Is your old dog not eating and sleeping a lot

Is your old dog not eating and sleeping a lot?

Last Updated: August 20, 2023

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Is your old dog not eating and sleeping a lot?“.

Your old dog is your best friend and nothing can take away your love for him. Despite having found the best companion in life someone you can trust you feel a tremendous amount of anxiety when you notice something is amiss with him. My dog is one of the best things I have ever done in my life but as he aged I’m noticing changes in his behavior. 

Dogs do not eat much and sleep a lot. Throughout this article I hope to provide some comfort to let you know that theres always something you can do to make your old dog feel better no matter what situation they’re in. 

Is your old dog not eating and sleeping a lot

Expect your older dog to lose his appetite as his body changes

Its because you’re worried that you clicked on this article. You’re not sure if you should be concerned about your dog losing interest in his food and sleeping more. In the first place you should clarify what you mean by your dog not eating.

Do you have a dog that eats less but does not lose weight?

Then it is less concerning than one who is. As dogs age their bodies age as well. You can expect his appetite and preferences to change. The reason for this is that your dogs sense of smell and taste diminishes as he ages just like ours. Check out for more information on why your dog will lose his senses. 

A dogs food can also become less appealing if it has underlying medical problems such as dental pain and ulcers. 

If your friend stops eating after experiencing a sudden loss of appetite for more than one day then you should contact your veterinarian. For more information on why your dog loses appetite as he grows older you may want to visit the pedigree website.

Your dog’s more likely to get an infection or disease now that he’s older

Your dog is affected by the aging process in the same way as you are. Weakness and infection propensity increase as they age.

It might be a sign of an infection or disease if your dog suddenly loses appetite and becomes lethargic. Distemper and parvovirus for example present with a lack of appetite and fatigue. Cancer and ringworm are the most common types of dog diseases. Click here to learn more about common infections and diseases.

Keep an eye on your dog and note any other symptoms he may be showing. A veterinarian should examine your dog if you’re concerned.

Your dog’s metabolism slows down

In addition to resting more your dog is becoming colder his joints start hurting and he is becoming confused. Due to this your dogs metabolism changes naturally slowing down as he ages. The reason for this is that the muscle mass of your dog gradually decreases as he gets older.

You can warm up your dogs food before serving it to him if you feel hes not eating enough. Bringing your friends’ food down to room temperature is recommended because dogs enjoy it. The link below also contains information on how to get your dog to eat more.

Your old dog doesn’t need to eat a feast anymore

The energy level and appetite of my dog have changed as he has aged. No longer does he jump or run around like he used to. 

Perhaps you are wondering why your older dog isnot eating but acting normal? 

Your dog has maintained his weight despite eating less. Perhaps he is simply burning fewer calories now than he did in the past. Because older dogs are less active they burn fewer calories and need less food to maintain their health. 

Change your friends diet to a more balanced one. If you do not know what kind of food or diet to give your dog you can check out this website.

Dogs are sensitive to vaccines

Several of your old dogs recent appointments might come to mind.

 Has he been vaccinated?

Then this could be the reason for your dogs behavior. In spite of the fact that vaccines are not given to older dogs often they can have adverse effects. This can affect your dogs health causing him to stop eating and make him want to sleep more. It is likely that any vaccine your dog is receiving will cause adverse effects since your dog is older and more vulnerable. Older dogs are prone to experiencing side effects from the distemper vaccine. 

Make sure your dog gets lots of attention and smaller portions of food. After vaccination you should monitor your dog closely and contact or visit your veterinarian if you have concerns. 

Your dog may be in some discomfort

As dogs age they experience a certain amount of pain. If your pet is experiencing pain he may consume less food and sleep more often.

Dogs commonly suffer from bone problems such as arthritis and cancer of the bone. Be aware of your dogs other symptoms along with his lack of appetite and lethargy. When you notice your dog tripping over not wanting to walk on wooden floors or anticipating walking over an object you should contact your veterinarian. 

As my dog ages he has a hard time keeping up with his regular routine as his joints become stiffer. Ask your veterinarian for medications that can help ease your dogs pain and try to remove any obstacles in his path.

Dogs get depressed

Depression affects not just us but also your old friend.

Exercise is a necessity for all dogs! Taking a break may be the best thing they can do if they’re feeling low in mood. 

When your dog is depressed you will notice that he stops eating sleeps more and loses energy. Getting older does not just bring physical changes to your dog but emotional ones as well. When your dog reaches the age of 8 their health begins to deteriorate they’re more in pain feel tired all the time and are not able to play all of which can affect their quality of life and cause them to become depressed.

Donot forget to pamper your dog take him on walks and show him lots of love. He will eventually become more energetic and eat more. If you’re still concerned about your dog you should speak with your vet.

Older dogs become sleepy

You can expect your dog to nap more and become restless. Your older dog is undergoing a major change in his body and he needs all the rest he can get. If your old dog isnot interested in exercising do not force him. Dogs know their limits and will exercise as long as they feel comfortable. 

Even though you should keep an eye on your dogs sleeping habits older dogs should not sleep more than 20 hours per day.

For your dog to eat more frequently try giving him little portions throughout the day. Your veterinarian can help you change your dogs food if you believe hes not eating enough.

Your old dog’s trying to tell you something

As your dog grows older the first thing that crosses your mind is the possibility of having to say goodbye to him one day. I am a dog owner myself and I have experienced all too well the anxiety that comes with an aging dog. 

Are dogs ready to die when they stop eating or what are signs that an old dog is about to die?

If your dog has not improved from a sudden loss of appetite and lethargy and all medical issues have been ruled out your dog may be telling you its time to say goodbye. One of the most common signs your loyal friend has reached the end is excessive tiredness.

The behavior of your dog will change dramatically when hes ready to say goodbye. Aside from not eating and sleeping a lot look out for other symptoms such as loss of coordination incontinence labored breathing and seeking comfort.

Spend some extra time with your dog and show him all your love. It will give your old friend a great deal of comfort to know you’re there.

Just the idea of losing my best friend makes my whole body tremble. As your dog ages its normal to expect some changes but you should always take precautions. 

Dogs can not communicate whats wrong so its our responsibility to take care of them. Its important to consider all options when your old dog is not eating or sleeping a lot. Whether its a simple sign of aging or something more serious its best to always consult your veterinarian. 

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