My Dog Hates Being Outside Alone

My Dog Hates Being Outside Alone

Last Updated: August 20, 2023
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A dog's fear of being left outdoors may be a result of four major reasons: Strange noises, frightful experiences, a new environment, and aging.

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Can you recall an experience when you left your dog outside and he started barking and fussing? Your dogs behavior is an indication that it is uncomfortable being left outside alone which may cause concern for you as its owner. Perhaps you are wondering if he is afraid of something outside or if he just does not like it when you are out of sight.

My Dog Hates Being Outside Alone

When you need to take your dog outside perhaps to take it for a walk let it potty or just to get some fresh air you need to take it outside. You need to take action if your pooch shows signs that he is uncomfortable outside especially when hes alone. 

Let us first understand why some dogs do not want to be left outside unattended by their owners. 

4 Big Reasons Why Your Dog Hates Being Left Outside

1. Strange noises

It is important to keep in mind that a dogs hearing is more sensitive than that of a human. Something you find to be pleasant may be scary to your pet.

Whenever he is outside of the house he will hear different sounds such as construction work neighbors voices loud music sounds from passing cars thunder fireworks lawnmowers and even other dogs barking. These factors can make your dog feel uncomfortable while being outside. 

2. Frightful experiences 

The fact that your pooch is reluctant to be left alone outdoors may also be due to past bad experiences. There is a possibility that he had a bad experience with a mean dog in the past.

He may have been bitten by insects in your yard in the past. Alternatively he may have hurt himself outside while playing. Your dog retains these experiences in his mind and might think that they will occur again which is why he is uneasy outside. 

3. New environment 

The reason your puppy would not stay in your yard alone if you just moved into a new location is that it may take him some time to adjust to the new surroundings. His new surroundings may seem strange and incomprehensible to him. 

4. Old age

Senior dogs also experience some physical and mental changes and this could be the reason why your dog suddenly does not want to be in your yard by himself. 

When a dog ages his vision tends to blur and he may develop other types of eye problems. It may cause anxiety which makes it hard for a dog to understand what is happening around him. 

What to do if your dog does not want to be left alone outside? 

 Dog owners who have a problem with their dogs not wanting to be left alone outside often implement punishment which is wrong. To take action you must first determine the reason why your pup refuses to be outside. 

Dogs can be desensitized to being alone outside by a process known as desensitization according to Animal Humane Society. Basically you introduce your pet gradually to the backyard. He should never be forced to go outside because this will worsen his fear. 

Desensitizing your dog may be a long process but you have to be patient if you want to help him. As an owner you want nothing less for your dog than the best. 

Here are some things you can do:

  • In case you believe that it is the noise outside that is making your dog uncomfortable to be in your yard you can open your front door while your dog is still inside your house. Watch for him to step outside. If he does thats great. Otherwise you can close the door after a few minutes and try again later. 

You can also help your dog by taking him out early in the morning while the neighborhood is still quiet. You can carry him if he refuses to walk outside. Both you and your dog can enjoy a few minutes outside. You can bring him inside if you see him becoming restless or anxious. Repeat this the following morning until he becomes accustomed to being outdoors. You need to reassure your dog that he is safe outside and that the noise would not harm him. 

  • Daily walks are the best thing you can do for your dog.
  • It will take you about 15 to 20 minutes to do this on the first day. Maybe you can just walk around the block once or twice. Next time you can go for a longer walk. Gradually your dog will become more comfortable being outside. In time you will be able to leave it alone in your yard without any problems. 
  • In addition to socializing with your puppy you should teach him how to be relaxed in the outdoors. This will enable him to behave appropriately around other dogs and people. In addition he will feel comfortable even when he is alone. 
  • You should train your pup at a young age to socialize as once he gets older it might be more difficult to do so. Puppy training is much easier than teaching an older dog. 
  • If you have just moved into a new house then you should introduce your pet to the different areas of the house and the yard. Allow your dog to mark its territory. Also you must assure him that the new place you live in now is a safe one. 

Essentially desensitization is the process of slowly introducing your dog to the outside world until the point where he feels comfortable with it. During this process you should never force or rush your pet. 

5 useful tips to make your dog love going outside

Dogs can be made to love the outdoors most effectively by desensitization. You will need to be very patient with your dog until the day comes when he is able to overcome his fear. Keep working with him until that day comes. 

In addition to the things we have mentioned above here are other things you can do to make your dog love going outside: 

Use treats 

Give your puppy treats in a creative way. You can create a treat trail that goes from the inside of your home to the outside of your home because you want him to be comfortable outside. 

You should use your dogs favorite treats for this to be most effective. Eventually he will look to this. 

Use pet toys 

In addition to treats you can also use toys to encourage your puppy to go outside and stay there for a little while by himself. A trail can be made or the toys can also be scattered around your yard starting at your front door. 

Feed your dog outside 

Instead of feeding your dog inside the house all the time let it enjoy its meals once in a while outside as well. Put his bowl next to the door as a start. Afterward you can do this on your deck or porch. It is already possible to place the dish outside your home once he becomes familiar with it. 

A feeding area outside can be created.  It should however be comfortable inauspicious and comfortable. I would recommend a spot close to trees to avoid too much heat. 

Introduce Outdoor Activities 

Along with walks there are other outdoor activities you can do with your dog. It is a good idea to play with him outside in order to make him feel safe. 

Avoid the leash

Putting a leash on a dog for an extended period of time can make them feel uneasy. It is therefore better not to do it. Encourage your pet to explore your backyard. However to be on the safe side make sure your property is fenced so your dog does not wander off. 

Top 2 Things You Must Not Do If Your Dog Does Not Want To Go Outside

Proper training will definitely help your dog overcome its fear of going outside. This process could take weeks or months. Be patient throughout the process. 

You should avoid doing the following if your dog does not like to stay outside: 

Use Force 

It is not advisable at all to force your puppy to leave as this will result in even more trauma. Let him have enough time to overcome his fear instead. 


If your pet refuses to go outside you should never yell at him or hurt him. By punishing your dog you are making him do something that he is terrified of.

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