Bark Buster Prices Is The Training Value For Money

Bark Buster Prices – Is The Training Value For Money?

Last Updated: August 20, 2023
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It is crucial that you train your dog properly, and if you aren't an expert, you should hire a professional. It's no secret that Bark Busters is popular, but you should take a closer look at how they work before you hire them. Their prices should not be a reason to hire them. Despite charging more, other training companies are not the cheapest.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Bark Buster Pricing – Is The Training Value For Money?“.

You take on a great deal of responsibility when you get a dog. Its your responsibility to take care of that little furball for the rest of his life and if you want it to be a happy life you must start training him at a young age. 

Bark Buster Prices Is The Training Value For Money

Bark Busters must be familiar to Americans and Brits because their fancy vans appear everywhere and they get a lot of attention.

As a first-time dog owner Bark Busters seems like a good choice to help you educate your new pet. But is it?

The purpose of this article is to examine why good early training is important and the famous Bark Busters method their prices and their success rate.

Why is Dog Training so Important?

You should begin training your dog as soon as possible preferably before the 20-week mark.

Puppy brain development begins at this age and the things he learns will last a lifetime.

But that does not mean a dog can not be trained beyond this age. Its totally possible just more challenging.

The importance of proper training might be a mystery to some new pet parents. Donot you think its enough to love and take care of your dog? We are talking about ‘good care’ here and training is an integral part of that.

Toddlers are no different. Teaching a kid how to behave what things are allowed and what are not is not just about love.

Being selfish in wanting a dog who is well-behaved and obedient is not a good thing. You are not doing it for your own comfort or not only for your own comfort but also for the dogs benefit.

Imagine you have a dog who barks and howls half of the night. 

Your neighbors as well as you will be driven crazy by it. 

Its not good for anyone including the dog. 

You are going to be in a lot of trouble tempted to punish the dog and if that does not work you could consider giving him up. 

A dogs bad behavior is one of the main reasons people abandon it.

Misbehaving dogs are not to blame if they werenot taught how to behave in the first place. 

In the United States less than 5% of all dogs receive some type of formal training.

Many people try training methods on their own but unless you are very good at it it might not be enough.

Theres more to it than barking. 

There is a need to teach dogs how to walk on the street and how to react in different situations such as not eating anything they come across on their walk or interacting with strangers.

What are the main reasons for dogs being disobedient?

The problem of obedience is one of the most common complaints dog owners have.

Genetics might play a role in this type of behavior but the main reason for dogs’ disobedience is that they were never properly trained. 

Your dog can be taught basic commands like Sit or Leave it but you may be shocked to find out they only obey you when it suits them. 

Basically they do not know anything.

When dogs are bored they can become disobedient and destructive. Misbehaving dogs are frustrated when they do not receive enough mental or physical stimulation. 

Take that as an appeal for help and take action to make him feel better.

It is important that you spend some time with the parents before taking a puppy home since aggression may be an inborn trait. 

The majority of behavioral problems in dogs are caused by a lack of proper training. Furthermore spoiled dogs who are always treated like people will tend to be more aggressive. Thus you need to find your pet a good trainer.

Who are Bark Busters?

It was founded in 1989 by two dog trainers in Australia Sylvia and Danny Wilson. 

They both worked for the RSPCA in New South Wales for many years and had similar perspectives on dog training methods.

At present the company is a franchise operating in seven countries including the United States the United Kingdom Canada New Zealand Japan and Spain.

It claims to have trained more than 1 million dogs worldwide which is quite impressive. They have trainers in every state in the United States.

On their website you can locate a trainer if you’d like to contact them.

How do they help dog owners?

Dog owners can arrange one-on-one training with Bark Busters trainers who usually come to their homes. 

According to them most behavioral problems start at home and they are probably right. 

Bark Busters does not accept dogs from other dog training companies as pupils because they believe that socializing with other pets can be disruptive and the dog would not pay attention to the trainer.

Quite a few pet owners are baffled or even horrified by Bark Busters’ teaching methods because it is convenient for them to have a trainer come to their home.

A key aspect of the Bark Busters method is that your pet needs to know whos the alpha dog in your house.

 This would be you and the dog must obey you at all times. 

They state that wolves live in packs and dogs cower in front of the alpha male because wolves live in packs. 

The dog is made to cower in front of its owner by their training method.

People are worried about the training and the tricks used to induce fear in a dog to say the least.

A favorite trick of theirs is to throw a sack containing a heavy rattling chain right next to the dog when it is misbehaving in order to scare him. 

Obviously small dogs may be frightened by such displays of violence while others may view the trainer as a lunatic.

With Bark Busters positive reinforcement is out of the question. 

Please do not suggest that you will reward your pet with a small treat every time he does something right. 

A pat on the head and saying ‘good dog’ are also prohibited.

People in the dog training industry believe that Bark Busters use fear mainly to train dogs into submission. 

Many consider the Bark Busters method to be both outdated and potentially dangerous since the alpha dog dominance theory was debunked decades ago. 

When you use fear to control a dog you might end up with a more aggressive animal which you definitely do not want.

What are Bark Busters prices? How much does Bark Busters Cost?

Training sessions vary in price depending on your location and the trainers available but most people agree that they are fairly expensive.

The price can go up to $600 per session for a 2-3 hour session. You might get a quote for $300 for a 2-3 hour session.

It is also possible to purchase packages like a lifetime support package for around $900. 

Although it might seem like a good idea to have someone to call any time you have an issue with your dog most people never do. In most cases you will contact them only a few times but if you are having problems your calls will not be repeated so it really isnot a big deal.

Does Bark Buster training work?

Thousands of excellent reviews can be found on Bark Busters’ homepage. 

99% of customers are satisfied with the companys services according to the company.

Regardless if you search various forums a completely different picture emerges. 

They resign themselves to having wasted a few hundred dollars listening to the trainer speak during the session shaking their heads quietly.

In addition many believe that one session isnot enough not to mention that no dog is capable of paying attention to a stranger for 2 or 3 hours. 

In addition many pet owners do not want to use the Bark Busters trainers training methods. 

How would you go about scaring your dog if you threw things at him?

While most pet owners want a well-behaved dog few would be happy to have a trained robot under the table when the alpha dog walks in.

Who are Bark Busters competitors?

The average cost of a dog training class in the United States is around $50. 

Dog trainers charge anywhere from $30 to $80 for group sessions and thats just for one session. 

You’ll probably need several classes for your dog to be trained so you should budget about $500.

An obedience training session lasts between 45 and 60 minutes and costs between $45 and $120.

The Canine Company for example aims to make training fun for dogs just as Bark Busters does. 

A single session costs $149 and nine sessions cost $999.

The Off-Leash K9 training program also offers one-on-one sessions for $100.

Do Bark Busters offer a refund? Bark Busters Refund Policy

No not at all. Some clients who are dissatisfied with the results of their Bark Buster training sessions report that it is nearly impossible to get their money back.

A dog owner can get lifelong assistance with any problems they may have with their pet.

Basically what they say is that if the dog continues to bark bite etc. they will come back for a second session and another… until you give up.

Furthermore if you decide to give the dog to someone else Bark Busters support can be transferred to the new owner for an additional $300. 

Similarly if the dog has behavioral issues you should not mention them to the new owner or Bark Busters. 

We can only hope that the new owner will develop a training method that actually works.


The training of your dog is crucial and if you are not an expert you should hire a professional. 

A lot of people have heard about Bark Busters but you should look at their methods before hiring them. You should not hire them because of their prices. 

Other training companies may charge more but they’re not the cheapest.

Additionally you might want to look for an independent trainer in your area. 

Find out if other dog owners can recommend someone who loves animals and does not use fear to train a dog to obey. 

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