How To Fatten Up An Old Dog

How To Fatten Up An Old Dog?

Last Updated: August 20, 2023

The purpose of this article is to explain “How To Fatten Up An Old Dog“.

How to fatten up an old dog

When you notice that your aging dog has been losing weight it is understandable that you would be concerned. What weight is healthy for your dog? How much is normal? Where can you find tips for keeping them happy? Theres no need to panic you are not alone! It is probably nothing to worry about and whatever is happening to your dog is probably manageable. There are quite a few reasons why your dog might be losing weight so lets learn what you need to know and how to correct the problem.

How can you tell if your old dog is underweight?

Checking your canine companions ribs and spine are two simple yet effective ways to determine if they are underweight. Dogs should have an even distribution of fat on their bodies. Your dog is likely overweight if you cannot feel his ribs or spine properly but if they stick out clearly then he is probably underweight. Its also important to see a lean waist that pulls in beyond the ribs but not so much that the ribs are clearly visible. Obviously this will vary from breed to breed because every breed comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

How To Fatten Up An Old Dog

Why do older dogs lose weight/become fussy eaters?

The underlying causes of older dogs losing weight and becoming picky about what they eat are quite diverse; some are more crucial than others. Theres a strong possibility that as your dog gets older he or she will be much more comfortable lazing around for the better part of the day rather than chasing after birds and barking at people passing the gate. The overall amount of muscle on them will decrease as a result.

Another condition that may cause your aging dog to lose weight is dehydration. Getting older makes it easier for them to lose fluids which may lead to a loss of weight. Apart from ensuring that your pet has access to clean water each day you can introduce foods with a high water content into their diet such as wet canned dog foods or you can mix a little warm water into their pellets which will also make them easier to chew.

A dogs amazing sense of smell is one of its most impressive abilities but this is likely to weaken as they age which can cause them to lose interest in their food.

The health of your dogs teeth can also affect its appetite. Sore teeth or diseased gums can make eating painful so they may be less inclined to eat at dinner time like they normally would.

Why is sudden weight loss serious and what should you do about it?

Sadly your poochs weight loss may also be caused by other more concerning problems. When a person has diabetes glucose conversion does not occur normally so protein and fat become more reliable sources of energy.

Your dogs sudden weight loss could also be caused by liver kidney or heart disease. When their organs are not functioning properly their bodies can not do their job as they’re supposed to and maintaining a healthy weight becomes increasingly difficult.

Taking medication for your dog could also cause weight loss as some drugs can suppress their appetite or cause constipation. As well as the seasons the breed of your dog and the amount of exercise they receive influence the number of calories your dog needs.

It is natural to lose a small amount of weight over time and you should not worry about it too much. However if your dog has lost more than 10% of its body weight in a short period of time then there may be something more serious going on. This supplement should increase your furry friends energy levels as well as restore their appetites.

Your first step should be to consult a veterinarian if you notice any significant changes in their behavior. Following a discussion with your vet about your dogs symptoms and lifestyle changes you should have a better idea of what the problem might be. There is a wide range of potential causes and talking with an expert is always the best course of action particularly when a dog is getting to the age of 7 or older.

How does commercial dog food made for older dogs differ from standard commercial dog food and why is this important?

If you’re like me you have probably wondered whether theres any difference in the dog food made for older dogs or if its simply a marketing ploy. There is a small difference between one brands regular dog food and their senior dog food line but it could have a large impact on your pets functionality and general health. The addition of pea fiber flaxseed and glucosamine hydrochloride should improve digestion decrease inflammation and enhance joint mobility.

In much the same way that providing the right nutrients is important for a growing pup old dogs need the right nutrients to support their changing conditions. In this case omega 3 fatty acids which are found in higher concentrations when you feed your senior dog the appropriate food are important for maintaining their cognitive ability.

Many people think of dogs as carnivores but this isnot accurate. In fact they are omnivores so they can benefit greatly from including fruits and veggies in their diet. Antioxidants are present in many plant foods which help to prevent the deterioration of brain function. Highly processed foods should also be avoided. For the best results you should include foods in their most natural form in your dogs diet.

Your dogs size directly affects how many calories they require. Theres no doubt that smaller dogs require less food but their metabolisms are much faster so they’ll need to eat more often. On the opposite end of the scale larger dogs generally require a slightly higher caloric intake.

Tips for making dinner-time more fun

Whether you’re introducing a portion of new food to your dog or you’re trying to get him to eat more in general you might consider trying some alternative methods at feeding time that will keep him interested.

Changing the delivery method is one option. Its possible to make your dogs feeding experience more interesting by placing pellets in a plastic bottle with holes cut out so they come out in an unexpected way or by changing the type of bowl they use. Treat dispensers can also add a different element to dinner time that will keep your dog alert and make them feel independent.

It is also possible to alter the consistency of your dogs food by mashing it up and freezing it or by mixing it up drying it and cutting it into bite-sized cubes. Puzzle toys are also available that will make mealtimes more exciting while simultaneously stimulating their brain activity.

Canines are known for their ability to smell so putting these skills to use can become an exhilarating activity for them. Your pooch can find food hidden in certain spots around the house or garden by following the scent trails you set up.

What are some high-calorie treats (human food) that you can feed your dog? 

You can give your hounds some people food which will help them put on a few extra pounds. Especially if the snack is coming from their owner oatmeal cookies and hotdogs are common snacks dogs will easily eat. However some dogs start to associate their owners with the boring food they’re used to or even nasty flavors of medicine occasionally so getting a friend or family member to give your dog a treat is another option to get more food in them.

Other human munchies that are safe for your dog to eat include peanut butter blueberries bananas cucumbers green beans and watermelon. You should not feed them anything that contains chocolate or xylitol as these are both known toxins for dogs.


You should always do thorough research before making any major changes to the way you approach your dogs health. Online you can find a lot of useful information but you can also find outdated information and misinformation that can actually cause more harm than good. Before making any final decisions be sure to consult with a trusted veterinarian.

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