs which can provide safe mental stimulation and dental cleaning. 

Regardless of which chew treat you choose for your dog always make sure that it is the right size and density for your dogs breed and weight.

Its always a good idea to consult your veterinarian before choosing a toy that will provide hours of safe entertainment and enrichment for your dog.  

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