Senior Dog No Longer Barks

Senior Dog No Longer Barks

Last Updated: August 20, 2023
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When your dog stops barking, it can be a sign of an underlying medical condition or it may be a sign of aging. Your pet might simply be hoarse as a result of constantly barking, especially if they’re older. The larynx of your dog can become paralyzed if it is not opening properly, a condition called laryngeal paralysis.

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Once you get a dog he will become your best friend. However with all that being said there are still some downsides to having a dog. Knowing your dog is aging especially when its more obvious is one of the hardest things to accept.

Senior Dog No Longer Barks

In a matter of seconds your four-legged friend is falling down and theres little you can do about it. The dogs behaviors are changing leaving you wondering what you can do to help. Occasionally your dog will behave strangely but its important that you understand your dog a little better. 

I’m sure you are all too familiar with the reasons why a dog barks but there are also numerous reasons why they do not.

Why is it my old dog doesn’t bark anymore? 

If you have an elderly dog that no longer barks you may wonder “why does not my dog bark anymore?” Elderly dogs or dogs for that instance are just like us and that’s why we become so close to them.

If your old dog begins to act strange then you should know that dogs’ behavior can change with age just as ours does. When your dog stops barking it can be a sign of an underlying medical condition or it may be a sign of aging.

Whenever a dog that has been barking for a while suddenly stops you should consult your veterinarian.

Older dogs who are no longer barking may stop because of a variety of reasons. Your pet might simply be hoarse as a result of constantly barking especially if they’re older. The larynx of your dog can become paralyzed if it is not opening properly a condition called laryngeal paralysis.

Theres also a possibility that your dog may have a tumor which is why seeing a vet is so important. Although your dog does not have a medical condition this is more of a precaution. 

Is your dog newly adopted or rescued? 

In case your dog is new and hasnot barked yet this might be because they’re too shy. Let him get used to being around people. Often all they need is to get used to their surroundings and before you know it you’ll be asking “how can I stop my dog barking.” If you do not notice any changes after two weeks take them to the vet. 

What breed is your dog? 

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself when trying to figure out why your senior dog no longer barks. Have you always had a dog that barks or has your dog never been a barker? There are some breeds of dogs that are quieter than others such as Beagles and Basenjis who hardly bark instead of making a humming sound.

Be sure to consider your dogs personality when considering why they are not barking. There could be a reason why your friend isnot barking if your dog has always been laid-back and prefers to whimper.

Different dogs have different personalities and if your dog is whining rather than barking it might just be that they are laid back and do not see the point in barking. 

My old dog’s behavior is changing

Keeping all this in mind you should know that as your dog ages it will begin to display different behaviors. Remember that your old friend is just like us if your dog exhibits some changes in behavior.

As your dog ages you can expect some accidents to occur. The more often your elderly dog does this the more you need to consult a vet to determine if there are any underlying medical conditions. If your dog has accidents regularly then you may be able to help them with pads and diapers.

As soon as a vet has ruled out all possibilities you should take a few steps to make your old dog feel better.

Older dogs get colder and cannot regulate their body temperature as well as they used to so buying your dog a comfortable bed and blanket will not only make them feel more relaxed but will also help their overall health.

In hot weather you should also keep your old dog cool. If you wonder why your 11-year-old dog is sleeping a lot please remember that your old friend will get tired as they age and this is completely normal.

Its always a good idea to have your dog examined by a vet if he sleeps excessively. If your dog has trouble walking and keeps falling down try removing any obstacles around the house to make it easier for them. If you have slippery floors then consider putting down some slick surfaces that will help your dog when walking.

Once again you can contact your veterinarian to have your dog examined. Your veterinarian may also be able to prescribe medication to your dog. You should expect many changes to occur as your dog ages.

Thus it is even more crucial that you visit your veterinarian at least twice a year for an overall check-up. If your dog becomes older its also important for you to keep an eye on their health and nutrition. Over the years elderly dogs become inactive which means they do not burn as many calories as they once did.

As well as this dogs can have digestive and kidney problems so keeping an eye on them and changing their diets is a great way to make sure their health is taken care of. When changing your dogs diet consult a veterinarian to ensure its suitability. 

What to do if your dog is not barking 

Dogs are like humans in many ways as I have mentioned in this article. Just as we scream and cry when we are babies so do dogs bark and cry when communicating and expressing themselves.

Often a dogs age they lose energy and do not feel the need to bark anymore. However if your dog has always barked then your problem lies there.

Your dog may be worried or stressed. As well as the ones we have already discussed you may see other behavioral changes in your dog if he is stressed or anxious such as aggression drooling panting and restlessness. 

What to do if my dog is feeling anxious? 

Because dogs are more like humans than any other animal you should expect to see some changes as they age.

Behavior changes can be caused by anxiety or stress. As dogs grow older their senses begin to change causing them to feel anxious.

Your old dog will appreciate a routine if they are acting strange and you want to relieve their anxiety. Dogs prefer to stick to a routine as they get older because they become restless and tired.

A dog becomes a member of the family more than just a friend. Only they can tell you whats wrong if you ask them if your dogs are not barking and the cause is anxiety. You can then do many different things to help them feel more at ease.

As often as possible take your old dog on walks or play games with him as this can boost his mood. If your dog is experiencing anxiety or is getting older you should speak with your veterinarian. Consult your veterinarian and develop a treatment plan for your dog. You can also try to determine why your dog is feeling anxious or stressed.

By identifying the reason for your dogs anxiety you will be able to develop a plan that is tailored to his needs. By putting a plan in place you can reduce anxiety and stress in your dog. It is crucial to keep your old dog happy by keeping a routine in place and changing a few things around your house. I consider dogs more than just friends they become a part of our families.

The vet will be able to rule out any medical problems if you feel something is amiss with your old dog or if your senior dog is no longer barking. We hope you learned something from this article if you’re a dog owner. It can be frightening when something isnot quite right with our dogs but there are things we can do to keep them happy.

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