Help! My Dog Ate A Muffin Wrapper

Help! My Dog Ate A Muffin Wrapper

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
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The fact that your dog ate the muffin wrapper is not a major concern. Most of the time, dog wrappers pass through their digestive system without any trouble.
Most of your dog’s stomach acids will dissolve paper wrappers, so they are not the most dangerous. There’s no need to worry about silicone or aluminum foil being toxic.
A blockage of the intestinal tract can occur when silicone or foil wrappers are swallowed whole. Make sure your pet isn’t suffering from any GI problems for a couple of days, and then consult your veterinarian as soon as possible.

The purpose of this article is to explain “Help! My Dog Ate A Muffin Wrapper“.

Is there any more evidence that dogs are intelligent? When they smell the delicious smell coming from the kitchen they’re on the lookout. Yes they have figured out muffins are tasty.

Help! My Dog Ate A Muffin Wrapper

If you turn your back for a minute your otherwise well-behaved companion will steal your goodies. Wrappers are one thing dogs havenot figured out yet and this causes their owners a great deal of worry.

Donot rush to the vet just yet if you’re worried your pet ate a muffin wrapper! In most cases your dog will be able to pass the wrapper without any issues.

You will need to watch him closely for the next few days and examine his poop. By now you must be accustomed to it do not you?

What is the material used in muffin wrappers?

Your first consideration should be the material of the wrapper. Since silicone wrappers are reusable they are becoming increasingly popular. Most people still use paper wrappers. Still others line the muffin tin with aluminum foil.

It is likely that your dog will be fine if he ate one or several paper wrappers. A dogs digestive system can easily handle small bits of paper. In the stomach plain paper will partially digest and it is not toxic.

The big question is whether your dog chewed on the silicone wrapper after eating it. The silicone wrapper will not cause any problems to a dogs GI tract when it is chewed into small pieces.

You and your dog can use silicone products without fear of them being harmful due to their chemical-free nature. Regardless if your dog manages to swallow a silicone wrapper whole it could cause an intestinal blockage which will require medical attention. Please read on for more information.

You should not be concerned about your dog being poisoned by aluminum foil wrappers either but you should be concerned about the damage it might do to his digestive system cutting or grazing the delicate lining of his intestines.

At least part of the aluminum foil might be digested by the acids in your pets stomach.

What is the size of the dog?

No matter how big or small they are dogs will eat anything they can get their paws on. Smaller dogs are more likely to choke on an object or develop an intestinal blockage.

In dogs the throat is designed to expand so that they can swallow large pieces of food bones (or objects) but toy dogs or puppies can choke on even items like muffin wrappers. Even if your pet seems otherwise healthy except for a guilty look on its face its obvious both muffin and wrapper are already in his stomach so you can eliminate the risk of choking. To be on the safe side every dog owner should know the basic Heimlich maneuver.

Even a large dog will have no problem swallowing something like a muffin wrapper. The problem is that a foreign object that is easily swallowed might become lodged in the stomach unable to pass through the opening that connects it to the small intestine. You should keep an eye on your dog irrespective of his breed as this can happen to both small and large breeds.  

When to be alarmed after your dog has eaten a muffin wrapper

You should watch out for signs of GI problems in your pet if you discover it ate your muffins in their colorful wrappers.

The first sign that your dog has swallowed a foreign object like aluminum foil balled up is vomiting. Throughout the day your dog will probably vomit or at least try to. Your dog might also become dehydrated which is very dangerous in addition to the object sitting in his stomach.

Aluminum foil is capable of cutting and grazing the intestine causing blood to appear in the dogs stool. As small cuts can heal themselves traces of blood are not immediately dangerous. If theres a lot of blood in the stool thats a cause for concern.

If a wrapper or pieces of it become lodged in the intestine it will result in a blockage. It is possible that some food can still pass through the intestine and your dog might still poop so you would not even realize he has a problem. 

A blockage of the digestive tract can cause a variety of symptoms including:

  • Diarrhea and vomiting
  • Appetite low or nonexistent
  • Tenderness anywhere in the abdomen
  • Having difficulty pooping
  • Bloating
  • Whining in pain
  • Lethargy

You should take your dog to the vet as soon as possible if your dog exhibits any of these signs.

How can you help a dog who has eaten a muffin wrapper?

If your dog eats some muffins with wrappers you should feed him a slice of whole-grain bread to cushion the rough edges especially if it was an aluminum wrapper. Hopefully the pieces of foil or silicone will reach the other end safely in 6 to 8 hours.

It could be an intestinal blockage in which case you could use a mild laxative to help the dog poop and hopefully pass the wrapper pieces. Using the directions on the box psyllium also known as Metamucil is the best remedy for constipation in dogs.

A tablespoon of plain canned pumpkin can also be added to your pets regular food. While dogs seem to like pumpkins they are not as fond of muffins. If your dog is having trouble moving make sure he drinks plenty of water.

Unfortunately such remedies might not work if the dog has an intestinal blockage and may take a day or two to work. In case your dogs condition seems to deteriorate go straight to the vet and do not wait to see the effects of the laxative.

How will a vet help a dog with an intestinal blockage

Its likely your veterinarian will do some X-rays to locate the obstruction and determine if theres a chance the dog will pass the foreign object. Veterinarians often prescribe laxatives and wait for nature to take its course rather than recommend surgery immediately.

Nonsurgical endoscopy may be used to remove the wrapper if the wrapper is not very big and lodged in the stomach. This involves inserting a scope through the dogs throat down to the stomach.

An obstruction that is too large may need to be surgically removed by opening the dogs stomach or intestines. If the bowel is blocked the obstructing body may cut off blood supply to that part of the intestine so that part of the intestine will basically die. The vet has to remove both the wrapper and the necrotic part of the intestine during the surgery.

It is good news that most dogs will recover quickly from this type of surgery. After a few days your pet will be back to his old self although nausea and lack of appetite may persist for a while.

How to stop your dog from eating a muffin wrapper

The majority of dogs are interested in food but some are more so than others especially pups who will chew on anything that looks even remotely edible or even those that do not. In order to prevent your dog from eating muffin wrappers do not leave them anywhere your dog might reach next time you bake some. That includes countertops or tables that may appear high enough for your dog to reach. If they are really desperate for a treat they may get creative. Its best to close the doors and put some distance between your pet and those tasty muffins.

In fact this applies to all kinds of food. Donot leave foil-wrapped food within your noses range. Muffin wrappers are small but the leftover roast might need a lot more foil to cover it and thats very dangerous for your dog.

You should also keep in mind that the food you leave unattended might be more dangerous than the wrapping. If he learns that things wrapped in foil are good for instance he might try chocolate which is harmful to dogs.

You should put muffin wrappers candy wrappers or foil you used to cover your Thanksgiving leftover turkey in a trash can with a secure lid when disposing of them. 


The fact that your dog ate the muffin wrapper is not a major concern. Most of the time dog wrappers pass through their digestive system without any trouble.

Most of your dogs stomach acids will dissolve paper wrappers so they are not the most dangerous. Theres no need to worry about silicone or aluminum foil being toxic.

A blockage of the intestinal tract can occur when silicone or foil wrappers are swallowed whole. Make sure your pet isnot suffering from any GI problems for a couple of days and then consult your veterinarian as soon as possible.

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