Can I Leave My Dog In The Bathroom While At Work

Can I Leave My Dog In The Bathroom While At Work?

Last Updated: August 20, 2023
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In order to be appropriate in locating a stylish place for your dog while you are at work, you need to consider your pet’s gestational and conditioning status as well as his or her health status. The bottom line is that any room you want to leave your dog in should be pet-proof, safe, comfortable, and wide enough for your pet to enjoy.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Can I Leave My Dog In The Bathroom While At Work?“.

In 2000 19 percent of pet owners took their dogs to work at least once each month according to a survey conducted by the American Animal Hospital Association. Currently more than 60 million households in the United States own dogs and more and more workplaces such as Amazon and Google are becoming pet-friendly. US employers now allow their employees to bring their dogs to work every day in 9 percent of cases.

Can I Leave My Dog In The Bathroom While At Work

Dogs bring several benefits to the workplace but they also have some downsides. The majority of people still choose to leave their pets behind when they go to work. However if you intend to do this it is crucial that you know how long you can leave your furry friend alone at home. 

This is heavily influenced by their age. Providing your dog does not have any health issues you can leave him for 8 to 9 hours. It is not recommended to leave your baby under 2 years old for more than 6 hours if he is under 2 years old. Puppies on the other hand should not be alone for more than 2 hours at a time.

Useful tips for leaving a dog alone at home

In order to be a responsible dog owner you should consider your pets safety happiness and overall well-being. As early as possible train your dog so he can stay at home while you are at work without any problems.

 You might find these tips helpful:

Start training your dog early on

The idea of leaving your dog alone for a long time is never a good one. Begin training him as soon as possible by leaving him for a few minutes. Slowly increase the amount of alone time as he becomes more comfortable.

Make sure that food and water bowls are accessible

Ensure that food and water are readily available for your dog while you are at work. Keep the bowls in places where your pet can easily access them.

Keep your pup occupied

Dogs also require entertainment just like human beings. Therefore you should make sure that your pup has something to keep himself occupied before you leave the house. Provide interactive toys for him to play with.

Create a space where your dog can relieve himself

Coming home to a messy house would be the last thing you would want to happen. This can be avoided by creating a designated area where your dog can relieve himself. Grass pads newspapers or pee pads can be used for this purpose.

Utilize a dog monitor

 With a dog monitor you can keep an eye on what your dog is up to while you’re working which will give you peace of mind.

Leaving a dog in the bathroom while at work

Although there are some benefits to keeping your dog in a bathroom whilst you go to work I don’t know anyone who does. To me a bathroom is a strange and alien place for most dogs and I wouldn’t recommend it as a place to keep your dog.


  • Cleanliness is easy on the bathroom floor.
  • This is a confined space which makes controlling the dog easy.


  • Because it is not a living space your dog will be very unfamiliar with the bathroom.
  • Due to all the hard surfaces in bathrooms they tend to have strange acoustics.
  • Additionally bathrooms can be very moist environments which is not healthy for dogs for extended periods of time.
  • Depending on how the dog finds its way he may chew on the water line supply resulting in flooding.
  • Possibly he will tear apart your bath towels or washcloths if he gets into the soap/shampoo/detergent.
  • The bathroom might be too hot or too cold if it does not have good ventilation.
  • There may not be enough space for the puppy to run around.

Leaving a dog in the kitchen while at work

Another place that you might consider leaving your dog while you are out all day is in the kitchen.

This seems to be a much better option than a bathroom.


  • Since dogs spend more time in the kitchen they are more likely to be familiar with it than the bathroom.
  • Cleanliness is a major benefit of kitchen floors.
  • You may be able to make a playpen in this area of the house so that you can somehow contain your dogs movements.


  • Pet odors can remain in a kitchen which is unpleasant.
  • Your dog may chew anything stored in low cabinets or shelves if there is no playpen.

Keeping a dog in the basement while at work

It is the basement that varies the most from other parts of our homes. This is true both in terms of size and function. Some homes have basements that are fully functional living spaces that are as warm and welcoming as the other living spaces.

Some peoples basements are more like a garage – bare and functional with lots of concrete visible


  • Do you spend much time with your dog in the basement? Is it a comfortable and familiar place for your pet?
  • Depending on the size of your basement this can be enough space for your dog to play around while you are away. You can convert a certain portion of the basement into a dog room.
  • Even the entire place can be done this way. This depends on the size of your basement the size of your dog and how active he is.
  • You can leave your dog in your walk-out basement with windows while you are at work if you have one.
  • It should be relatively easy to mop wipe or wash your basement if it has solid flooring.


  • A lack of natural lighting might be an issue.
  • You may have too much humidity in this part of your home. In order to make it safer for your dog you will have to spend some money.
  • There may be electrical outlets or cords nearby which can be dangerous to your dog.

Leaving a dog outside while at work


  • As long as your yard is large enough your pet will have more room to roam.
  • As a result you would not have to worry about a mess in your home and spend a lot of time cleaning it up when you get home from work.
  • You can easily take your dog outside to relieve himself.
  • If your dog enjoys being outside he will surely have fun being outside while you are at work.


  • It can cause behavior problems such as excessive barking and disturbing your neighbors as well as digging up your lawn which can destroy it.
  • If your pet isnot fenced in he or she might be able to escape and become lost. You need to remember that dogs are smart and if they get bored or frustrated they can easily find their way out even if your yard is fenced. They may jump dig under the fence or even destroy it.
  • You could also invite unscrupulous individuals to steal your dog if you leave it outside especially if they really like the breed. As it has already happened in so many places you should take extra precautions if you decide to leave your pup outside while you are at work.
  • In addition your dog can be exposed to extreme weather conditions if he is left outdoors while you are gone. It is possible for your pet to die from heatstroke if you live in a hot environment. Furthermore in cold weather your dog may suffer from hypothermia which can be equally dangerous.

Leaving a dog in a crate while at work


  • It may help to train your dog for the toilet. You need to find a way to dampen the sink and not get soaked in the big mess especially if you know the fact that it will go away for a long time. The bottom line is that jalopy can be a useful temporary tool when you train your pet in the toilet.
  • Using Jalopy can give your dog its position when you are down. It makes him feel safe and secure. You can make jalopy as comfortable as possible to keep your pet happy and thrilled while you are at work.
  • Since Jalopy is limited space you will get peace of mind. You can not see the messy house everywhere. You just have to focus on drawing space and that’s where the jalopy is.
  • As long as the jalopy is properly tamed you do not have to worry about your dog running away when you leave it alone at home.
  • Leaving your dog in the zoo can help prevent dangerous or toxic chemicals in your home.


  • Leaving the dog in jaundice for too long can lead to segregation anxiety and behavioral problems that are difficult to resolve.
  • It is unwise to use beaters for small puppies or for truly aged tycoons with medical conditions.
  • It is dangerous if the gutter is not fitted adequately or has poor ventilation. The same is true if your dog is wearing a collar or leash.
  • It can lead to physical depression and psychological violence.


There are many options if you want to leave your dog when you go to work. You can put it in the kitchen in the toilet in the basement or really outside in the closet. But as you can see each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore the choice of a style largely depends on your circumstances.

In order to be appropriate in locating a stylish place for your dog while you are at work you need to consider your pets gestational and conditioning status as well as his or her health status. The bottom line is that any room you want to leave your dog in should be pet-proof safe comfortable and wide enough for your pet to enjoy.

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