Is It Better To Have Two Dogs

Is It Better To Have Two Dogs?

Last Updated: August 20, 2023
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It can be difficult to handle two dogs at times, but the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. There are so many excellent reasons to adopt a second dog today, from easier training to improved mental and emotional health (for yourself and your dog!) to saving animals' lives.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Is It Better To Have Two Dogs?“.

Your dog is awesome and you have one. Occasionally your fur kid will get up to all kinds of mischief cuddle with you and even love you. Could it be that hes lonely? Can you find him a friend? Should you get a second dog?

Is It Better To Have Two Dogs

Imagine this: You arrive home and immediately two sets of paws are chasing you down jumping on you and generally going bananas with excitement because daddy is home! We now have two mouths to feed two sets of poop to clean and two adorable coats to groom instead of one.

Would your pet be needier if he had a sibling to play with? Do you have the time and energy to give both of them the attention and love they deserve? Its normal to wonder about these things. You’re not alone. Follow along as we unpack this.

They Socialize Each Other

Keeping your dog healthy happy and fit requires plenty of playtimes. In addition to socializing and developing into a well-rounded animal playtime is essential. The park or the garden will be a favorite place to spend time with your pup if it relies exclusively on you for love and attention. Seriously. According to their breed size age and general health dogs need between 30 minutes and two hours of exercise per day. 

A second fur kid will take some of the weight off your shoulders because they will be able to play together and socialize. Since they will keep each other company this is particularly important for more social breeds that suffer from separation anxiety and loneliness.

Theres also mischief to contend with. It is not uncommon to find dogs running amok destroying homes gardens clothes and pretty much anything they can get their paws on. When there are two dogs the chances of them getting bored are reduced so they are less likely to get into trouble. The only way to keep chaos from multiplying is to have them do it together.

You Need More Time

While dogs socialize with each other taking some of the burdens off of you they still require your attention. When you have two dogs you do not have to play fetch much but they still require your attention and love. If you choose a breed that requires a lot of upkeep you’ll also have to spend a lot of time grooming your dog. While you can hire someone to do your pets grooming it can be costly. 

Eases Separation Anxiety

Its actually quite common for dogs to experience separation anxiety especially when they are the only pet in the family. Some pups outgrow it while others have it their entire lives. Having only one dog can make managing separation anxiety pretty difficult. Dogs in this situation require extra attention special training medication and even dog therapy.

Getting your fur kid a friend is the easiest way to ease separation anxiety. This couple will keep each other company while you’re away and they’ll understand each other better than you could. They’re not dogs are they?

Easier Puppy Training

Our elders teach us what we need to know (at least we’re supposed to). Animals are no exception and dogs are pack animals. The pups look up to the pack leader for guidance in the doggy social hierarchy. If you have an older dog involve him when training a young pup. It will be easier for you if he shows the youngster the ropes through his example.

Having an older dog also makes potty training much easier. The dogs go to the same toilet spots as their younger counterparts. The new pup will follow in the footsteps of your older dog since it is trained to go potty inappropriate places. Thus he will quickly learn where he should go and by extension where he should not go.

Supervise Them Especially in the Beginning

It is not uncommon for dogs to play for hours together without supervision once they have been introduced properly and have gotten used to each other. 

Nevertheless some dogs cannot live without supervision. In this case you could have one dog biting or otherwise injuring another or two dogs getting into trouble at the same time. Both of these situations are bad and should be avoided.

If you are not sure how your pups behave when you are not around you might want to use crates or gates to separate them while you are away.

In this way each dog can do his or her own thing keeping them from getting up to yucky stuff when they are together. However this approach does not allow for socialization to take place.

Before getting another pup think about their temperaments and ensure that they match.

Mind the Age Gap

I do not recommend having two puppies at the same time. Taking care of two little bundles of joy at the same time requires a lot of energy and time. In addition even if you have the energy and capacity to accomplish this there is the social element: dogs are social animals who learn from each other. Your new puppy and you will both benefit from having an older dog to show them the ropes.

Adopt Don’t Shop

You can save a life by adopting a pup. You save two lives by adopting two pups. Its as simple as that. Well adopting a pup affects the system in a negative way.

Adopting a new fur kid frees up space at the local shelter or wherever you adopt it. Having a chance to live a happy life is now possible for another needy puppy.

It’s Not That Expensive

As a result owning a dog is not cheap. Everybody knows that. Fortunately buying two dogs does not necessarily double the cost.

You’ll have to pay vet bills which are inevitable. You’ll have to pay twice as much. Everything else does not change.

Regardless of what you choose you should plan for your familys financial future. What is the cost of caring for an elderly dog who needs special care for example?

You can share toys beds water bowls grooming tools and other supplies with your dogs. Buying in bulk would seem to double your food bill but you actually save money.

But only if your pets follow the same diet. It might not be a good idea to share food if you have a puppy and an older dog or if your dog requires a special diet.

Routine is Essential

Routine and consistency are important to dogs. As long as you know what to expect where they will eat and when they will spend time with you dogs are able to adjust and manage themselves.

Furthermore its a smart idea to feed your fur kids separately. By doing so they are prevented from guarding resources and playing the alpha male or female.

Spread the Love

The love that dogs bring into your home increases exponentially when you have two dogs. The furkids love you and your family and you can enjoy watching them play together and interact.

Having a second dog in your family lets you see a side of them that you havenot seen before. You can watch them learn to socialize care for each other nap together and generally do life together.

Understand Your Dog

Other pups do not get along with other pups and are better off in a single dog household. Before adding a second dog to your family you should understand your dogs social behavior.


It isnot everyones cup of tea to have multiple dogs and that includes humans as well. Consider all the factors involved in the decision before bringing a second dog into your home.

Depending on your pups temperament he might not do well with a second dog or he might love having a fur sibling around.

You should also consider the impact on your time energy and finances. Do you have the time and resources to take good care of two fur babies? Are you prepared for the transition?

Take your time choosing a pup thats a good fit for your family once you have thought through all of this and decided its time for a second pet.

As soon as you bring home your new fur kids introduce them one by one to your family. Ensure everyone adjusts well to your other dog(s) by setting aside time and taking special care when introducing them.

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