Help! My dog ate saran wrap

Help! My dog ate saran wrap

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
correct answerThe Short Answer is:

Dogs are not harmed by plastic wrap. A dog cannot digest cling film, so the best you can hope for is that it passes through their digestive system smoothly and comes out of their stools. However, because it isn’t toxic, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any other dangers to dogs.

The purpose of this article is to explain “Help! My dog ate saran wrap“.

What will happen to your dog if you leave it alone?

Help! My dog ate saran wrap

It is one thing for your dog to eat leftover food but if your dog is also going to eat the wrapping like saran wrap that is another thing.

Is this dangerous for your dog?

In todays article I’d like to learn more about that.

My dog ate saran wrap. What should I do?

If your dog just ate a piece of saran wrap then you should keep an eye on him. 

It is very unlikely that your dog will be harmed or suffer any ill effects from this procedure.

It is likely that you will see a scrunched-up piece of wrap or several pieces of wrap in your dogs stool in a couple of days. 

The food wrap may become stuck somewhere in the dogs body on its journey through which in turn will require a trip to the vet.

Between the best and worst-case scenarios is a “not so bad” outcome.

Dogs try to eat cling film but can not get it past their mouths so they spit it out or eat it and then vomit it up again.

Keep reading to find out how dangerous eating food wrap can be for your dog!

Why do dogs eat cling film?

Two main reasons explain why dogs are attracted to food wrap:

  • There are two ways to use it: Wrapped around food (if they are lucky enough to stumble upon some that are still in use) or buried. 
  • Food is still smelt from when it was wrapped around it.

What is saran wrap?

Plastic wrap cling film food wrap and cellophane wrap are other names for Saran wrap. 

Containers plates and bowls containing food are usually covered with it to provide an airtight seal.

It also helps to keep the food fresh for longer by keeping them airtight.

In most cases it is made from a chemical called PVC (polyvinyl chloride). 

Is plastic wrap toxic for dogs?

Dogs are not harmed by plastic wrap.

A dog cannot digest cling film so the best you can hope for is that it passes through their digestive system smoothly and comes out of their stools. 

However because it isnot toxic it does not mean there are not any other dangers to dogs.

Other reasons why cellophane wrapper is dangerous to dogs?

The best thing about cellophane wrap is that it is almost completely transparent.

As it is thinner than paper with no hard edges if your dog eats a piece it will be nice to know that his insides would not be cut or bled.

The major disadvantage of saran wrap is that it tends to roll into a ball because it is sticky.

Your dog may be in real trouble if that happens. 

As saran wrap rolls into a ball it poses two hazards – a choking hazard and a blocking hazard.

The choking hazard could occur if the food wrapped “balls up” and gets caught in their throat. 

By coughing and retching your dog will hopefully be able to get the saran wrap out of his throat.

Coughing alone would not remove the cling film if it persists for more than a few minutes. Contact your veterinarian if this coughing continues. 

Once it is caught further down in the digestive system of the dog it becomes a choking hazard. 

When the intestine is blocked for example. 

The one thing that gives most dog owners that sinking feeling is when they leave the house or the kitchen and realize they have left food out.

A clogged intestine is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Eating partially digested food and vomiting it up
  • Low energy 
  • Abdominal and stomach pain

You should call your veterinarian if you notice any of these symptoms.

Three tips to stop your dog from eating saran wrap

1. Perfect organization

The best way to prevent your dog from ever getting a piece of food wrap is to be organized 100% of the time.

Sounds feasible do not you think? The process will be very difficult because of times when we do not have enough time when we’re rushing to finish everything and when it is really important not to leave leftovers on the counter. 

Everything must be put away out of sight. 

2. Use alternatives

If you do not use saran wrap in the first place you would not have to worry about your dog eating it!

Your leftover food should be stored in another type of container.

Plastic “Tupperware” containers are most commonly used.

You can also argue that using hard plastic containers presents a danger to dogs- if your dog is prone to chewing hard plastic as much as a food wrap.

Plastic containers however are reusable and will shield odors better than saran wrap!

3. Buy a kitchen bin or trash can with a lock

You can take food wrap from more than just the kitchen counter.

In some cases dogs are so determined or desperate that they will steal the plastic wrap from the kitchen trash can. 

I have yet to see a dog open a pedal bin but I have seen my dogs open kitchen bins.

There will be no cling film here but tissues that smell delicious and are covered in food waste. 

If your dog engages in this type of “trashy” behavior you might want to get yourself a trash can with a lockable lid.

Although these will stop even the most determined dog you must remember to lock it first!

My dog ate saran wrap

Keeping your dog under close supervision is crucial if your dog has eaten saran wrap while scavenging.

Its unlikely that your dog will get sick and the worst that could happen is a touch of diarrhea from the wrapped food.

Depending on how unfortunate you are eating the plastic wrap could cause your dog to become much sicker.

In addition the saran wrap has blocked their intestines.

You as the dogs owner will understand when your pet is feeling under the weather.

If your pet shows any signs of lethargy abdominal pain or is vomiting partially digested food get on your skates and call the vet.

There is no time to waste!

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