My dog ate Aquaphor

My dog ate Aquaphor

Last Updated: August 20, 2023
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None of the ingredients in Aquaphor are toxic to dogs. The size and age of your pet will determine the severity of the symptoms your pet will experience. There is no immediate danger to your dog.

The purpose of this article is to explain “My dog ate Aquaphor“.

It wasnot what you expected was it? Well maybe you should have since dogs are very inquisitive by nature and its really hard to say why the Aquaphor tub you left on the table caught his attention.

My dog ate Aquaphor

Unfortunately you will have to clean up your pets oily diarrhea over the next couple of days but otherwise your pet will probably be just fine.

Heres what Aquaphor is and why some dogs find it a tasty treat.

What is Aquaphor?

Often used to treat superficial skin wounds or rashes Aquaphor is a petroleum-based ointment. Petroleum jelly aka Vaseline contains 41% petroleum jelly along with mineral oil lanolin alcohol and glycerin.

When Aquaphor is applied to a small wound it creates a film that locks in moisture while keeping out bacteria and other microbes.

The ointment is considered safe for adults children…and pets to use externally not as a snack!

Is Aquaphor toxic for dogs?

In other words none of the ingredients in Aquaphor are toxic to dogs. The size and age of your pet will determine the severity of the symptoms your pet will experience. There is no immediate danger to your dog.

Another important aspect is how much Aquaphor your rambunctious pet consumed. Is he just having fun destroying the tub and abandoning the prey once he has a taste of it? In this case hes pretty much safe.

On the other hand did he clean the tub with his tongue? Despite the products fragrance-free nature and lack of anything that tickles a dogs taste buds this has been known to happen. When pets or children consume more than a mouthful of Aquaphor they may experience diarrhea as petroleum jelly is a laxative. Your dog might also experience stomach cramps and vomiting so you’re in for a big mess.

Despite the fact that Aquaphor itself poses a little health risk to dogs diarrhea and vomiting it can cause can have serious effects especially on small dogs and puppies. Dehydration can result from severe diarrhea and vomiting which is a medical emergency. Dehydration symptoms include dry sticky gums sunken eyes panting and lethargy. Contact your veterinarian right away if you see any of these signs.

When your dog sneezes coughs or wheezes theres a chance some of the balms went down the wrong way and entered his lungs which can lead to aspiration pneumonia. Despite the fact that this is quite rare you still need to watch out for your dog. Fever difficulty breathing and pawing at the muzzle are the main symptoms of aspiration pneumonia.

What should you do if your dog eats Aquaphor?

Donot panic first of all! Theres no need to panic. Try to determine how much of the ointment did the dog ingest. If there’s a lot of ointment smeared on the carpet chances are your pet didn’t eat much but mainly had fun with it.

Focus on the dog first and ignore the mess. If the dog allows it clean the dogs snout and the inside of his mouth with a clean piece of cloth. Ask him to drink some water to wash the taste away..

The dog isnot going to vomit if you try to make it vomit. Forcing your pet to throw up could cause some of the ointment to enter the lungs as it leaves.

You may experience loose stools every couple of hours. You may want to keep your dog in your backyard and away from carpeted areas if you know whats best for you.

In addition you should give your dog a bland diet to help him with his upset stomach. You can add canned pumpkin to his normal food to combat diarrhea by having some plain boiled rice on hand.

As there is not much else you can do except wait for nature to take its course try to determine if your dog ate not only the ointment but also its container. The dogs digestive system may be damaged by sharp plastic pieces or the tubs cap resulting in intestinal blockage.

Veterinarian visits are not necessary in most cases. If your dog becomes dehydrated shows signs of pneumonia or has an intestinal blockage however seek immediate medical attention!

Can you use Aquaphor on dogs?

Oil jelly-based products are safe for treating dogs with skin rashes minor wounds or crusty noses. Using Aquaphor or other products containing vaseline can also be used to treat peeling paw pads.

You may see your dog lick it off so it would not be much use depending on where its applied but thats true for any ointment. The vaseline in these products is not toxic.

Additionally by rubbing Aquaphor on the inside of the dogs mouth constipation problems can be solved.

Why would a dog eat Aquaphor?

Whats the problem? Young curious animals will eat anything that catches their fancy regardless of how it tastes. Their main motivation is boredom. Feeling lonely is another factor. Take for instance a dog left alone for hours at a time. As long as you forgot to put away the ointment your pet will look for something to amuse himself.

Dogs who feel compelled to ingest inedible material suffer from a condition called pica which is caused by a lack of specific nutrients. Dogs with this condition will usually consume the feces stools or waste of other dogs.

In order to prevent your dog from ingesting unsafe products you should always keep drugs lotions creams and ointments out of sight and out of reach. Although you probably know that theres always one day when you’re really rushed and leave something like your Aquaphor on the coffee table. That happens so don’t beat yourself up over it.

Are there safer alternatives to Aquaphor?

Despite the fact that vaseline and other petroleum jelly products are considered safe for both humans and pets some people are against any product derived from petrol. If you suspect your pet might find Aquaphor irresistible you might want to switch to something more natural to treat your skin problems… or those of your pets.

To alleviate dry skin you could for instance use coconut oil or shea butter. Your dogs delicate paws will be completely safe with them.

If you regularly treat your dogs skin problems with Aquaphor the product will be familiar to him and he is sure to think that it is his own. How could he not use it when you were away?

Try using other types of products such as organic ones made with beeswax olive oil avocado oil salve and aloe vera. Aquaphor in the house no tempting treat for your bored pet. Problem solved!

How can you clean up the Aquaphor mess?

If your dog managed to eat the whole tub of Aquaphor prepare yourself for a few days of oily loose stools. Be kind to the poor dog! Because its a laxative he would not be able to wait until you’re ready to take him out since its an urgent matter.

It is recommended that you scrape as much of the mess as possible off your carpet couch etc. In the morning it is recommended that you scrape again after letting the remainder dry overnight. The mess should be mostly gone by morning.

The preparation of the solution is as follows: 16 oz of water 3 oz of white vinegar and a few drops of common dish soap. Combine all ingredients and pour over the stained area. Donot soak the whole carpet! Allow it to sit for a few minutes then use a dry cloth to wipe the area clean. Do this as needed. After the stain has been removed spray hydrogen peroxide on the affected area. You should be good to go!

Considering that your dog has a loose oily stool you might also want to give him a bath using dog care shampoo to clean his fur.

You might be able to teach your dog not to mess around with things he has no business playing with if you subject him to a thorough bath two nights in a row!


There is no need to get your pet medical attention if he eats some Aquaphor. In this case diarrhea with or without vomiting is very common. Put your dog on a bland diet for a couple of days and arm yourself with cleaning supplies.

In order to prevent your dog from trying other skincare products once he gets a taste of a skin balm keep all such items out of reach. While you are at work confine the dog to a room where he cannot do much damage.

Furthermore you might want to consider switching to more natural skincare products which are better for you and safer for your way too curious dog!

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