Should I Shave My Great Pyrenees

Should I Shave My Great Pyrenees?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
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The Great Pyrenees can technically be shaved, but it is not recommended for a number of reasons. Their coat not only protects them from cold temperatures, but from various other things as well, including injuries sustained while playing or fighting with other dogs, bites or stings from insects, and sunburn.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Should I Shave My Great Pyrenees?“.

The Great Pyrenees makes great pet because they are loyal and lovable in equal measure.

Should I Shave My Great Pyrenees

Originally bred centuries ago they were originally meant to protect livestock from danger and keep away dangerous animals so they are natural protectors.

Although these dogs are wonderful there is a downside to them. 

Several owners of Great Pyrenees complain that their dogs shed heavily and their hair ends up all over the house.

Furthermore since their coats are so thick many people worry that the dogs will get too hot in warm weather.

It is my goal today to inform you about the coat of this breed so that you can properly care for it and handle this one drawback so that you can enjoy this otherwise fantastic breed.

How many coats do a Great Pyrenees have and why?

There are two coats on Great Pyrenees dogs the topcoat and the undercoat.

The topcoat is made up of thick and long hair that can either be straight or wavy and the undercoat is dense and wooly.

When you consider that they were bred to live outside in potentially harsh winters it makes sense that they would grow an undercoat to protect themselves from cold weather.

The overcoat adds insulation to the undercoat in the cold months and protects the dog during the warmer months after the undercoat has shed.

Does the Great Pyrenees shed their coat? How bad do Great Pyrenees Shed?

There is a very good reason why this breed is known as a heavy shedder and you can expect them to shed quite a lot all year long.

The hair of this breed will be all over the place and unfortunately there is a time of year when they shed even more than usual.

Its no coincidence that in spring they shed more than in any other season.

They are best suited for the fall and winter months because their undercoat keeps them warm in cold temperatures.

This breed of dog would get far too hot during spring and summer if they kept their undercoats all year long.

During the beginning of spring your Great Pyrenees will shed their undercoat along with its normal shedding but this is a necessary procedure for their comfort.

Should I shave my Great Pyrenees? Can you Shave a Great Pyrenees?

The Great Pyrenees can technically be shaved but it is not recommended for a number of reasons.

Their coat not only protects them from cold temperatures but from various other things as well including injuries sustained while playing or fighting with other dogs bites or stings from insects and sunburn. 

When it comes to the temperature they can get too cold in certain environments including an air-conditioned room if great pyrenees shaved even in the summer.

A double coat not only keeps your dog warm but also keeps him cool.

By trapping air close to its body a dogs coat is able to provide insulation from cold and warm weather with the trapped air being regulated to the same temperature as your dogs ideal body temperature.

What Happens if you Shave a Great Pyrenees?

By shaving your dog you’re interrupting its natural body functions. The coat therefore is indispensable.

While the topcoat keeps your dog warm and helps your dog stay cool the undercoat would interfere with this process.

You can help your dog shed the undercoat by grooming it thoroughly before summertime in order to make sure that the undercoat is completely removed.

In summer the undercoat would be too warm and would only provide extra insulation during the winter.

While you can shave your Great Pyrenees you probably should not and there are other ways to manage to shed and keep your dog cool which we’ll discuss after we get into more details about why shaving isnot a good idea.

Does Great Pyrenees Hair Grow Back?

You’ll have to wait a while for your coat to grow back after shaving it.

So you may not have enough time for your Great Pyrenees to grow back if you shave it in the warmer months.

If this happens your dog will have no way to stay warm during the colder months which could be really harmful.

Keeping a Pyrenean warm without a coat is much more difficult than keeping them cool with one. Let me explain…

Are dogs cooler when shaved?

While it might seem obvious that a dog would feel cooler without all that fur the fur does not really affect the dogs temperature at all.

Due to their lack of insulation shaving the Great Pyrenees could actually make them warmer instead of cooler.

In addition their coat provides insulation that keeps them warm but also keeps them cool.

In other words if you shave your dog to keep them cool you might actually be doing the opposite.

How to Keep your Great Pyrenees Cool in Hot Weather?

When it comes to keeping your Great Pyrenees cool in the summer or any dog for that matter you basically just need to ensure that their coat is working as efficiently as possible. Here are a few tips that can help.

Make sure your dogs coat is brushed regularly to prevent matting and to allow the air to circulate freely.

Second you must keep the hair on your dogs stomach legs and paws short.

Dogs have sweat glands on their paws which are especially important to keep trimmed because you do not want anything blocking them.

You could consider giving your dog a cool bath to cool it down temporarily.

Keep a bowl of cool water accessible to your dog at all times.

Whenever possible avoid taking your dog on a walk during the hottest part of the day and do not leave them alone in a car.

How can I Untangle Great Pyrenees Matted Fur?

In the case that your dog forms some mats you can untangle it safely with your fingers until a certain point then take over with a comb.

You should never use scissors because there is a high risk of accidentally cutting your dog. This is painful for your dog and it may also cause an infection if you do not notice it.

If you’d like to help the process even further you can get an oil-based detangling spray which you can use once you have used your fingers to break the mats up a bit.

Using a slicker brush will also help finish out the routine and ensure all the mats have been removed.

Being gentle during this whole process is crucial since pulling the mats can potentially hurt your furry friend and you want it to be as enjoyable for them as possible. 

How can I stop my Great Pyrenees from shedding?

So now we have discussed the cooling part of why you might want to shave your Great Pyrenees but what if you’re concerned about the shedding? Lets talk about that now.

Its not possible to prevent shedding from the Great Pyrenees. There really isnot anything you can do if a dog sheds and thats the nature of this breed.

But the extra hair in your home is more than worth it and the good news is that if you follow the grooming practices listed above in the article the shedding will decrease.

It will assist you greatly if you brush your dogs fur since it will prevent him from scratching as often and loosening even more hair in the process.

Its a good idea to work on your dogs coat at least half an hour a week if you’re worried about shedding.

Why do Great Pyrenees Shed a lot?

The reasons some dogs shed more than others are to put it mildly varied. The reason why some dogs shed more than others really depends on the individual dog and the breed.

There are several reasons why your dog may be shedding more than normal among them diet stress or a less-than-optimal grooming routine.

Due to their double coat and the amount of hair they have Great Pyrenees shed a lot. You can expect a dog with a double coat to shed a lot.


Great Pyrenees dogs shed heavily and it isnot much you can do about it except to keep good grooming practices and to know when to expect the worst of it.

It isnot a good idea to shave your dog for a few different reasons and you should try other methods of cooling them down instead since shaving isnot the most efficient.

And lastly despite the fact that your Great Pyrenees will shed quite a bit this dog breed is very much worth it and will gain your heart with its loyal spirit loving attitude and beautiful coat.

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