Dog Still Leaking After Glands Expressed

Dog Still Leaking After Glands Expressed

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
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The anal glands in dogs generally leak for 1-2 days after they have been expressed. Afterward, it may be a cause for concern as your dog might have developed an anal sac infection, which can quickly escalate to an abscess. You should therefore take your dog to the veterinarian.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Dog Still Leaking After Glands Expressed“.

Its not pleasant to look at or talk about your dogs rear end but sometimes its necessary.

Dog Still Leaking After Glands Expressed

The stench is usually so unbearable that you can not ignore it if your pet has an issue.

Dog owners know that their dogs’ anal glands occasionally need to be expressed manually but unfortunately sometimes this does not solve the issue.

After having their glands expressed the dog is still leaking leaving yucky stuff all over the place. What gives? Is there something wrong with him? 

There are times when the continuous leaking is a sign of a more serious problem and you will need to see your veterinarian. Once more.

The purpose of a dogs anal glands the problems they can cause and how to express the stinky glands on your own is discussed in this article.

Your dog will be spared an invasive procedure and you will save some money in vet expenses. 

What are anal glands and what is their function?

A dogs anus has two small glands located on either side both of which are the size of grapes. Whenever you massage the butt of your dog you can feel the bulges. To give you an idea of where they are situated they’re right under the dogs anus at roughly four and eight o’clock. 

Anal sacs contain sebaceous glands (sweat) that produce an unpleasant-smelling liquid. These chemicals are unique to each animal which is why they are often referred to as a dogs calling card. Fluids with this color range from white to brown and have a pungent fish scent. We are not referring to fresh fish but to rotten fish that has been sitting for days. 

Canines used this calling card to mark their territory and warn other dogs not to trespass on it when they lived in the wild.

Although domestic dogs do not mark their territory they are still in the habit of smelling any feces they might encounter during their daily walk. Dogs seem to draw many interesting conclusions from their feces.

Why do dogs’ anal glands “leak”?

According to experts dogs were once able to express their anal glands on purpose to mark their territory. At the moment most dogs only express their glands when passing a stool. Even so there might be some accidental leakage when a dog is overly excited or scared. Pet owners are aware that accidental leaks are normal but they have a problem with smelling fluid coming out of their dogs anus at all times. Just imagine how bad things smell when your dog sleeps in your bed. 

When your dogs glands leak at random times this means that the animal has a problem with expressing them naturally. As a dog passes a large firm stool it compresses the anal sacs which cover the feces in your dogs unique calling card. 

These cannot however apply the same pressure on the anal glands when your dog has small soft stools. In the event that too much fluid accumulates in the sacs they will leak at random times. Additionally your dog will be quite uncomfortable. There are several other signs that indicate a problem with the anal sacs:

  • The act of scooting on the ground or carpet
  • While licking scratching or biting your rear end
  • Wagging the tailless
  • Not letting anyone touch their rear end
  • Wonot let anyone sit on their butt

A dog with impacted anal sacs will appear depressed moping around the house while his bottom hurts. 

Why do dogs’ anal glands leak when they are asleep?

Anal sacs are full when this happens. While defecating the dogs glands will leak if they have difficulty expressing themselves. In the rectum the sacs are empty and it is possible that fluid leaks out as he is more relaxed during sleep and has less control over the anal sphincter. 

Why do they leak after having been expressed?

If your dog exhibits any of these symptoms you will need to have those impacted glands expressed. Even after going through all that trouble pet parents are surprised to find out their dogs anus still leaks.

Unless it happens right after the procedure this is not causing concern. There might be some stuff left in these sacs which open inside the dogs rectum. Lets see if it stops in a day or two. 

In the event the problem persists you should visit your veterinarian to recheck those sacs. Its not that they did not do a good job the first time around. It can sometimes be hard to determine if the vet is to blame for infected anal glands. Unfortunately you have little choice. To ensure your dog does not develop an abscess you should have an expert examine his rear end. 

An abscess is likely to be seen if the dogs behind looks all red and swollen. The abscess will have to be drained which is usually done under general anesthesia with the dog. Obviously such a procedure is painful for the dog.

You will be instructed by the veterinarian on how to keep your dog comfortable during his recovery while he is on a full course of antibiotics. 

How can you treat a dog who is sore after having its anal glands expressed?

The vet sticks his finger up the dogs butt and starts squeezing things which is quite invasive. Following such a humiliating experience your dog will probably be in bad spirits. Additionally he might be a bit sore after his vet visit especially if he was roughed up. 

He will still have to deal with the pain in his butt despite a little treat and some petting. 

To help with that apply warm compresses at least twice a day for up to 15 minutes. You will have to do this for 7-10 days or until the swelling subsides if your dog had an abscess. Your veterinarian may also prescribe an antibiotic ointment.

Depending on the condition of your dog the vet may also suggest what foods you should feed him. For instance they might prescribe a stool softener as constipation is the last thing your dog needs right now. Fiber-rich foods are generally recommended for dogs with anal gland problems. 

Why might a dog have diarrhea after having its glands expressed?

When you think you have everything under control BAM! the dog gets diarrhea. Does the vet have anything to do with that? Hes the one who stuck his finger in the dogs butt so I guess you could say that. It is likely that a dogs diarrhea is caused by stress after having his glands expressed. However this is not a serious problem. For a couple of days just give the dog a bland diet and it should go away.  

Which breeds of dogs are more likely to suffer from anal gland problems?

There is evidence that small breed dogs are more prone to anal gland problems than large breeds. Dogs such as Dachshunds Chihuahuas and Miniature or Toy Poodles are more prone to anal gland impaction.

Such problems are more common in obese dogs of the same type. Typically a dog that is severely overweight has a poor diet so its not surprising if he has difficulty expressing the anal sacs during defecation. 

Why might a dog bleed after having its glands expressed?

The explanation for this could be illustrated by two factors. It may have been a bit rough on your canine from the warhorse when he was intruding about in his rectum. However the bleeding should choose on its own fairly snappily If that happens.

Another eventuality is that there’s an infection present in which case you should see the warhorse afresh.

How easy is it to express a dog’s anal glands at home?

Still don’t fix it If it ain’t beggared. You should forever go by this when it comes to your canine’s hinder end. You should only regard evacuating the canine’s anal sacs when there’s some leakage or if your pet shows egregious symptoms of anal sacs impactation.

You can expound the canine’s glands at home using the external system not by fitting a cutlet in his bum as the warhorse does.

Snare a brace of latex gloves use one hand to gently lift his tail and the different to detect the anal sacs. 

They should be perceived as two peas or small grapes. You should not try to express the glands but preferably abuse them by displacing your thumb and indicator cutlet around them. What you should be going for is an in and up motion. 

The opening of the anal sacs is on the upper part and they generally empty inside the rectum but don’t go on that. Make assured not to wear your stylish clothes as there might be some squirting.

The key to a prosperous operation is to be comfortable – both of you. Try to make the canine comfortable be veritably gentle and don’t try to rush it. 

Take your time don’t apply too much pressure and keep talking to the canine in a comforting voice.


Tykes with a poor diet one lacking in fiber specifically frequently have problems expounding their glands on their own. However you should take a delay and see approach If the tykes anal glands keep oohing after having the operation done. It might be just fluid accumulated in the rectum and it should be gone in a couple of days. 

However examine your canine’s hind end for signs of inflammation If it doesn’t. He might be elaborating on an infection in which case he’ll presumably need antibiotics. And some warm compresses to comfort the pain!

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