French Bulldog Won’t Potty Train

French Bulldog Won’t Potty Train

Last Updated: August 20, 2023
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The French bulldog is a clean breed and loyal to its owner. Although they aren’t the hardest to potty train, they aren’t the easiest either. It is crucial that you potty train properly the minute you bring your child home because this family tends to be stubborn. Although this stage could be frustrating for both you and your dog, with patience and time you will be able to successfully train your Frenchie.

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Our dog was only three months old when we got him so we already anticipated a few ‘accidents’. As it turned out we did have a bit of a hard time during his first few weeks with us. It took us quite some time to teach him not to pee in the house despite the fact that he NEVER pooped in the house.

French Bulldog Won’t Potty Train

When we see him acting strangely in the living room we simply open the door so he can go outside and relieve himself. In addition if he starts peeing indoors we tell him NO!

As it seems he keeps repeating himself over and over it wasnot really easy at first. When we visited the veterinarian we asked the doctor about it. It was recommended that we give him a little time since he was still too young. This is exactly what we did. In addition we started giving him treats when he pees at the right place. Now hes completely potty-trained!

Do you have the same problem with your Frenchie? What are the reasons why a French bulldog does not potty train and what can be done about it?

Why a French Bulldog Won’t Potty Train

Its true that cleaning up after your dog can be tedious and frustrating but you have to remember that a dog is like a human child. Because each puppys development and learning abilities are different they may not be as rapid as those of other dogs. As far as I’m concerned every dog can be trained to go potty.

Having trouble potty training your puppy may be due to one or two of these reasons:

Negative Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement may be beneficial in some cases. It could also be traumatizing enough for your puppy not to listen to you if you put him through too much stress. As he grows up it could affect his behavior which could lead to more problems for you later on.

You are also not really helping your dog when you force him to do something he is not yet ready for by yelling at him smacking him or rubbing his face against his pee or poop. Despite your best efforts he still does not understand what you want. Punishing him would not do anything for him.

What to do

Being patient is the best thing you can do as a parent in this situation. Donot punish your dog simply because you think hes being stubborn. You can not do it that way. In addition negative reinforcement might only scare your puppy away but he still would not understand what you’re trying to tell him.

Take your time potty training your Frenchie. Sooner or later you will see a huge difference if you reward him for any improvement.

No Schedule

In addition the failure of your French Bulldog in-house training may be due to not following a schedule. It may be that you are too busy working or doing household chores to remember to take your dog for a walk. As a result he gets accustomed to taking care of his business inside your house and if you let it go for a long time it would be difficult to address it.

What to do

Setting a schedule and sticking to it is crucial to the success of training your French bulldog. You should take him outside and allow him to relieve himself when he wakes up in the morning after each meal after a nap and before bedtime. This will help your Frenchie realize that its outside where he needs to go potty and poop.

Whatever your schedule with your puppy is you must stay on top of it so there will be no room for failure.

Too Young

You may be in a hurry to see the results of the training you are giving your Frenchie as I was with my dog. If you have high expectations for your puppy while he is still young you will only cause frustration.

What to do

Put yourself in the position of potty training a 2-year-old. The child cannot be expected to master what you are teaching him right away. This is also true for your puppy. He should be given some time to get used to the place where he needs to do business given his age.

Dogs should generally be taught to control their bladders around the age of 12 weeks or 3 months old since this is the time when they begin to gain control over their bladders. You can estimate how often you should take him outside by adding 1 to his age (in months). Your Frenchie should be able to hold his bladder for up to 5 hours if he is 4 months old.

You will surely see amazing results by taking “baby steps.” But you need to be patient. When you see your dog making progress praise him and reward him. This will also help him remember his potty training.

Used to Being in the Same Place

You will most likely run into issues potty training your pooch if you keep him in the same place most of the time. When you suddenly bring him inside after leaving him outdoors he might mistake urinating on your carpet for relieving himself by squatting on the grass. He wouldnot be able to distinguish the two.

What to do 

In order to successfully potty train your French bulldog you must make him familiar with the different areas of your home and point out where he needs to go. As a result he will be able to tell the difference between inside and outside.

Provide him with the feeling that he is welcome inside but this is not where he should poop or pee. Additionally you should always be on the lookout for signs that your Frenchie needs to relieve himself. Examples include whining circling or sniffing. Immediately take him outside if you see any of these behaviors.

Medical Condition

You may think that your puppy isnot interested in potty training if he urinates or defecates more than he should which is also caused by a certain health condition.

What to do

There might be a need to make a trip to the vet if after trying almost every strategy you can think of to house-train your pooch and hes not responding. He may be suffering from something that is causing him to pee or poop more than expected. He may also be taking medications that cause him to do this.

How to Deal With an Adult Frenchie That Was Not House-Trained

Are you having trouble getting a Frenchie to go outside when he is an adult? It may be because his previous training did not work. There is also the possibility that he wasnot house-trained. He might still be adjusting to his new environment. You will have to potty train him if that is the case.

When it comes to training an adult dog it is generally easier than training a puppy. One advantage of older dogs is that they can hold their bladders unless of course they suffer from a certain medical condition.

You must start potty training your French bulldog as soon as you bring him home as an adult. For starters you can train him in a crate for a week or two but make sure that you also take him outside to exercise. Do not punish your Frenchie if he makes an accident. And if you see him doing his business at the right “elimination Station” do not distract him. If you want give him a treat afterward.

Develop a schedule similar to what we mentioned earlier and ensure that it adheres to every single day. If you want your Frenchie to learn to relieve himself outside you must give him enough opportunities to do so.


The French bulldog is a clean breed and loyal to its owner. Although they are not the hardest to potty train they are not the easiest either. It is crucial that you potty train properly the minute you bring your child home because this family tends to be stubborn.

Although this stage could be frustrating for both you and your dog with patience and time you will be able to successfully train your Frenchie whether you got him as a puppy or as an adult.

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