How Often Do French Bulldogs Go Into Heat

How Often Do French Bulldogs Go Into Heat?

Last Updated: August 20, 2023
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In French bulldogs, heat cycles occur at different frequencies. They become pregnant every six months or so on average. Occasionally, dogs may have “extra” seasons in between – for example, 3 months after their last heat, although these extra seasons are not always fertile.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “How Often Do French Bulldogs Go Into Heat?“.

You’ll be familiar with the term “Heat” or “Season” if you have an adorable female Frenchie.

How Often Do French Bulldogs Go Into Heat

I would like to provide a quick crash course on French Bulldogs and the heat cycle in this post.

Are you thinking ahead because you just got a female Frenchie puppy?

Perhaps your stunning 7-month-old Frenchie named Doris is starting to act strangely in ways that you have never noticed before?

The post could be important to read either way. 

Your French bulldog puppy will begin going into heat once she reaches a certain age if you have a female in your home. No matter whether you plan to breed or not understanding your Frenchies heat cycle is crucial.

It takes a lot of effort to raise a Frenchie pup. Although they are a lot of fun they also require lots of your attention and time. The heating season of Frenchies can be messy and disturbing particularly if you have never had a female dog before. 

This guide will be the perfect briefing for anyone wondering how frequently a French bulldog goes into heat what the signs are how long they bleed and how long the heat cycle lasts. 

If you are knowledgeable about this topic you will have a better understanding of your female bulldogs body how to successfully breed her or how to prevent her from getting pregnant.

How often are Frenchies in heat?

In French bulldogs heat cycles occur at different frequencies. They become pregnant every six months or so on average. Occasionally dogs may have “extra” seasons in between – for example 3 months after their last heat although these extra seasons are not always fertile.

Once your French bulldog reaches the age of six her ovarian activity and her chances of conceiving start to decline. At around 10 years of age most dogs have stopped conceiving.

How long is a Frenchie on “heat” for?

It is important to know that when your Frenchie comes into heat the body is preparing for breeding and the likelihood of getting pregnant and giving birth. Heat cycles or estrus cycles in dogs have four stages: proestrus estrus diestrus and anestrus. The first three are considered active heat.

Your Frenchie is fertile during the heat cycle for about a few days but the cycle lasts an average of 18 to 21 days.

What are the stages of the heat cycle?

The first stage (Proestrus)

Proestrus is the first stage of heat for a Frenchie. In a way this is the preparation for the fertile period. Female dogs lose blood as their vulva swells. The follicles of her ovaries are not fertile at this time and she is not interested in mating at this point. Female dogs smell good to males and most of them will already be attracted to them. It can take a few days to two weeks for this phase to pass. 

The second stage (Estrus: Fertile phase)

Ovulation occurs during this time and your Frenchie becomes fertile. Females are most likely to become pregnant when their vaginal discharge becomes watery. Despite this sperm can live in the reproductive tract for up to a week so your female can actually fall pregnant at any time during estrus. The period usually lasts from four to fifteen days.

Third stage (Diestrus)

She then enters the diestrus phase where her body returns to normal and she is no longer receptive to male French Bulldogs. Approximately two months pass during this phase. Pregnant womens cycles last approximately 63 days. 

Fourth stage (Anestrus)

During Anestrus the cycle extends even further. It is a period of inactivity between estrus phases and lasts for 2 to 3 months before proestrus resumes.

What are the signs that the Frenchie is in heat?

If your Frenchie is in heat her behavior and that of the dogs around her will change. Female dogs can also become curious about her as she smells attractive to males. Frenchies differ in how noticeable their heat is. One may be very clean and immediately clean and lick away every drop of blood while others may be more visible. Donot take your Frenchies or other dogs for granted if they behave strangely.

During the heat of the summer Frenchie shows both physical and behavioral changes.

Physical Changes during Heat

Among the most notable physical changes is the swelling and turgidity of her vulva. She has also developed bloody discharge from the vulva. During this time she may also urinate more often than usual which is a sign to other dogs that she is in heat.

Behavioral Changes during Heat

Behavior-wise your Frenchie may seem agitated or nervous. Though this puppy is still young she could start showing signs of heat soon with bleeding and behavioral changes. You may find that she starts to mount other dogs or even your leg or she may allow herself to be mounted. As her heat cycle progresses she will become more receptive to males. 

French bulldogs can show the heat cycle sign of “flagging” where they raise their rears and move their tail to one side when they are in heat. As she enters her heat cycle she will begin showing interest in males and may even begin courting them which will last until the end of her heat cycle.

Heat symptoms to watch for

  • Breasts and nipples swollen
  • Changes in behavior
  • Swollen vulva
  • Male dogs show interest
  • Flagging of the tailor rump
  • Discharge of blood from the vulva.

When do they first go on heat?

Depending on their breed and size dogs usually begin to “heat up” or “season” after they are six to 24 months old. Between the ages of 6 and 8 months bulldogs usually start going into heat. The female French Bulldog reaches sexual maturity between 6 and 9 months of age at which point she will go through her first heat cycle. 

Then some may begin to cycle every six months if left un-spayed while others may take 1 to 2 years to develop a regular cycle and may cycle irregularly until then.

Why spay a French Bulldog?

By this we mean that ova are removed from female animals during a spaying procedure. If you want your French Bulldog not to have unwanted puppies it is highly recommended that you do this.

Along with population control and making your Frenchie docile spaying has numerous benefits. The procedure reduces your dogs chances of developing uterine or ovarian cancer as well as breast tumors later in life especially if you have your pet spayed at a young age. In addition it helps eliminate your pets mood swings and annoying habits like being aggressive or stubborn.

Additionally a spayed ‘bitch’ would not bleed during her menstrual cycle. There will be no more ‘heat’ for her and she would not be looking for a mate anymore. Basically this procedure makes it so much easier for you to handle your French Bulldog and improves her quality of life.

Why not spay a French Bulldog?

Spaying has some benefits in general but it can also have some side effects just as with any surgical procedure. French Bulldogs may develop complications after an anesthetic reaction. They can also develop infections after an operation especially right afterward.

According to experts approximately 5 to 20 percent of spayed female dogs will suffer from urinary incontinence which is a condition in which the pet has poor sphincter control and as a result cannot hold her pee. Additionally overweight dogs have a higher risk of developing this medical condition than those that are of normal weight.

In addition to weight gain spaying can also lead to hip dysplasia hypothyroidism and ruptured cranial crucial ligaments. Also your pet may not grow to adult size and may experience adverse effects on her metabolism and appetite. However all of these issues can be addressed through medical treatment diet and exercise.

How might a season change for a French Bulldog as they grow older?

The first time you own a female Frenchie you should be aware that she will get into heat anywhere between 6 and 12 months of age. Occasionally dogs will enter this stage as late as 14 months but this is very rare. You can expect some changes in your furry friends behavior when she is in heat. You may notice her becoming more aggressive or clingy. At this point she may want to be petted more.

Bulldogs usually get into heat twice a year but some go through an extra cycle which is fine. Occasionally your bitch might miss a season as she gets older. Frenchies however remain fertile throughout their lives. Humans do not go through a menopausal stage like them. As a result your dog can get pregnant at any age.

In addition as bitches get older they may enter a period known as a silent season’ during which they will not show any external or behavioral signs that they are actually in heat. It does not mean however that they can not get pregnant as we have explained above.

How long does a French Bulldog bleed while in heat?

Dogs in heat are likely to show swelling in their vulva and a slight discharge of blood. The proestrus period occurs during this time. It is important for you to pay attention to your pet as the bleeding may last from seven to ten days.

A female Frenchie in this stage will be attracted to males but she will not mate. This prepares your female Frenchie for pregnancy. She would try to prevent male dogs from smelling or approaching her by tucking her tail lowering her body or simply sitting down.

In addition to vaginal bleeding and swelling in her vulva your dog may show changes in her behavior. Her temperament may change. She may become grumpier in some cases. When she is going through this stage she might eat more or less. How can you manage or stop the bleeding?

In light of what we have said bleeding could make a mess of your house especially if your French bulldog likes to run around. You could end up with a mess. As a pet owner it is important that you are well-prepared for this stage and that you know how to deal with it. If your dog needs a diaper or suspenders now is the time to do that. Keeping your furniture and home clean should be easier this way.

Dogs in heat will generally attempt to clean themselves up but if they shake their bodies blood will be sprayed all over. So make sure you have a bucket of water and a mop handy at all times. If you’re allowing her to sit on your couch you can also put a towel down for her.

How much bleeding will there be?

The bleeding varies from one female dog to another. It is possible that bleeding is not even noticeable in some small breeds. There are some fetuses however who may bleed so much that they leave traces of blood wherever they go. Because of this you need to pay close attention to your dog during this stage. A dog wearing a diaper is highly recommended if there is a lot of bloody discharge.

It is common for the blood to appear red and thick at the beginning of the cycle. It will become pinkish-red as the days pass. Additionally she will tend to urinate more often.

Can a French bulldog be in heat and not bleed?

Yes it is definitely possible.

When a dog is in heat its symptoms may differ based on its breed size and age. Some female French bulldogs tend to bleed heavily when they are in the proestrus period while others may have minimal bleeding. The term “silent heat” refers to the fact that some bitches may not even bleed at all. Although they ovulate they do not show any signs. Keep in mind that a woman can still conceive even if she does not show these signs. If you intend to breed your Frenchie it is not a good idea to just rely on the presence of bloody discharge. As well as aggressiveness a swollen vulva etc. you should observe any other symptoms.

How will I know when my Frenchie has finished her season?

When your female Frenchie is receptive to mating then you know she is in heat. Sometimes this occurs more than twice a year. Her cycles can last between 21 and 28 days. Depending on the breed age and size the season may last for a shorter or longer period of time.

The first stage of a season is the proestrus stage followed by the estrus stage during which your buck is ready to reproduce. During the diestrus stage your buck is ready to reproduce. This is the point at which your French bulldog will no longer be interested in mating. At this point the bleeding would have stopped and the vulva would have returned to its normal size. It is at this point that the season ends.

Once your dog stops bleeding a season is not yet over. It may take her a week or more to come out of the heat.

How can I calm my French Bulldog when she is in season?

During the heat cycle bitches experience a flurry of hormonal changes similar to those experienced by female humans. Some of these changes are visible while others are not. Your dog may also be affected physically or mentally. Stress anxiety or fatigue are common symptoms. Your dog may also display aggressive behavior.

In order to calm your French bulldog down during her season you should give her extra attention. She might need a bit more petting than usual to feel cared for. To help her sleep better you can also engage her in more physical activities. Consider shortening her exercise period if her walks tend to aggravate her. She can also be kept indoors depending on what she is doing while she is in heat. To assist her mentally you should also provide her with interactive toys. Most importantly try to create a calm environment in your house. This should make her feel better.

7 tips to help you care for a French Bulldog in heat

You need to pay more attention to your Frenchie during the hot season.

It is very important to care for your female French bulldog when she is in heat regardless of whether you wish to breed her

 When she is in heat your Frenchie undergoes different hormonal changes.

She may urinate more frequently during the heating season because she is feeling under the weather. Additionally she may feel a bit moody or grumpy and get easily worried. Additionally she may become clingy noisy and restless.

You may find this annoying as an owner. Nonetheless keep in mind that the behaviors your Frenchie is displaying are only temporary and she will be back to normal after the season. 

First lets talk about how to take care of your French bulldog when she is in heat assuming you do not want her to breed. 

Keep Her on a Leash

Keeping your Frenchie on a leash during her heat cycle is certainly smart for the first time. Whenever you take your Frenchie outdoors be sure to keep her on a leash at all times to prevent her from running off or stumbling across a male dog. Frenchies release pheromones when they are in heat which smells attractive to male dogs. 

In addition to the potential pregnancy risk leaving your female outdoors could result in problems such as dogs jumping in and destroying your fences male dogs fighting over your female etc. A vigilant eye on your Frenchie while shes out should eliminate these issues.

Watch Her like a Hawk

Female dogs in season are not permitted to enter most events public parks and doggie daycares. There is a good reason for this! Dogs in heat have a scent that can distract male dogs from performing activities causing them to flock to her and even fight over her.

Keeping Her Clean

Your Frenchie will excrete bloody discharge for the first two weeks of her heat. Even though your Bulldog is most likely to clean herself down there the smell of blood may still linger on her body. Make sure she stays clean by wiping her down with unscented wipes. When using wipes make sure you dry her folds afterward. 

Additionally you can use doggie nappies to avoid getting bloodstains on your bed the floor or her bedding as well as in case a male dog gets close enough to hump on her. Be sure her bed is covered with a washable covering if she does not have one.

Keep Exercising Her

Your French bulldog does not run because your bulldog is hot. You can exercise your bulldogs regularly to keep them in good shape. However if you do not have a plan and want to take your French Bulldog on the go always keep it nearby.

Segregate Her

Keep your female bulldog in the same room when you are at home – especially if you have full males. Keeping him in the living room reduces the amount of space you need to clean regularly. The appropriate room should have a concrete floor or pipe floor. You may prefer to lock with a baby/safety gate instead of closing the door so that you do not feel alone.

Lots of Pee

Hounds often urinate in the summer. If your Frenchman is assigned a toilet inside your home this is not a problem. In any case it is better to keep him in a separate room where he can be properly removed. You can even take him into the yard but now send him out alone because lovers can enter your yard and try to stay with him.

Training during heat

French senior women are also stressed during their heat cycle – so training can be frustrating for both parties at the same time. This does not mean that your dog has suddenly done anything but its not time to start with new soft clothing.

At What Age Can A French Bulldog Be Spayed? 

So you can plan to take your French Bulldog out between six and nine months before entering his first heat cycle. This is helpful because their cancer problem increases after their first and last heat cycles.

5 Considerations For A Wannabe French Bulldog Breeder

If you are planning to raise your French breed you must consider these key factors to become successful.

  • French Bulldog In order to breed puppies you must choose a French with a good health history and the traits you want to give to the puppies.
  • You need to keep track of your Groach ovulation cycle. Normally after he starts to cry Groach starts to tolerate it on the 5th day of his cycle. He may notice a small amount of blood and anxiety to show the morning of his prosperous times.
  • However if you know for sure that your grunge is ovulating keep him in the room where your superhero is.
  • When Manish lifts her up she quickly puts one hand on the womans collar and the other hand under her shoulder to relax.
  • Make sure you are looking for an almost romantic moment to help blow up any important ones.

What are the difficulties in breeding French Bulldogs?

Native breeds of French bulldogs are fragile mainly due to their hereditary characteristics. Synthetic connections often stress the French people because of their unexplained health problems. It is a safe and accessible system for cavemen you do not have to worry about riding and fighting two hounds and you do not have to worry about transporting the dog it affects their health. Can be dangerous.

Most French bulldogs are also surgically delivered (see how much the C-section costs in French) because their parents may not have been born naturally. Puppies have broad heads and most joints have narrow hips which makes natural birth really dangerous.

Instead of sleeping on two dogs you can get your vets help by whispering to you. This system is really useful for a woman so it is a professional choice.

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