Can I Give My Dog Baking Soda For Upset Stomach

Can I Give My Dog Baking Soda For Upset Stomach?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
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Baking soda is often used to calm a upset stomach, and you can do the same for your dog. Every two hours, give your dog a few sips of this mixture containing baking soda and half a cup of water. There have been warnings about the dangers of baking soda for pets, but they refer to large amounts, which means at least one teaspoon per pound of body weight.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Can I Give My Dog Baking Soda For Upset Stomach?“.

My curiosity is piqued by the variety of ways in which we can use baking soda on our dogs.

Can I Give My Dog Baking Soda For Upset Stomach

If your dog ingests too much baking soda what to do and whether you can use baking soda to cure bad breath I have written articles about the subject. 

However the focus of this article is on upset stomachs. 

Cleaning up after a dog is perhaps one of the worst aspects of dog ownership. 

However can baking soda be used as a remedy for our dogs upset stomach?

Lets do not waste any time. 

1. Baking soda

An excellent natural remedy for dogs with upset stomachs is baking soda. 

One of the best things about it is that most of us have a pot of it somewhere in our homes.

You can purchase it for dirt cheap if you havenot already.

The substance can be used in a number of different ways with your dog or just in your daily life in general!

How does it work?

A buildup of stomach acids can often cause upset stomachs which are often caused by baking soda which is an alkaline substance.

Consuming a small amount of diluted baking soda will neutralize excess stomach acid and calm things down.

How should it be served?

Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to 12 cups of water

Potential dangers

Baking soda in large quantities is very dangerous to dogs and so don’t leave the container lying around.

You should only give it to your dog if he has an upset stomach.

If your dog has bloat you should never give it to them because that could cause death

2. Fasting

This means that you should only give your dog water. 

It is difficult to do this because dogs love their food regardless of what they are eating.

Can you stand that “mournful look”?

How does it work? 

Fasting allows the body to sort things out on its own. It allows your dogs digestive system to recover if your dog only drinks water.

How should it be served?

You should only do it for 24 hours at the most.

Potential dangers

During this time your dog does not drink any water which is one of the biggest dangers. 

Dehydration is a risk that can have life-threatening consequences. 

Call your veterinarian as soon as possible if this happens to you. 

3. Water/ Ice

A dog with diarrhea will naturally dehydrate because it will lose so much water due to the sloppy poo. 

There are a few tricks that you can use if your dog refuses to drink water from its bowl.

Baking soda has already been mentioned.

It might make the water more appealing if you serve them ice cubes or crushed ice.

If all else fails inject the water directly into your dogs mouth using a syringe.

4. Marrowbone broth

The broth is made by simmering marrow bones for hours in a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar. 

Vitamins and minerals are abundant in them.

How does it work?

There is some evidence that the amino acids in the broth can ease digestive issues and that the gelatin can heal leaky guts. 

How should it be served? 

Donot let your dog drink more than 12 cups at a time. You can also freeze it and give it to your dog as an ice cube. 

Potential dangers

Donot overload your dogs system by giving it too much at once; only give it in small amounts every two hours.

Additionally you can dilute it with more water. 

5. Grass

Many dog lovers believe that grass is your dogs first choice when it comes to trying to settle an upset stomach.

Dogs eat grass for a number of reasons but the true reason is still unknown. 

Among the few studies that have been conducted less than 25% of dogs eat grass vomit after eating it. 

How does it work?

It is believed that dogs eat grass because it is a great source of fiber which helps digestion. 

How should it be served? 

Did you ever try stopping your dog from munching on it when they are hell-bent on it?

Potential dangers

Dogs may accidentally eat snails and slugs that may contain certain types of worms if they eat grass or if it has fertilizer or pesticide on it. 

6. Sweet Potato or Pumpkin

I use this remedy instead of baking soda whenever I have an upset stomach.

My dogs have been using it for years.

It might have been caused by a bad reaction my dog had to boiled rice.

In less than 24 hours it will cure an upset stomach.

My dogs poop turns orange for a day after eating sweet potatoes!

How does it work?

Diarrhea can be alleviated by its gentle soluble fibers which promote good bacteria in the stomach. 

When a dog has a dodgy stomach they lose a lot of electrolytes which are desperately needed. 

How should it be served? 

Potatoes do not need to be peeled. After cutting it into small pieces (about 1- 2 cm) I steam it for 10 minutes.

Whenever my dogs have diarrhea I normally give them a serving of sweet potato (and nothing else) and from then on I add a handful of them to their raw food until they are well. 

Potential dangers

There are none that I am aware of. 

7. Boiled white rice 

Regardless of your age boiled white rice is the most popular dog food to ease your dogs upset stomach. 

If I asked my mother-in-law or stepdaughter for a cure for dog diarrhea both of them would mention boiled rice. 

How does it work?

Diarrhea can be treated with rice water.

Because it has high water content and hardly any fiber dogs can digest it easily. 

How should it be served? 

Rice should be boiled for 15 minutes and then strained. 

Drink a cupful of water every few hours for your dog. 

Potential dangers

As long as its cooked and stored properly rice is completely safe. 

Additionally it cannot be substituted for brown rice since it is more difficult to digest.  

8. Shredded chicken.

Boiling rice and chicken soothe upset stomachs as Batman and Robin do for villains!

How does it work?

This is due to the fact that chicken is bland and has no taste and it has a high protein content to ease stomach contents. 

How should it be served?

Cook a couple of chicken breasts in a saucepan.

Add enough water to cover the breasts by about a centimeter.

The water should be boiled and simmered for 20 minutes. 

Potential dangers

If you want to be on the safe side make sure the chicken is thoroughly cooked.

Pink should not be present in any part of it. 

9. Plain or natural yogurt

Natural yogurt is my favorite and I normally keep a pot in the fridge so I can add it to my porridge for breakfast.

I use this when one of my dogs is “off-color” and I do not have any sweet potatoes on hand.

How does it work?

Acidophilus is a powerful active ingredient in many types of plain and natural yogurt.

This is a good bacteria that balance out bad bacteria when it is ingested. 

How should it be served? 

Several tablespoons of this should be given to your dog every couple of hours. 

Maybe your dog will lick it straight off the spoon if you’re lucky. 

Alternatively you can cook your rice with it.

Potential dangers

I find this interesting.

You will also find other probiotics in your yogurt if it contains acidophilus.

The combined effect of all of these probiotics may be too much for a delicate stomach according to some people. 


Can I give baking soda to my dog if he has an upset stomach in answer to your question? Absolutely.

In addition to these remedies there are many other home remedies that are known to help heal your dog. 

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