Do Black And White Beagles Exist

Do Black And White Beagles Exist?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
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In spite of the AKC's recognition of 10 different beagle colors, all beagles appear to be born in black and white.

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In the United States beagles are the fifth most popular breed of dog and in the UK they are the 21st most popular. Thats not hard to understand. 

Do Black And White Beagles Exist

In general beagles live for twelve to fifteen years which is longer than many larger breeds. 

Most beagles weigh between 22-25 pounds which makes them the perfect traveling companion. They make great pets because of their temperament size and lack of health issues. 

Beagles have become increasingly popular as pets which has led to an increase in popularity in pop culture. 

Since Elizabethan times beagles have been depicted in paintings literature film television and comic books. 

Snoopy from the comic strip “The Peanuts” is one of the most popular examples of beagles in pop culture. 

The worlds most famous beagle- your ultimate black and white Beagle- is Snoopy. 

Despite the American Kennel Clubs recognition of 10 different colors in beagles all beagles seem to be born black and white. 

During a beagles lifetime many of these colors change especially during puppyhood. 

Beagles are born black and white

Beagles are usually born in black white and sometimes brown colors. 

However their coloring does not remain the same for their entire lives. 

Beagles can begin to change color as early as a few days old. 

The majority of beagles start to develop adult coloring around two months of age. 

Dogs can range in age from two months to four months depending on the individual dog. 

It is during this period that beagles undergo the most dramatic color changes but they can also change colors as they get older.   

Can adult Beagles be black and white?

The American Kennel Club registers beagles under the official standard of “any true hound color.” 

Specific colors of beagles include black/tan black/red/white black/tan/white brown/white and red/white. 

Red tri-color blue-beige brown black and tan are the ten colors generally categorized into five categories. 

It is quite common for beagles to exhibit some variation of black and white which can take many forms. 

Beegle patterns are classified as bi-color or tri-color with bi-color meaning two colors and tri-color meaning three colors. 

It is more common for beagles to come in tri-color combinations than bi-color combinations. 

What are the standard color combinations in Beagles?

There are ten standard color combinations recognized by the AKC but beagles can come in a variety of unique colors and patterns. 

Beagles often come in black brown and white color variations but they can also appear in rare colors. 

A blue or blue/white beagle is an example. 

There is a distinctive color called a blue tick beagle which occurs when primarily black or white color beagles have contrasting colored hair in certain areas usually their belly that looks like blue. 

Lemon is a color that is unusual as well. 

You might imagine a bright yellow dog but lemon beagles only have a small yellow or golden tint to their coats. 

Two-toned lemon beagles have tan white and light yellow colors that make them so unique. 

How are black and white Beagles created?

Black and white beagles are some of the more unusual colors of beagles. How are they created? 

It is not common to find black and white-only beagles in the typical litter because they are not a standard color. 

Usually beagles develop a third color as they grow such as black/white/tan or black/white/blue. 

The beagle can be solid black solid white or a combination of both black and white. 

Due to the color changes that beagles experience during their growth its extremely difficult to predict how their adult coat will look. 

In spite of this most black and white coloring is inherited from parents who are also black and white. 

Knowing the coat color of the parents and grandparents of a litter will help determine its specific coloring. 

What are other rare Beagle colors?

In addition to black/white lemon and blue tick beagles come in many other colors. 

Blue ticks and beagles can also be found in pure blue or blue/white. 

Because of the white undertones in the coat this color does not appear as a bright blue but as a gray with a blue undertone. 

Another rare color is the red/black or red/black/white beagle. 

Usually this shade of red appears very dark like a mahogany shade. Black and white are usually found together when red is present. 

What other hounds are black and white?

Although beagles have become popular there are other hounds that come in black and white. 

Another medium breed with black and white coloring is the American Foxhound. 

The American Foxhound is another AKC-recognized breed and is a good family dog who gets along well with children and other dogs. 

American Foxhounds have medium energy levels are easily trained and make great companions despite some shedding. 

The Bluetick Coonhound is another black and white hound that can be an alternative to the beagle. 

While the Bluetick Coonhound is larger than a beagle it has a short coat like the beagle that requires very little maintenance. 

In addition to being great family dogs they also enjoy playing with other dogs and children. Despite their high energy levels they are very easy to train. 

What other dogs of a similar size to a Beagle are black and white?

It is possible to find many medium size dogs with black and white coats if you are not sure hounds are right for your family. 

The Border Collie is a great option. 

The size of Border Collies is similar to a beagle and they weigh 30 to 55 pounds. 

In contrast Border Collies have more hair and fluffier coats. 

The longer coat of these dogs requires regular grooming and maintenance. 

This breed of dog is incredibly intelligent and is known for its ability to learn and retain a lot of information. 

Herding dogs Border Collies make great family dogs and enjoy playing with children. 

Boston Terriers are a great alternative to beagles if your dog has a black and white coat. 

The Boston Terrier weighs between 12-25 pounds making it slightly smaller than some beagles. 

Despite the lack of experience they make up for it with their high level of energy and likeability. 

Boston Terriers enjoy making friends with strangers and are very social. 

Also they are easily adaptable and make great travel companions. 

The Boston Terrier is a great family dog just like beagles.

Can a black and white beagle make a good pet?

You should know some of their needs if you are certain that a black and white beagle is the right dog for you. 

Beagles do not require a lot of maintenance-they drool less than some other breeds and have short easy-to-maintain coats. 

They are very adaptable to new environments and playful making them easy-going fun companions. 

Beagles are also very friendly with children families and other dogs and are extremely easy to live with. 

Because of their high level of intelligence beagles do need mental stimulation regularly. Exercise is good for beagles both physically and mentally. 

Can I buy an AKC registered black and white Beagle puppy?

The American Kennel Club website is a great place to start if you’re ready to invest in your first black and white beagle puppy. 

For those interested in adopting Beagles there are many rescue organizations. 

When you are looking for a puppy it is important to work with a qualified breeder. If you are looking for a purebred beagle make sure the breeder has proper health certification as well as registration/proof of pedigree. 

Breeders should have clean facilities and be willing to answer your questions and address your concerns. 

Beagles are subject to color changes as puppies so its important to discuss color with the breeder to ensure the puppy you get will remain black and white as an adult. 


Beagles are wonderful companions that have been popular throughout history. 

Since Queen Elizabeth beagles have been popular in popular culture due to their easy-going nature. 

While beagles come in a variety of colors its best to discuss what color your puppy may become with your breeder while he or she is still a puppy. 

The colors of beagles change as they get older which can be a problem if you’re looking for a specific coloring such as black and white. 

Despite their adaptability and playfulness a beagle is a great companion for any home. 

Despite the wide range in size coat and temperament of beagles there are many resources to determine if a beagle is right for your family.

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