Are Maltipoos Aggressive

Are Maltipoos Aggressive?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
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There is nothing cuter or more friendly than a Maltipoo. In addition to being a comfortable breed to train, it is also extremely clean and sleek. Being consistent can help you mold your behavior and character according to your preferences. This allows you to control its aggressive behavior, excessive barking, inconsistent behavior, etc. Improper training, however, can also lead to increased aggression and less obedience in your pet.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Are Maltipoos Aggressive?“.

There is nothing cuter or more friendly than a Maltipoo. In addition to being a comfortable breed to train it is also extremely clean and sleek. Being consistent can help you mold your behavior and character according to your preferences. This allows you to control its aggressive behavior excessive barking inconsistent behavior etc. Improper training however can also lead to increased aggression and less obedience in your pet.

Are Maltipoos Aggressive

Among the many problems Maltipoo owners face aggressive behavior is the most complex. It is important to note however that Maltipoos can be aggressive for a variety of reasons. You can learn a lot more about Maltipoos’ aggressive behavior and how to train them by reading on.

Why Is A Maltipoo Aggressive?

Maltipoos are friendly creatures known for their humble nature. It is not uncommon for them to overreact and go overboard. This behavior can be attributed to a variety of reasons. There is usually more than one reason behind it. In order of importance they are as follows:

Teething Becomes Difficult:

There can be immense pain and itching associated with teething. It is very irritating and painful for little dogs to go through this process. In addition to growling hysterically the puppy may also develop an urge to chew everything in sight. You should give your Maltipoo more attention and care at this stage. In case of worsening symptoms contact your veterinarian

Health Issue:

It is not uncommon for a Maltipoo to react violently and growl when someone immediately touches him. There may be some injury causing the reaction that is not immediately apparent. When their health is compromised dogs often feel vulnerable and ready to attack. Ensure that your Maltipoo is free of any infection by checking every aspect of his or her body. Do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian and have a complete body examination performed even if there is no apparent injury. Even if he has recently completed a medical study you should still visit a veterinarian.

Improper Hierarchy:

The aggressive behavior of your Maltipoo stems from this issue. When combined with other factors it always aggravates them. A high level of sensationalism and confrontation is evident in Maltipoo when it is in this condition. It is evident in all of his habitual behaviors that these changes have taken place. Taking away his toy or even providing him with the necessary daily care will cause a Maltipoo to growl. As a result of the aggressive behavior in conjunction with the teething pain the Maltipoo will become uncontrollable.

An Uncontrolled Play:

The aggression of Maltipoo can be triggered by any type of play that becomes overexcited or violent. Moreover some fun things you consider may be tiring for your Maltipoo. Therefore he resists by showing a quick reaction in the form of growling.

Signs of Aggression

The symptoms of aggression can differ from Maltipoo to Maltipoo. The most common symptoms are however as follows:


It usually occurs when the dog is frightened by a moving object another larger dog a fellow Maltipoo a vehicle or even an unknown person. Moreover suppose you try to change the food water or bowel habits of Maltipoo or stop them completely. Severe aggression can also result in that case.


When the Maltipoo thinks that it is the last option this is the most aggressive reaction. It is very rare for Maltipoos to be aggressive. Nevertheless this reaction can be observed when he is injured vulnerable or feels threatened.


There is a quick snapping of both jaws. A bite pose on the other hand is a lighter reaction than biting. There is no jaw lock for example when teeth touch the skin but no teeth come in contact with the skin. It is imperative that you stop what you are doing right now in order to avoid being punched.

Does Not Follow You:

A pups disobedience and out-of-control behavior are also signs of aggression. You cannot get the puppy to listen to you so he will try to leave the house premises in some way. It is also possible for him to reject the food and toy that you give him.

How To Manage Aggressive Behavior?

The symptom of aggressive behavior can be managed at home if it does not reach the point of biting. You should only attempt treatment if you are confident and do not have children or the elderly at home. Your veterinarian should be contacted immediately if noncompliance occurs.

Look For The Teething Issue:

Check to see if your Maltipoo has teething problems. Provide him with relief from the intense sensations and pain he is experiencing. The recent urge to chew everything as well as the itch should also be resolved. You can help your puppy feel normal by providing him with comfort. If the pain is unbearable consult your veterinarian for an assessment and a prescription of analgesics. In order to keep your little friend calm and composed at this stage you must address the symptoms he is experiencing. If not the reaction may worsen or even the Maltipoo could suffer serious injuries.

Proper Hierarchy Should Be Addressed:

Despite the fact that dogs always work in a hierarchy there is still a king in the den and all dogs are on an equal footing. There is only one powerful person in the world: the king. It does not matter how good the food is how comfortable the shelter is or how much love you give the Maltipoo he would not know how much you care for him. It is your responsibility to instill the role of master in him. His rebellion will begin whenever he believes you are an incompetent alpha. We know you love your pup very much but you need to make it clear who is the real master at making him behave.

Look into the surrounding:

You should look around your pups environment for anything that frightens him. It is not uncommon for Maltipoos to be uncomfortable with certain toys. In addition new family members can also affect their behavior. To calm him down address the issue appropriately and remove whatever is causing the reaction.

How To Stop a Maltipoo From Being aggressive?

By themselves these remedies may not seem that powerful or impressive. Unfortunately Maltipoos are no different from any other dog in understanding ‘canine’. 

By directly improving aspects as seen by your dog these methods work. 

#1 Resolve any teething issues

Maltipoo puppies that are teething will need your help to cope with what may be very intense oral sensations.

There will need to be solutions for extreme itching pain and chewing urges. If not you’ll be fighting an uphill battle and a puppy thats feeling these things can not be expected to remain calm. 

There is a newly updated article about how to help your teething Maltipoo. Having the right teething toys and react appropriately to teething behavior are the most important components of this. 

#2 Instill Proper Hierarchy

In spite of health issues including neurological issues most disrespectful behavior can be attributed to a dog not understanding hierarchy. The same is true regardless of whether a Maltipoo is teething hates his leash or any other factor. 

The first step you should take is to resolve teething issues if you have a puppy (previous step #1). 

How dogs see the world: 

Regardless of breed or size every dog sees the immediate world the same way:

There is a pack (all household members both human and animal) living within the den (household). There is a leader (The Alpha; this should be you) and all those under the Alpha are called Betas (those who respect and listen to the Alpha). 

How things are seen when proper hierarchy is in place:

There is complete loyalty and respect when you are seen as the true Alpha. 

It would be impossible for your Maltipoo to growl at you. It would be impossible for him to bite you. In such a case all dog instincts would be violated. A dog would not even think about these things. 

What went wrong for a Maltipoo to be aggressive:

The Maltipoo breed is known for its laid-back nature. The rules of the hierarchy are not questioned or challenged by them as they are playful but mellow. Generally Maltipoos will ‘roll with it and let things be even if their human isnot showing any leadership skills.

It is important to keep in mind however that some dogs are not comfortable with weak leadership. Males and females both exhibit this kind of instinctual dominance; however it is more prevalent in males. 

When someone more assertive isnot taking charge they see weak leadership as a signal to take over. 

The dog can become aggressive if he believes he is the leader or thinks that his leader is weak and there could be a change of command. 

Every day the king (or queen) of the castle regulates what is done to him which belongings can be touched whether or not he wants to interact with his ‘pack’ at any particular time and everything else.

Furthermore if your Maltipoo was pretty calm before and is now becoming aggressive it may be due to reaching an age and maturity level when it feels more confident in vying for the Alpha role. 

An owner may do this inadvertently by taking actions that suggest leadership is waning. 

In many cases an owner never even considers making it clear that he/she is in charge. The dog was bought or adopted by them. Their Maltipoos receive top-notch food as part of their hard-earned money. Toys grooming products and all kinds of other things are bought by them. They treat their dog as if it were their child. 

There are however human elements involved here. These things are beyond the comprehension of a Maltipoo. 

It is important to assert the Alpha role when a Maltipoo shows dominant tendencies or acts aggressively.  


There is nothing cuter than a Maltipoo. There are times however when they may react in an extreme manner to some conditions or things. It is not a good idea to ignore your Maltipoo if it is constantly growling nipping or trying to bite. Ensure that his issue is addressed correctly. Do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian if you are unable to figure it out. The following are the primary symptoms and management strategies you can use to address the recent behavior of your Maltipoo. To achieve better results follow their instructions precisely. If you have any cold methods for calming Maltipoos’ aggression please share them with us.

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