Does Kibble Make Dogs Poop More

Does Kibble Make Dogs Poop More?

Last Updated: August 20, 2023
correct answerThe Short Answer is:

Yes, Dogs that eat kibble will probably poop more than those who eat canned food because kibble contains fiber. In comparison to canned food, kibble contains much more fiber.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Does Kibble Make Dogs Poop More?“.

Almost five years ago we switched our dogs to raw food from kibble.

Does Kibble Make Dogs Poop More

Do not worry this isnot the beginning of a lecture extolling raw foods virtues 

However it is a story about how big and noticeable one of the changes was after making the switch.

Golden retrievers are large to medium-sized dogs so they poop quite a bit.

The first 10 minutes of our walk in the park were always a bit stressful because we had three dogs. 

As soon as they were let go they ran around sniffing and pooping everywhere.

Because they pooped more than once when they were on a kibble diet spotting where they pooped was a challenge.

During autumn when the leaves blended in with the grass I hated it.

As soon as they started eating raw food this all changed and I did not quite understand why. They did not squat twice or three times in the park but just once. The difference in poop amount was simply amazing.

Is there something in dog food that makes them poop more?

Next I will compare kibble with canned foods. 

The differences between kibble and canned food?

Lets get straight to the point.

You can tell your dog that she will poop more if you feed her kibble rather than canned food for one major reason.

I’ll compare a popular kibble with a popular canned food to demonstrate that kibble has a much higher fiber content.

And to make it even fairer I have chosen some kibble food and some canned food from the same company- Pedigree.

Probably the worlds most famous dog food company Pedigree.

Pedigree Adult Dry Kibble Pedigree Choice Cuts Canned
Protein (min.)21%8.5%
Fat (min.)10%3%
Fiber (max.)4%1%
Moisture (max.)12%82%

There are many interesting facts in this chart but the most fascinating is that canned food typically contains four times more fiber than kibble. 

As compared to 1% 4%

Fiber plays an important role in pooping

For dogs as well as for people it is the same.

As a result of fiber stools become heavier bowel movements are more frequent and passing stools becomes easier. 

In addition to fiber water is an important component of this process.

This is ironic considering canned food is seven times moister than kibble 

After reviewing percentages I would like to look at how individual ingredients might influence your dogs poop.

What makes dogs poop more if different ingredients are used?

Below you will find a list of the “biggest” ingredients in the kibble and the can.

Pedigree Adult Dry Kibble Pedigree Choice Cuts Canned
Whole grain corn Water
Meat and bone meal Chicken 
Corn gluten mealMeat by products
Animal fat Wheat Flour
Soybean meal Beef 

Several key differences exist here as well.

In recent years kibble has gained a reputation for being full of fillers or carbohydrates of which only a few will be absorbed by the body and the rest will be eliminated through poop.

Three of the five top ingredients are certainly “fillers.”

Food with the right texture weight and shape will be provided by these. 

A quick look at my nutrition tool tells me that the kibbles most significant ingredient is whole grain corn which is made up of 77% carbohydrates and 7% fiber- which your body cannot digest. 

In addition corn gluten meal and soybean meal provide high levels of protein.

Furthermore soybeans are also high in fiber which is great for our dogs health but because of this they will also cause more poop. 

This is similar to the cans of Pedigree.

There are no fillers in three of the top five ingredients.

The only exception is if you consider water to be a filler (which you might do) but its a filler ingredient that should not cause your dog to poop more!

Beef chicken and meat by-products are also on this list. 

These are also protein-rich but have a lower fiber content than soy and cornmeal.

There is no fiber in ground chicken or ground beef: a big fat 0%.  

Is kibble better than canned dog food?

The convenience of kibble is hard to beat.

Because your dog eats less oz per oz than they would with canned food it tends to be cheaper to buy than canned food.

As a result it is difficult to buy kibble and cans in bulk due to their weight. 

However I think carrying a 33-pound bag of kibble will be easier than carrying the equivalent number of cans.

In my case it would be like a United Nations food drive.

It is a thankless task to deliver 3 months of raw frozen food in one go.

Having to carry all of those frozen containers from the front door to a freezer in the back of the house makes me want to be out. 

Once opened kibble is much easier to store than a can because an open can should ideally be kept in the refrigerator whereas kibble can simply be stored in a cupboard.

The stench of an open can of dog food is hard to compare with that of kibble though a serving of defrosted tripe has a smell quite unlike any other I have encountered although it is easier to store once opened than canned food.

Although cans can be inconvenient raw food is a walk in the park when compared to canned food. 

Is kibble healthier than canned food?

It is a really difficult question to answer and the short reply is “not necessarily.”

The majority of kibble dog food products and the majority of canned food products are complete foods.

In other words if you fed your dog a complete can of dog food and a complete kibble they would provide it with all of the nutrition it needed to thrive and survive.

Separately two independent bodies specify what ingredients dog food manufacturers must include.

In the United States the American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) tell manufacturers what nutrients must be included in the food and the Food and Drug Administration tells them the quality of the ingredients they must use. 

It is important to use good quality ingredients in both kibble and canned food as long as the optimal balance of nutrients is maintained.

It is better to see beef in an ingredient list than in a product list. 

Why does raw dog food lead to less poop?

Natural dog food contains no processed ingredients; it is 100% natural.

Meat sometimes offal and sometimes bones from an animal or a combination of animals make up just one type of canned food. 

Since its delivered to me frozen and I keep it in a freezer it does not contain preservatives unlike kibble and cans.

My dogs are currently eating a combination of ox tripe and chicken which contains approximately 68% moisture 14% protein 14% fat and 0.8% fiber…

Besides being absorbed by the dogs body a small portion is also excreted as waste

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