Dog Reverse Sneezing Getting Worse

Dog Reverse Sneezing Getting Worse

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
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Here are 3 reasons why reverse sneezing in your dog is worsening: increased allergens, excessive humidity, and increased stress

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Dog Reverse Sneezing Getting Worse“.

Does your dog seem to be sneezing reverse more often at night and is it really bothering you? You might be thinking about having him checked out once and for all this time.

Dog Reverse Sneezing Getting Worse

The occurrence of occasional backward sneezing is not something to worry about however the occurrence on a constant basis could be a completely different story one that requires more attention. When your dog suddenly starts to experience it it is the same.

3 reasons that your dog’s reverse sneezing is getting worse?

Increase of Allergens

The reasons why your puppy reverse sneezes more frequently are numerous. There may be an increase in allergens in the air and if so then it makes sense that he would reverse sneeze more often than he normally does.

Having your pooch checked by a vet is highly recommended if you suspect he has allergies. His medication will be prescribed accordingly.

Dog allergies may result in reverse sneezing at night for which the doctor may prescribe an antihistamine or nasal corticosteroids. But the diagnosis will ultimately decide.

Too Much Humidity

The hotter the weather gets especially during the summer the more likely it is that dogs will display pharyngeal gag reflexes. As a side note too much humidity is often accompanied by an increase in allergens in the air.

You cannot control the outside temperature in this case so there is nothing you can do. However you can certainly regulate the quality of the air inside your house. By installing a cooling system you will be able to keep it cool. Therefore it would be best if you limited your dogs outdoor activities and kept him indoors as much as possible.

The next step would be a trip to the vet if this does not resolve his reverse sneezing.

Weight Gain

Another factor that may make your puppys backward sneezing worse is a significant increase in his weight particularly if he weighs significantly above the normal range. This is because overweight dogs tend to overheat a lot faster.

Until you can determine whether or not this is the cause of your pups frequent reverse sneezing limit his food intake and increase his exercise. When he achieves a healthier weight and those episodes continue then the doctor needs to intervene.

4 serious conditions behind reverse sneezing

It is possible that if this happens more than three times a day and rubbing your dogs throat does not solve the problem then there could be a more serious health issue that is causing it.

Nasal Mites

In addition to reverse sneezing you can suspect that mites have infested your puppys nasal cavities if he has nasal discharge his face is itchy or his nose is bleeding. If those nasal mites are not removed your pet will continue to suffer and the symptoms may worsen. Since the mites are highly contagious other dogs in your home can also get them. They can be passed from dog to dog by nose-to-nose contact.

In order to treat nasal mites antiparasitic medications are typically prescribed. 85% of dogs affected by this type of parasite responded positively to treatment according to veterinarians.

Heart Disease

Dogs with a heart condition can have a significant buildup of fluid in their lungs. The result would be excessive coughing gasping and gagging which is another manifestation of reverse sneezing.

Signs and symptoms of the disease worsen as the disease progresses. There may be another reason why your dog sneezes backward frequently.

There is a risk of death with this health condition. The best solution is definitely medical intervention if the episodes do not stop and occur more frequently.

Tracheal Collapse

While reverse sneeze and tracheal collapse are different conditions they have a lot in common particularly when it comes to the sound produced during an episode. Therefore if you notice that your pets condition is getting worse what you think is a backward sneeze may actually be a sign of tracheal collapse which is more dangerous. Your dog will suffer even more if it is left untreated.

Alternatively known as the windpipe the trachea is a thin firm tube that carries air from the nasal cavity or mouth into the lungs. The rings of the trachea can weaken causing the tube to collapse. This is the reason is because of this that dogs with damaged tracheas make a strange honking sound.

When natural treatments or even medications do not work dogs will have to undergo surgery to replace their cartilage rings with prosthetics.

Brachycephalic Syndrome

This type of pathological condition occurs more often in dogs with short noses including pugs Boston Terriers French Bulldogs Shih Tzus Persians and French Bulldogs just to name a few. Mild to severe respiratory distress may result from this characteristic over time.

Gagging vomiting coughing and exercise intolerance are among the most common symptoms of Brachycephalic syndrome. If your dog continues to exhibit pharyngeal gag reflex this is another possibility.

Furthermore you should be aware that the symptoms of Brachycephalic syndrome cannot be cured but they can be managed. Therefore you really need to observe your dog from a very young age especially if it belongs to a small-nosed breed. When you detect the problem early the better your chances of treating it are. Ideally you should have your dog undergo surgery.

Why Is Medical Intervention Necessary if Reverse Sneezing Gets Worse?

If your pet does not stop reverse sneezing after a certain period of time you would want to know what is wrong with it. The situation becomes more serious if it continues. It is therefore imperative that you seek medical attention.

In the first instance the veterinarian will conduct some tests such as x-rays blood tests and allergy tests while reviewing the clinical signs and your dogs medical history. He will be able to rule out those conditions that do not really relate to your pets abnormal breathing or snorting based on the results. It is at this point that a narrower range of causes can be ruled out. If necessary the doctor will also perform further testing.

Your veterinarian will be able to determine what is causing your dog to reverse sneeze so that a treatment plan can be developed. It might be a simple problem that can be treated naturally or may even go away on its own.

It is necessary to take action however if the episodes are actually symptoms of a serious health condition. A medication will be administered but if it does not work surgery would be the last resort. The decision will depend on your dogs condition.

Sudden Onset of Reverse Sneezing

The sudden onset of reverse sneezing is as alarming to dog owners as the occasional backward sneeze that eventually becomes more frequent. As with the latter further investigation must be conducted to figure out why a dog suddenly started experiencing those weird episodes. We have mentioned above that it may also be a symptom of some of the underlying causes.

You can try pinching your pets nose and rubbing his throat to close his nasal cavities. However if this technique fails to work then you may have to visit the vet.

Testing such as radiographs posterior rhinoscopy and oropharyngeal examination will be done in order to make a correct diagnosis.

As well as backward sneezing there are other things you should keep an eye out for and these could indicate that your dog is suffering from a serious ailment. Signs of a bloody nose include unusual nasal discharge deformities of the nose loss of appetite difficulty breathing and reduced energy. There may also be weakness and pain in your dog.

If you notice any changes in your pets behavior pay attention to them. Donot forget to inform your veterinarian as well. By gathering all of this information you will be able to determine what his health condition is.


You should take note of reverse sneezing that is getting worse or a sudden onset of a pharyngeal gag reflex if you own a dog. Although this condition could be caused by simple things like allergens warm weather or weight gain there is also a possibility it is a symptom of a more serious health problem. Therefore it would be best to consult a veterinarian. In addition to having peace of mind the earlier you do this the better.

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