How To Introduce A French Bulldog To A Cat

How To Introduce A French Bulldog To A Cat?

Last Updated: August 20, 2023
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A French Bulldog can be introduced to a cat by training him to be obedient, choosing a good location, keeping the first meeting brief, and feeding both animals separately.

The purpose of this article is to explain “How To Introduce A French Bulldog To A Cat?“.

Dogs and cats are considered natural enemies by many people. Therefore you cannot have both pets at home at the same time? Would it be a problem if they killed each other?

How To Introduce A French Bulldog To A Cat

Dogs and cats actually have a lot of misconceptions regarding their lifelong enmity. Keep in mind that every animal is unique especially in terms of its temperament. As such there is a very high probability that the French bulldog you have at home can be best friends with your new cat. How you introduce these two animals to each other has a lot to do with how you do it.

What is the most effective way to accomplish that?

Train your Frenchie to be obedient

If you want to have your French bulldog and cat meet for the very first time you should train the former to be obedient first. Ensure that it knows how to follow your commands as this will reduce the chances of injuries.

Do not get discouraged if you face challenges during obedience training. Once you see that your Frenchie is already obedient enough to follow your orders or rules you would not have to worry about it chasing the cat once you introduce it.

Choose a good location

Another thing that you have to consider before introducing your pets is where they will meet. You need to make sure that the area is calm. You should keep your dog and cat away from other animals as much as possible.

Make the first meeting as brief as possible

Having your pets meet for the first time should be brief enough and you should just make sure that they know each others presence at home. Keeping your French bulldog on a leash would be the best course of action. You should wait until the cat is comfortable approaching him.

Command the French bulldog to stop barking or growling if it begins to do so. Donot forget to reward it if it follows your orders. If it does not you may have to do more obedience training with it.

Allow more time for the succeeding meetups

The next time you meet your Frenchie and cat you might increase the amount of time they spend together. You can give your pooch the freedom to walk around once you observe that they are getting more comfortable. You should stop the meeting if you see that theres any tension between the two animals.

Feed them separately

Feeding your dog and cat at the same time can cause aggression between them. There is no doubt that your French bulldog will attempt to dominate and scare away the cat. Moreover it may eat the cats food leading to even more problems.

Setting boundaries is the best thing you can do. Make sure each pet has its own territory during mealtimes.

Always supervise them

During your first few meetings it is crucial that both pets are always supervised. One accident can cause everything to fall apart. When you need to leave even for a few minutes you should secure both pets especially your Frenchie. It would be best to keep it on a leash while you are away or put it back in its kennel so that it cannot attack the cat while you are gone.

Be prepared to control unexpected situations

There is no telling when an accident will occur between your cat and dog. Even though it is very unlikely especially if they are already getting along the possibility is still there. To handle it properly you must prepare yourself beforehand.

Keep your Frenchie on a leash if you want to control its behavior. This will prevent it from getting out of control.

Don’t hesitate to give me some treats

The best way to reward your dog for good behavior is by giving him food treats. When you see that it is trying to get along with your cat do not hesitate to reward it. Your Frenchie will be encouraged to behave even better at the next meeting if you do this. It is also possible to do the same for your cat.

Look for signs of problems

As you allow your cat and dog to meet you must also be vigilant. Watch out for signs of problems that may arise. If your pet appears stressed or if he or she is aggressive you should give them a break. Give them time to mellow down by keeping them apart for 24 to 48 hours.

How long would it take for your dog and cat to start getting along?

It is impossible to give a concrete answer to this question. Ultimately it depends on your pet. Certain cats are more anxious than others when they meet dogs. French bulldogs are no different. They tend to get excited when they see a cat running around a place where they thought it belonged to them.

Despite this there are many things that you can do as the owner to help your pets live in harmony. You’ll need patience but it will be worth it. Consider the dogs and cats that are so close to each other that they sleep in the same bed together. What if you were also able to achieve that peace between your pets?

Can you expect a French bulldog and a cat to get along all the time?

You will go through tough times with your friends and family members too. Even if your pets have known each other for a while you can still expect some fights between them every now and then. For example the dog may get excited and chase the cat. Therefore allow each of them to have their own sanctuary in order to avoid injuries.

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