French Bulldog Gas Remedies

French Bulldog Gas Remedies

Last Updated: August 18, 2023

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Its true that you love your Frenchie so much that you let it sit on your lap or next to you as you watch a movie. But when it starts farting its no longer funny. It may even make you want to vomit as the smell fills up your living room.

Farting is a common behavior among French bulldogs. If you are thinking of giving away your dog read this article before you change your mind. Understand why this type of dog farts so much and what you can do to reduce it.

French Bulldog Gas Remedies

Why does a Frenchie fart so much? 5 reasons

If you own a dog you probably worry about your poochie farting a lot. You’re also probably bothered by the smell. Your puppy might have a sickness that you do not know about.

We have already mentioned that Frenchies are known for their stinky farts. The butts of these dogs emit more bad gas than any other breed.

In order to better understand why your dog is farting a lot here are the reasons why:

Facial Structure

French bulldogs have a flat face which causes them to swallow more air when eating.

Sensitive Stomach

Additionally this type of dog has a very sensitive stomach. When you feed it something new you need to be extra careful. There are some foods that may cause allergies in puppies or upset their stomachs.

Type of food

Certain foods such as milk or dairy products peas and soybeans can definitely cause flatulence.

Fast Eating

Frenchies have a tendency to swallow air when they try to finish their food fast which could result in bad gas

Certain Health Conditions

A foul odor could also be an indication of certain health conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease inflammation of the intestines neoplasms or even the presence of viruses and parasites.

Please do not hesitate to take your poochie to the veterinarian immediately if you think it is ill.

7 Ways to Reduce the Smell

In order to reduce the smell of your Frenchies fart there are various things that you can do. Here are just some of them:

Change in Diet

If you want your French bulldogs fart to smell less stinky you should change its diet. Feeding it with too much fiber and fat is not a good idea. You should also limit dairy products and never give them spicy foods because dogs are not meant to eat these food groups. You should never give your pet scraps either.

Additionally you should keep your Frenchie away from foods like beans and sweets which are difficult to digest. These items will cause your puppys stomach to have difficulty processing them resulting in excessive farting. Even worse your puppy may develop other health problems as a result.

If you want to change your poochs diet you must do it gradually. Your poochs stomach and intestines need time to adjust. The introduction of a new diet might result in diarrhea and vomiting in your Frenchie.

Keep an eye on your dogs reaction to its new food. You will need to switch foods again until you find a certain group of foods that works well.

Be Careful When Serving Human Food

The French bulldog can eat human food as well. If you let your dog eat any kind of food you must be extra careful. You should know that some table foods are good for Frenchies while others may pose dangers.

We have already mentioned that you should not give your puppy table scraps. You should treat it as if it were a human being. It would be best if you purchased natural food or prepared its meals yourself.

Among the human foods you can serve your Frenchie is lean meat fruits such as bananas apples blueberries and cantaloupes as well as vegetables such as eggplants cabbage and carrots. There are also salmon and shrimp you can serve.

Generally speaking when choosing foods for your pet choose those that can be digested easily so as to avoid flatulence and stinky farts.

Buy a Slow-Feeding Doggie Bowl

You should buy a slow-feeding bowl for your dog to avoid him inhaling too much air. In this bowl your dog will be forced to eat more slowly as it will have to use its tongue to take bites out of its food at a time.

Getting bloated will be avoided if a French bulldog eats much slower. In addition the digestive system of the dog will be able to handle the food properly preventing gastrointestinal problems.

To ensure that your dog does not rush through eating the food in the doggie bowl you can watch it eat if necessary.

Do Not Feed Your Pet Constantly

Overeating is one of the main causes of flatulence. If you constantly feed your dog it may not be able to digest the food that you are providing. When food is not digested properly it is converted into bad gas. It is therefore important to monitor how much food you are serving.

To prevent your Frenchie from eating too quickly you may want to serve smaller portions.

Take Your Dog for a Walk

Your schedule might be busy but this should not be an excuse to neglect your pet. Frenchies need regular exercise as well. You should make it a habit to walk it in the morning or in the afternoon whichever is more convenient for you.

When a dog is overweight it tends to fart more and may have chronic gas issues. You should do your best to encourage your dog to be active. You can keep your pet in great shape by walking for half an hour or so each day.

In addition to walking your Frenchie can participate in other physical activities. It is essential that you allocate time for your pet to play and be active. By doing so you can keep your pet from becoming obese.

Consider Giving Peppermint Oil

The benefits of peppermint oil when it comes to reducing flatulence in humans have been proven in scientific studies so you may as well consider giving it to your pet. Your puppy will not be harmed by this type of oil as it is non-toxic.

What is the process for making peppermint oil? Its as simple as boiling fresh peppermint leaves. Simply add the boiling water to the dogs meal. You can also buy peppermint essential oil and add a few drops to your dogs food or water if you prefer.

Try Giving Dietary Supplements

You can consider giving your Frenchie dietary supplements containing zinc acetate to decrease the smell of the gas being passed. Even though this would not actually reduce the frequency of farting at least it will address the odor.

The following medications and supplements may help treat stinky farts: dry activated charcoal carminative simethicone and yucca schidigera.

Ensure that any supplements you purchase are labeled for dogs before you buy them. In order to avoid any problems it is highly recommended that you ask your veterinarian.

What Are the Best Probiotics for a French Bulldog?

It is also a good idea to give your French bulldog probiotics as a gas remedy. Probiotics are beneficial to all dogs because they assist their digestive and immune systems. As a result of the live microorganisms short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) are produced which inhibit the growth of bad bacteria in the intestines and stomachs of dogs. Probiotics help maintain a healthy digestive system.

Natural Probiotics

Several dairy products including cottage cheese and yogurt contain natural probiotics. Fermented vegetables and sourdough bread can be beneficial to your pet as well.

Branded Probiotics

Probiotics Plus from V4B

The prebiotics and probiotics in this product work together to improve the health and well-being of a French bulldog. Furthermore it can enhance the functioning of the digestive system if it has been impaired by antibiotics and other strong medications for an extended period of time.

V4B Probiotics Plus can also help if your Frenchie has diarrhea or irritable bowel syndrome.

Purina Fortiflora

Pets get the probiotics they need through these packets which are the easiest way to ensure that they get the probiotics they need. It supports a healthy flora in the intestine.

In the marketplace you can find a wide variety of branded probiotics. Choosing the best one will allow you to control your dogs farts as long as you choose the right one. As well as seeking the advice of a veterinarian you can also discuss this issue with them.

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