Help! My Dog Ate Gummy Vitamins

Help! My Dog Ate Gummy Vitamins

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
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Vitamin poisoning poses a severe risk to dogs. You should never give your pup any of your human vitamins since it could literally kill him. You should take your pup to the vet immediately if you suspect he has eaten some of your gummy vitamins

The purpose of this article is to explain “Help! My Dog Ate Gummy Vitamins“.

Vitamins are essential for everyone including dogs. Can they receive human vitamins? Do you know what would happen to your gummy vitamins if your dog got a hold of them? It is likely that gummy vitamins will be lying around on the floor somewhere half-chewed and gross since they are usually marketed toward children. This presents a perfect snack opportunity for dogs.

Help! My Dog Ate Gummy Vitamins

Where do we go from here? We’ll find out.

What are gummy vitamins?

If you have trouble swallowing pills you might want to consider gummy vitamins. They resemble gummy sweets and have a similar texture. In other words they’re just regular vitamins disguised as candy. Would you like some sugar with that? OK enough Mary Poppins references.

You can choose from a variety of colors shapes and flavors for this yummy version of grown-up vitamins. Its so good its almost like cheating. This is exactly what you need when your toddler refuses to take those oh-so-important vitamins in tablet form. Have you ever met a toddler who would not eat sweets?

Most gummy vitamins contain gelatin corn starch sugar water coloring flavoring and then of course the vitamins themselves.

How many different products are in their range?

There are an enormous variety of gummy vitamins on the market. Its almost like shopping at Willy Wonkas candy factory.

There are a surprising number of brands available on the internet each offering a selection of targeted products. Everyone can find something to enjoy from kids to adults at every stage in their lives.

What are the most dangerous vitamins for a dog?

Vitamins are essential for dogs just as they are for humans. Its unfortunate that whats good for us is potentially harmful to our furry friends. Among the worst culprits are vitamin D vitamin A and iron. If your pet consumes any of these it can die. In the case of sugar-free vitamins xylitol is likely to be present which is even worse. More on that later.

Your pup will experience muscle tremors and seizures when he consumes too much Vitamin D.

Dogs suffering from iron poisoning experience shock and toxicity.

Vitamin A will have long-term effects on the coat and skin of your dog if he receives regular doses. His hair will become dull and lack its usual shine while his skin will become dry and itchy. He may even become paralyzed.

Your pup will suffer immediate and severe side effects from large doses of vitamins. There are times though when they regularly consume a little bit of the stuff not too much at a time but enough to have long-term effects. Watch out for any signs of illness in your pup or unusual behavior.

How do human vitamins (in dosage) differ from dog vitamins?

We need vitamins based on how old we are how big we are our general health and where we are in life. Due to the relatively uniform size of grown humans (in comparison to dogs at least) vitamins tend to be given in set amounts. Sometimes minor tAs your doctor would recommend some minor adjustments may be necessary based on individual needs.

When it comes to dogs its another story. Different breeds come in various shapes and sizes and their metabolism and other needs are determined by their breed. All the other variables such as life stage health age and so on also need to be taken into account. The short answer is that there is no single vitamin or nutrient dosage that is appropriate for all dogs.

As your dog consumes your vitamins this principle applies. You should avoid giving your pet gummy vitamins if he is a small dog such as a Doberman Pincher. The poor pup will probably suffer severe side effects so you ought to rush him to the vet immediately.

Having said that if you have a giant Great Dane and he caught just one gummy he should be okay. He should just need to be watched. But if he eats the whole package hes out of luck. You will probably need special veterinary care sooner than you can say “Don’t eat that!“

Do gummy vitamins contain xylitol?

Since gummy vitamins are typically marketed to kids they usually do not contain xylitol. Kids can not have lots of xylitol because it will cause all sorts of nonsense in their little bodies such as a runny tummy.

Nevertheless some of the ones marketed to adults may contain xylitol especially if they’re sugar-free or suitable for diabetics. Therefore check the labels for confirmation.

A dog should never be allowed to come in contact with xylitol which is highly toxic to dogs. Xylitol confuses your dogs body with real sugar so it starts producing tons of insulin. This hormone aids in the digestion of sugar. Because he did not have sugar all the healthy sugar in his body is used up and his blood sugar drops. He may die from hypoglycemia. Smart people have also xylitol has also been linked to liver failure in dogs by smart people.

What is the animal poison helpline and how will they help you?

You can reach the pet poison helpline 24/7 throughout the year in the United States. You can reach them by calling (855) 764-7661. A charge of $59 is charged for incidents. Expert veterinarians are available for any type of pet poisoning case regardless of the animal.

As soon as they know whats happening they’ll let you know if you should take your pet to the vet or if they can be treated at home. You will learn how to nurse your fur kid back to health if home care is sufficient. If your pet needs to see the vet they will develop the best care plan together. Regardless they’ll follow up to make sure everything is going well. 

What are the side effects of eating too many vitamins?

The side effects your dog will likely suffer from eating human vitamins will depend on the dog the amount he consumed and the vitamins content.

Your dog will likely vomit blood if he received an overdose of Vitamin D. He will also not touch his food but he will drink a lot of water from excessive thirst. As a result he will be peeing a lot more than normal. Additionally he could have bloody stools and constipation as well as general weakness. You should pay attention if your dog seems limp and not himself. You may notice that your fur child drools a lot has abdominal pain tremors and seizures. Things are not looking good.

Things get a bit tricky when it comes to iron. He may be seriously ill they seem to be recovering and then he may suffer liver failure. Therefore it is often difficult to tell when dogs with iron poisoning are actually getting better or if they are in the early stages of liver failure. There are several signs to watch for including fever fatigue shock agitation abdominal swelling and collapse. Each of these is a cause for concern.

Xylitol is a nasty substance. We already discussed why xylitol is so toxic to dogs in the section on xylitol but we have yet to discuss the symptoms. Drowsiness restlessness and weakness are common symptoms.

Blood sugar levels have dropped sharply because of this. In addition your poor fur kid might suffer from muscle tremors convulsions diarrhea (often accompanied by blood) increased heart rate and low blood pressure. Hypoglycemia may progress to the point where your dog loses control of his body movements and eventually collapses.

Its serious stuff folks. When you suspect your pup has consumed your vitamins do not wait until he shows symptoms. Seek medical attention immediately. If you notice any of these symptoms contact your veterinarian. Your pet may be in danger.

How can I stop my dog from eating gummy vitamins?

Keep your vitamins stored away where your dog can not get to them. Thats the logical and straightforward solution. Its not worth the risk. In case your dog is able to reach the countertop in any way do not leave it there. Donot leave your vitamins in a handbag or coat pocket where curious pets could accidentally access them and think they are treats. The consequences are too serious to risk.


Vitamin poisoning poses a severe risk to dogs. You should never give your pup any of your human vitamins since it could literally kill him. You should take your pup to the vet immediately if you suspect he has eaten some of your gummy vitamins or call the 24-hour pet poison helpline at (855) 764-7661. It is better to steer clear of this one and potentially be paranoid.

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