Help! My Dog Ate Steel Wool

Help! My Dog Ate Steel Wool

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
correct answerThe Short Answer is:

The steel wool pad is made of very fine, sharp filaments of steel that are bundled together. Once chewed and passed through the stomach and intestine, these filaments unravel. Sharp steel filaments can hurt the intestines. Trying to vomit may only make matters worse since the esophagus and stomach can be cut during contractions.

The purpose of this article is to explain “Help! My Dog Ate Steel Wool“.

It seems unlikely but is it really?

Help! My Dog Ate Steel Wool

Its likely that you feed your dog all the right foods. Your dog probably gets healthy treats. You might occasionally give your dog some fresh meat. It might also chew on toys. A gourmet treat for its birthday.

With so many options available to you you would think your dog could not possibly eat steel wool and give you the what-do-I-do-nows.

The opposite is true.

What is steel wool?

We’re not talking about polishing wood or metal with steel wool. We’re talking about abrasive steel wire used to scrub household cookware. 

The low-carbon steel is manufactured by pulling heavier steel wire through a machine that removes sharp wire shavings.

The fine strands of steel are then bundled together and made into something you can use to scrape pots pans and baking sheets.

You may have heard of S.O.S. pads or Brillo pads.

Shaved steel wire and soap are used to make S.O.S. pads. There are rust inhibitors preservatives biodegradable detergents PH buffers fragrances and colors in the soap.

Steel wool soap fragrance and colorant are the main ingredients of Brillo pads.

The reason why these ingredient lists seem vague is that these things are not meant to be eaten.

But our dogs werenot told that were they?

Why would a dog eat steel wool?


It makes no sense that your dog would eat steel wool covered in grease and pieces of charred meat that smell like beef pork and chicken all combined.

I am saying that your steel wool might be delicious – and this might be hard for you to understand.

Leaving it on the counter.

Steel wool can also be eaten by dogs due to a condition known as pica.

If your dog compulsively eats items other than food such as wood cloth paper rocks or even feces it is known as pica.

Pica can be caused by a number of factors.

Reasons relating to behavior:

Dogs do this too even if they are not stressed from all the bills to pay or a long day at the office.  

It may be boring or anxious if your dog is eating bedding or getting into the garbage.

You can correct this behavior by exercising stimulating your mind and eating a nutritious diet. In severe cases however you may need strict behavior modification training.

Due to medical reasons:

There is a possibility of poor nutrition. You may not be giving your dog what it needs if its food is of low quality.

However nutritional imbalances can also result from thyroid problems diabetes anemia gastrointestinal parasites poisoning or liver problems. Diseases or conditions that cause digestive problems can cause nutritional imbalances.

Pica may also be a side effect of certain medications. 

See a vet if you suspect your dogs pica is a medical issue!

Why is eating steel wool so dangerous for a dog?

The steel wool pad is made of very fine sharp filaments of steel that are bundled together. Once chewed and passed through the stomach and intestine these filaments unravel. Sharp steel filaments can hurt the intestines.

Trying to vomit may only make matters worse since the esophagus and stomach can be cut during contractions.

Despite the fact that Brillo and S.O.S. pads do not appear to be toxic they are at least caustic which means they can burn and damage your dogs stomach. 

Additionally. Perhaps the steel wool gets lodged somewhere and causes a blockage. Your dog is not having a good day.

Can a dog’s stomach digest steel wool?

Unfortunately no. 

Mind you a dogs stomach acid is very strong. 

Think about how strong the acid in a car battery is. 

Suppose one hundred moments the acid of a mortal stomach is muscular.

A canine’s stomach can stay at this acidity position for 5 hours while assorting. Meat and bone get broken up down into chyme within an hour. Enough emotional.

And there are narratives of tykes digesting – and excreting – some astonishing effects.

motionlessly no tournament for the sword however.

In other words if your canine eats sword hair theres a high liability it’s going to be dealing with a blockage.

What are the symptoms of blockage in a dog?

Still it’s time to call the warhorse If you suspect a blockage and notice any of these symptoms.

  • Straining during bowel moves
  • Incapability to defecate
  • Inordinate drooling
  • disallowing to lie down
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Dehumidification
  • Abdominal pain
  • Sojourn coprolite
  • Burping
  • Remaining still
  • Languor
  • Loss of appetite
  • Bloating
  • Hunching or whining

Should you take your dog to the vet?

A disentangled sword hair pad causing a blockage may beget an intestinal rupture and indeed dissolution. So if your canine has eaten sword hair and is displaying any of the below symptoms it’s stylish to get expert advice and treatment.

Yes take your canine to the warhorse.

The warhorse can explore different options for backstopping your canine.

For illustration a warhorse can use a radiograph or ultrasound to check out the source of the blockage. A warhorse can also do an endoscopy – that’s where they put a camera down the canine’s throat to see what’s down there. This proceeding is occasionally used to recoup an accommodated nonnative object as well.

And only a warhorse should induce vomiting. Remember puking may beget further damage in the case of a sword hair pad.

Your canine may need to be rehabilitated and given IV fluids and other drugs to help pass the inhibition. And in severe cases the warhorse can anesthetize your canine make a gash in the tummy and remove the blockage.

After all this your canine may be prescribed drugs and authority of fluids rest and mellow dry food.

The warhorse is your friend.

Is there a way to treat a blockage at home?

Still perhaps If it isn’t sword hair.

Feeding your canine a big mess or dry food may get the digestive authorities flowing and help soften the inhibition or pass it through the digestive system.

Just make sure your canine stays extra-hydrated.

Also look for substantiation that the blockage has passed. 

You can do this by watching your canine when it defecates and also checking on your canine’s coprolite.

But again if you notice any of the below symptoms of a blockage home treatment may not be a wise option.

How to stop a dog from eating steel wool

Step 1: make sure your sword hair isn’t succulent and readily affordable.

But there are other options then.

Biodegradable bloodsuckers for illustration.

Some biodegradable bloodsuckers come near to being as effective as a sword hair pad. 

Plus they tend to be zero-waste eco-friendly and odor-free. Some are factory-grounded.

Constituents in biodegradable bloodsuckers include

  • Coconut fiber
  • Wood cellulose white cellulose green cellulose
  • Palm fiber
  • Walnut
  • Synthetic reclaimed fiber

These effects are not half bad and could presumably get the job done. They won’t have the effect of a sword to be sure. But your canine is less likely to need surgery if it eats one of them.

How can you clean all those dirty pots pans and oven trays without steel wool?

There are many effects you can try.

An encounter. A regular sponger.

To avoid recalling a roaster charger at all you can use baking wastes made of wax paper or tinfoil.

Either way get that pot visage or charger soaked in hot adulatory water as soon as possible.

A result made from incinerating pop ginger and hot water may also work. Let it soak for 30-45 twinkles and see how much easier its to drop off all that smut.

And don’t forget to try elbow grease.


It can be a bit scary to realize your canine has eaten a sword hair pad. But as you can see there are options. Lots of them. 

Options for dealing with it and options for precluding it.

Now you know what sword hair is and why it can be dangerous for tykes. You know the symptoms of a blockage and how the warhorse can help.

And you presumably decide why your canine would eat a sword hair pad crazy as it may feel.

Brillo. S.O.S. It doesn’t matter to a canine. If it smells enticing and is bestowed with crisp mouthfuls of meaty virtuousness.

It’s dangerously succulent.

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