Can I give my dog Robitussin for kennel cough

Can I give my dog Robitussin for kennel cough?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
correct answerThe Short Answer is:

Robitussin is meant for human use and not for dogs, so you shouldn’t follow the instructions on the packet! Last but not least, Robitussin will not cure kennel cough, it will only suppress the cough because that’s what dextromethorphan does.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Can I give my dog Robitussin for kennel cough?“.

Does your dog seem to be coughing a lot lately? Does it sound as if they are choking on something stuck in their throat?

Can I give my dog Robitussin for kennel cough

We’ll look at how to treat your dog if he or she has kennel cough in this article.

The cough suppressant Robitussin will be my primary focus but there are alternatives as well. 

What is Robitussin?

This medication is produced by Wyeth a pharmaceutical company based in the United States.  

Dogs should not take these medicines as they are formulated for human use only. 

The company was bought by Pfizer in 2009. 

Robitussin contains the cough suppressant medication Dextromethorphan. 

In addition to syrup lozenges tablets and sprays there are well over a dozen different Robitussin products. 

What is kennel cough? 

A dog with kennel cough will cough and sound as if they are running on empty. 

Bacteria and viruses are to blame. 

Do not worry- kennel cough is not a serious condition and most dogs will recover without treatment.

The symptoms of kennel cough

Typical symptoms of kennel cough include a coughing sound which may sound a bit like a goose! 

The sound of their cough resembles that of a honk. 

A runny nose and loss of appetite are other symptoms. 

How is it transmitted? 

Kennel cough gets its name from the fact that most dogs used to catch it there.

We visited a kennel in the area.

This disease however is highly contagious and can be easily spread from one dog to another.

To catch it a dog does not need to visit a kennel.

It will spread like wildfire however if dogs are kept together in cramped conditions with poor ventilation (and one or more of the dogs has the disease).

A dog does not need to be in close contact with another dog to contract the disease as infected objects shared between dogs can also spread it.

Playthings food bowls and water bowls are just a few examples. 

Can I give my dog Robitussin for kennel cough?

The following are some considerations to keep in mind if you plan to give Robitussin to your dog (such as these two).

If your dog has a persistent cough that lasts longer than a few days you should see a vet. There is a possibility that your dog does not have kennel cough but something more serious. 

In addition Robitussin is meant for human use and not for dogs so you should not follow the instructions on the packet!

Last but not least Robitussin will not cure kennel cough it will only suppress the cough because thats what dextromethorphan does.

You can stop coughing because it stops the coughing part of your brain.

While most dogs will get over kennel cough without treatment if you are looking for a cure then you should visit your veterinarian and get some antibiotics. 

Viruses or bacteria can only be killed by antibiotics as with any other infection caused by bacteria or viruses. 

Its important to keep in mind that using Robitussin might have side effects since most dogs recover from kennel cough without any medical intervention…

Side effects of Robitussin

Nausea is the most common side effect.  

These are some of the milder side effects associated with this drug: 

  1. Diarrhea
  2. Drowsiness
  3. Restlessness
  4. Vomiting
  5. Pain in the stomach

How long does kennel cough last? 

Especially if your dog has preexisting medical conditions or is “senior” kennel cough can last up to three weeks.

What over-the-counter medicines can you give a dog for kennel cough? 

Robitussin is not the only over-the-counter cough suppressant that will work.

There are a number of products containing dextromethorphan including:

  • Coricidin®
  • Delsym®
  • Dimetapp®
  • Mucinex®

Can you use Manuka honey for treating kennel cough? 

Using honey whether Manuka or any other kind is a good option if you would rather use a home remedy instead of a commercial medicine to treat your dogs cough.

Honey is considered safe to feed to dogs in moderation by the AKC. 

Honey contains a lot of sugar so it contains a lot of calories and can rot the teeth. 

Honey has also been shown to reduce cough symptoms in humans.

Moreover this advice has been given by the NHS the UKs health care system.

Children with acute coughs coughed fewer times and with less severity when treated with honey. 

Try it out with your dog!

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