Is Pine Sol Toxic For Dogs

Is Pine Sol Toxic For Dogs?

Last Updated: August 20, 2023
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Despite being one of the best cleaning solutions on the market, Pine-Sol should not be used around dogs. When ingested, even a small amount can lead to fatal issues. When your pet consumes Pine-Sol, whether it is diluted or concentrated, you should take it to the vet immediately for proper treatment.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Is Pine Sol Toxic For Dogs?“.

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by the end of 2020 Pine-Sol Original Multi-Surface Cleaner a cleaning solution that can kill 99.9% of germs will be approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Is Pine Sol Toxic For Dogs

The number of people using this already popular product to clean their homes increased tremendously as a result.

As beneficial as Pine-Sol is for getting rid of germs and bacteria can it be used on pets?

It is your responsibility as a dog owner to ensure your pets safety.

When using a cleaning product for your beloved dog you would want to make sure that it is safe for him.

In the following sections we will answer some of the questions that you probably already have in mind.

What is Pine-Sol and what are their best-selling multi-surface cleaners?

Pine-Sol is a leading brand of multi-surface cleaners and all-purpose cleaners in the United States.

There are four options: Original Lemon Fresh Lavender Clean and Sparkling Wave. They all have the ability to deodorize and cut through grease grime and dirt.

Out of all the Pine-Sol products the Original is the most popular. The COVID-19 virus can be disinfected and killed with it.

The product can be used on hard nonporous surfaces. It removes stubborn bathroom soils like rust hard water as well as soap scum very effectively.

Are the active ingredients in Pine Sol toxic for dogs?

The active ingredients in Pine-Sol multisurface cleaners are pine oil ethoxylated undecyl alcohol benzoic acid isopropyl alcohol and sulfonic acids.

In spite of the fact that these ingredients work together to make your home cleaner and smell fresher they are linked to some health issues not only for humans but also for pets.

Just to name a few of the harmful effects they can cause skin irritation respiratory problems and damage to the nervous system and digestive system.

When ingested in large amounts they can even cause death.

What are the most dangerous ingredients used in cleaners for dogs?

Chemicals present in many cleaning solutions help them clean different types of surfaces more effectively. Nevertheless their ability to clean may also pose health risks depending on their ingredients. This being the case it is imperative that you carefully review the list of chemicals that a cleaning product contains before you buy it.

Come cleaners contain perchloroethylene (PERC) formaldehyde 2-butoxyethanol ammonia sodium hydroxide phenol isopropyl alcohol and chlorine. Humans and animals both suffer adverse effects from these chemicals on their skin internal organs sensory organs and biological systems.

How much water should you use with Pine Sol or how diluted should it be?

 Unlike other similar products that are watered down Pine-Sol cleaners have concentrated formulas. Whatever Pine-Sol cleaner you use you can dilute it to carry out cleaning tasks from cleaning your countertops to scrubbing your floors.

You can dilute a 24-oz bottle of Pine-Sol cleaner in 12 gallons of water for general cleaning. You’ll be able to save some money and keep your home sparkling clean when you do this.

Will my dog be harmed if it eats diluted Pine Sol?

Although Pine-Sol is diluted its active ingredients especially Pine oil are toxic to dogs even in small amounts. A dogs nose and throat can be burned by Pine-Sol. The lungs and throat can be permanently damaged as well.

Is undiluted/ neat Pine Sol toxic to dogs if they ingest it?

Pine-Sol is naturally more concentrated when undiluted. It is therefore more dangerous for dogs if ingested. You may end up putting your dog into an intensive care unit if your dog becomes so ill.

What are the symptoms of a dog ingesting a cleaning product?

The curious nature of dogs is similar to that of young children. When they explore they use their nose and mouth which can sometimes put them in danger. You need to watch out for some of the following symptoms if your dog accidentally ingested a cleaning product:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Excessive drooling
  • Lethargy
  • Watery eyes
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Skin irritation
  • Inflammation on the eyes and oral cavities
  • Loss of appetite

Depending on the amount of cleaning product consumed these symptoms may range from mild to extreme.

What should you do if your dog has ingested something toxic?

There are a few things that you can do on your own if your dog has ingested something toxic. However it is best to seek a veterinarians help. Consider the following:

Make sure the dog is breathing alert and behaving properly.

Take note of what your dog ate and keep it away from your dog.

In the event that the toxin got into your dogs fur make sure you wash it thoroughly and safely.

If you are not a veterinarian do not attempt to administer antidotes.

Take your dog to the vet as soon as possible.

Ingesting toxins within the first 24 hours is very significant. It is crucial that you know what your pet has consumed so that the vet can treat her appropriately. The veterinarian may give your pet IV fluids and activated charcoal which will absorb the chemical and let it pass through the kidneys. The pet may also receive a blood transfusion and a gastric lavage.

Does mopping with Pine Sol kill dog fleas?

 Its possible to get fleas even if you do not have pets at home because pet hair can attract fleas. There is a solution for this problem using Pine-Sol cleaner. Mix 14 cups of Pine-Sol with a gallon of water and use it to mop your hardwood floors. Make sure to mop your bathroom laundry room closet and kitchen floors since these are the areas most likely to be infested with fleas.

Pine-Sol can also be sprayed and wiped down on other parts of your home in addition to mopping. In addition to treating carpets it can be used with a shampooer to do so.

What other multi cleaners are safe with dogs?

 Cleaning agents that are safe for pets are important to keep around the house. Look for products made with non-toxic or natural ingredients. Here is a list of multi-cleaners you may want to consider:


The right here does not contain bleach or sulfates but it is still very effective in breaking down dirt and grime including grease. You may choose an herbal mint scent if you want to give the indoor air a fresh scent. But you can also choose an unscented version if you prefer.

Angry Orange

Our product was specially formulated to deal with odors and stains caused by animals. This dog treat is made with orange peel so you can rest assured that it would not harm your pet. It can also be used to clean surfaces in your home.

Sunny & Honey

Cleaning with enzyme-based cleaners is definitely safe for pets. Almost any surface in your home can be cleaned with them. You can remove stains and odors with them.

Better Life

Both soft upholstery and hard surfaces can be cleaned with Better Life Natural All-Purpose Cleaner. Because it is plant-based you can be sure that it is safe not just for pets but also for children.

Rocco & Roxie

If you are dealing with stinky pet stains then this product would be the best choice for you. The product is suitable for all types of surfaces.

Mrs. Meyer’s

A good option to consider is Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner which combines plant-based cleaning agents with essential oils. Spray it on surfaces that are not porous.

Are there any natural ingredients/ products that make great dog safe multi surface cleaners?

When it comes to all-natural cleaning baking soda and vinegar are top of the list. Furthermore it makes a great stain remover and general cleaner as well as an excellent odor absorber.

Cleaning your home with baking soda and vinegar is as simple as mixing the two ingredients together. If you want the scent to be citrusy you can add a little bit of lemon as well. Baking soda can cause stomach upset in dogs but that is the only caution to be aware of. Baking soda is not toxic however.

Lemon and water also make an excellent combination. Wipe your homes surfaces with lemon juice and two liters of water after adding about five tablespoons to the solution.


 Despite being one of the best cleaning solutions on the market Pine-Sol should not be used around dogs. When ingested even a small amount can lead to fatal issues. When your pet consumes Pine-Sol whether it is diluted or concentrated you should take it to the vet immediately for proper treatment.

We highly recommend that dog owners stay away from Pine-Sol in order to avoid problems. You should switch to an alternative product that does not contain harsh chemicals or toxins. You can also use natural ingredients such as baking soda vinegar water and lemon.

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