How Often Should I Bathe My French Bulldog With Allergies

How Often Should I Bathe My French Bulldog With Allergies?

Last Updated: August 20, 2023
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A Frenchie without allergies should have a bath every 10 days. For dogs with skin problems, it would be wise to seek advice from a veterinarian regarding how often you should wash them. The veterinarian may recommend bathing your pup once every two weeks, depending on the type of allergy it has.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “How Often Should I Bathe My French Bulldog With Allergies?“.

It is no secret that skin allergies are one of the top reasons why so many dogs are referred to the vet? It is quite common for pets to suffer from this type of skin condition so it is important to educate yourself on how to handle such a situation when it occurs.

How Often Should I Bathe My French Bulldog With Allergies

The French bulldog is susceptible to skin allergies just like any other breed. If they have an allergic reaction their skin will start to dry out and become itchy. There is a possibility that it is caused by the foods they eat or by whatever comes in contact with their skin.

If you own a Frenchie with allergies you might wonder how often you should bathe your pup and what other things you can do. Learn more by reading on.

How often to bathe French bulldogs with allergies

A Frenchie without allergies should have a bath every 10 days. For dogs with skin problems it would be wise to seek advice from a veterinarian regarding how often you should wash them. Occasionally French bulldogs need to be bathed frequently. However there are also conditions that may prevent you from bathing your pet for a while. The reason why you should take your dog to the vet is so that it can be checked.

The veterinarian may recommend bathing your pup once every two weeks depending on the type of allergy it has. In addition to telling you which shampoo and soap to use your doctor will tell you how to treat allergies.

Common allergies that your Frenchie may have

Your dog may suffer from different types of skin allergies. Allergies caused by dirt mold leaves pollen and weeds might be causing the problem.

In addition to fleas medications foods chemicals and fabrics allergic reactions can also be caused by fleas.

How to introduce bathing to your dog

For the first time bathing a French bulldog can be a challenge. With proper training it could become easier especially if you start when your pet is still a small animal. The Frenchie will definitely adjust to it after a while despite being anxious at first.

Get your Frenchie used to the feeling of being washed by bathing it with two inches of water. To make bath time more enjoyable you might want to give it some kind of treat. You might also want to praise your pet.

There are several items you will need when washing your French bulldog including shampoo a brush a towel a shower or bathtub and lukewarm water. Especially if this is your first time giving your dog a bath you will need to be very patient.

How to bathe your dog with allergies

You need to be as gentle as possible when bathing a Frenchie with allergies. Instead of a regular brush with hard bristles I highly recommend using a rubber brush. It is important that you wash your pup with lukewarm water as well and not hot water. You should take note that their skin is very different from that of human beings so you should wash your poochie with lukewarm water as you would with a baby.

It would also be helpful if you talked calmly while giving your French bulldog a bath. Ensure that it perceives your actions as good and you are never intending to harm it. Your pup will soon become accustomed to taking a shower this way.

Make sure not to get the shampoo in your dogs eyes as you apply the shampoo. Rub its body gently concentrating on areas that are afflicted by allergies. Once you have shampooed rinse thoroughly.

To make your Frenchie feel happy go ahead and reward it after bath time.

Choosing a shampoo for a French bulldog with allergies

The type of shampoo your veterinarian recommends will depend on the type of skin allergy that your Frenchie has. You can use it to prevent dandruff as well.

The shampoo eliminates the allergens causing your dogs skin condition to deteriorate. Furthermore it will hydrate the skin while normalizing the number of good bacteria and yeast.

There are a variety of dog shampoos available on the market that are meant to help treat skin allergies and most of them are made from natural ingredients. This being the case it is important to check the content before purchasing anything. There are products that contain aloe vera and tea tree oil as these are known to be very gentle on the skin. Additionally they can reduce irritation.

You should also look for ingredients such as lemongrass lavender rosemary chamomile and eucalyptus. In order to treat dog skin allergies all of these treatments work together.

It is extremely important to choose a shampoo with care for your Frenchie with allergies. If you have skin allergies the last thing you would want to do is use something that will exacerbate them. You need to check the content of dog shampoos because they may vary when it comes to formulation.

What you need to know when using a medicated shampoo

If your Frenchie suffers from skin allergies your veterinarian may prescribe a medicated shampoo. This is usually the case if the dog is both infected bacterially and by fungus. Itchy or scratchy skin and hair loss are the most common symptoms of these skin conditions.

Nevertheless make sure you have your dogs health checked by a vet before starting to use a medicated shampoo. Then you can begin bathing your pup once you get the go-ahead. Always wash your dogs coat before applying shampoo. Make sure you pay attention to the areas of your dog where allergies are prevalent.

Let your pups skin rest for ten minutes after massaging it with the medicated shampoo. This will allow the medication to be absorbed by the skin. You should see improvements in your dogs skin in a few weeks as long as you follow your vets instructions.

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