Mineral Oil For Dog Intestinal Blockage

Mineral Oil For Dog Intestinal Blockage

Last Updated: August 20, 2023
correct answerThe Short Answer is:

No, that’s the simple answer. Mineral oil should not be used to treat an intestinal blockage, as it is too serious a condition to try and treat with a home remedy like mineral oil.

The purpose of this article is to explain the “Mineral Oil For Dog Intestinal Blockage“.

In a recent article I examined whether olive oil could help fix bowel obstructions. 

Mineral Oil For Dog Intestinal Blockage

The short and the long of that article is your vet should treat most intestinal obstructions.

It is too risky to experiment with a home remedy such as olive oil.

Many of you have also asked whether mineral oil can be used for a dogs intestinal blockage.

Please read on to find out what I recommend.

What is a dog intestinal blockage?

A dogs intestinal tract is blocked by something called an intestinal blockage. 

It is also known as bowel obstruction or gut obstruction.

This occurs when the stomach or intestines are blocked or partially blocked and nothing passes through.

Can I use mineral oil for a dog intestinal blockage?

No thats the simple answer.  

Mineral oil should not be used to treat an intestinal blockage as it is too serious a condition to try and treat with a home remedy like mineral oil.

Having answered your main question briefly and simply it is time to examine intestinal blockages and mineral oil in more detail.

The topic isnot the most palatable is it?

What are the causes of a dogs intestinal blockage?

Dogs swallowing things they should not usually swallow cause blockages in the stomach.

Dogs can be nosy do not you think?

The worst are puppies because they want to learn about and explore everything.

As human babies do they put things in their mouths to eat. 

On top of that puppies often seek out things to chew or mouth to relieve teething pain. 

Objects on the list can be as varied as they are long and include:

  • Rocks
  • Tennis balls
  • Socks
  • Children’s toys
  • Bones

What are the symptoms of a dog intestinal blockage?

These are some of the common symptoms:

Sore stomach

Expelling vomit 



Your dog will be feeling miserable if he has a complete or partial intestinal blockage.

You should not try to touch their stomach if its sore. 

In a prayer position they might sit or lie awkwardly with their legs in front of them and their bums slightly raised.

Getting comfortable by any means necessary. 

Do any breeds of dogs have a higher risk of intestinal blockage?

Intestinal blockages can occur in any breed of dog. 

Both Golden Retrievers and Chihuahuas can suffer from gut blockages. 

A deep-chested giant breed such as a Great Dane or beautiful Weimaraner is much more likely to experience bloat than an average dog.  

What is mineral oil?

Petroleum byproducts include mineral oil. 

Among its many uses are as a lubricant laxative and moisturizer. 

There are many commercial laxatives and enemas that contain mineral oil as an oil.

How does mineral oil work as a laxative?

Mineral oil acts as a laxative by lubricating the bowel and moisturizing the stool.

People often use this home remedy for constipation and it can be incredibly effective.

What are the benefits of using mineral oil on a dog?

A mineral oil treatment for an intestinal blockage isnot ideal as I stated at the beginning.

However there is no reason why you should not use mineral oil to deal with your dogs constipation.

Intestinal blockage and constipation. What’s the difference?

Theres a problem though.

A blockage of the intestinal tract is vastly different from constipation.

There is a huge difference between lubricating poop (however hard that may be) and lubricating a sock tennis ball or childrens toy. 

What is the difference between the two?

An intestinal blockage is the same as constipation.

Constipation is caused by hard poop whereas an intestinal obstruction is caused by a “foreign body” like a rock a tumor or growth. 

However how can you tell if your dog is suffering from constipation or if they have an intestinal blockage?

Its a tricky one that one.

If your dog is suffering from an intestinal obstruction you will only know for certain if they have eaten a foreign object or maybe a recording from a security camera.

There could be a “form” in that they have swallowed strange objects before!

Three possible ways that your vet might treat an intestinal blockage?

As part of treating your dog your vet will perform a thorough examination which may include a radiograph or ultrasound to identify what and where the object is.

Treatment 1

If your veterinarian believes the foreign object is small enough to pass it will be the least invasive procedure. 

They will give your dog some laxatives and pain relievers and send them home.

Treatment 2

For a more serious and invasive treatment a camera tube (with a grabber arm attached) is sent down their throat to locate the object and try to retrieve it.

Endoscopy refers to this procedure. 

Treatment 3

Surgery to remove the object is the most serious intervention.

Five home remedies to fix a dog’s constipation 

To wrap up this post I want to share some other home remedies for constipation.

Mineral oil has already been examined but are there any others?

There are many options on the list which is great since it gives you a lot of options. 

The important thing to keep in mind about trying to fix your dogs constipation- especially if it occurs frequently- is that it will take a few days or a week for any real improvement to manifest.

So with that in mind pick one or two tips from the following list and stick to them for a week or ten days.

Do not switch between multiple methods within a week and then hold up your hands in despair claiming that nothing works!

  1. Drink more water
  2. Exercise more
  3. Add some soluble fiber (lentils and beans)
  4. Add some live yogurt (a probiotic)
  5. Add some chickpeas (a prebiotic)

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