AKC vs ACA Which Organisation is Top Dog

AKC vs ACA Which Organization is Top Dog?

Last Updated: August 20, 2023
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There is no doubt that AKC is a more reputable registry than ACA, without any form of bias. Due to this, their services are undoubtedly more expensive than their imitators. I might as well mention that AKC is the acronym for the American Kennel Club, which is the oldest dog registry in the country.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “AKC vs ACA Which Organization is Top Dog?“.

So many people around the world are interested in buying purebred dogs. Usually purebred dogs are preferred over mutts because their characteristics size and well-being are more predictable. 

AKC vs ACA Which Organisation is Top Dog

Breeders carefully select their parents based on their desired characteristics that will be passed on to their puppies. 

Dog owners can record their pups’ pedigree status with the AKC and ACA two US organizations at the top of the dog registry game. 

In America these two dog registries are the most prominent despite not being the only ones in the world. 

There are however some similarities and differences between these organizations that people need to be aware of before registering their pooch. 

Before you decide where to register your dog you should consider the pros and cons of both before making any decisions. 

What Is The AKC?

Registries of purebred dogs in the US are maintained by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Their non-profit registry recognizes around 190 breeds and is the oldest in the world founded in 1884. 

AKC organizes over 22000 dog shows and events every year including the National Dog Show. It is based primarily in New York. 

Additionally it funds significant genetic and health research for diseases like cancer and epilepsy. 

What Is The ACA?

On the other hand the American Canine Association is based in Clermont Florida and has been around since 1984. 

In addition to hosting events for purebred dogs the ACA is primarily concerned with veterinary health and genetics tracking. 

In addition the company offers a free ‘Lost and Found Pet Tag’ service worldwide. 

Hence if you’re interested in keeping track of your dogs ongoing genetics you may be more interested in the ACAs work. 

What are the Similarities between AKC and ACA? 

First of all both of these organizations are concerned with maintaining pedigree integrity and are concerned about purebred dogs’ genetics. 

Many dog owners and breeders believe that registering their dog with either organization will automatically elevate the dogs status above those of unregistered dogs. 

Second both face the same difficulties because genetic testing does not guarantee perfection. 

You can even get serious health problems in purebred puppies! Despite their cute looks pugs have severe breathing problems and are susceptible to a variety of eye conditions.

What are the Differences between ACA and AKC?

However they do have some differences despite their similar goals. The AKC is one of the oldest dog registries in the United States. 

Because of this it is a more reputable and widely trusted registry than the ACA. Additionally the AKC has stricter regulations and higher standards for owners to follow to prove their dogs are pedigrees.

You must prove the purebred heritage of both parents who must be of the same breed. 

In some cases DNA testing may be necessary before a dog can be classified as purebred. As a result the ACA has lower standards of what qualifies as pedigree thus allowing mixed breeds to be registered as purebreds. 

The cost of registering varies as well. 

It costs $19 to register for the ACA but $37.99 to register for the AKC. The ACA also provides free collar tags that come with a free lost and found service. 

As a result if someone finds an ACA pup their owners can be easily traced and contacted. 

The AKC also provides resources to owners on how to care for their pups and how to find ethical breeders. 

In contrast there is little information about breed standards available from the ACA. 

Do The Two Organizations Use The Same Health Checks For Breeding Dogs?

There is also a difference in the type of health checks used by both organizations. 

Health testing originating with a “parent club” is required before AKC suggests breeding. 

Breed clubs are nationwide AKC-recognized organizations. 

Depending on the breed or type of dog you’re breeding or buying and their genetic vulnerability to certain illnesses these health checks may differ. 

An examination of the hips elbows and heart is necessary for Bloodhounds. 

A Boxer on the other hand requires eight genetic tests. 

In addition to those previously mentioned there are also thyroid evaluations and DNA tests for degenerative myelopathy. 

Puppies are less likely to inherit genetic issues from their parents in this way. 

ACA does not require health checks before breeding but they do track genetic health throughout your dogs lifetime. 

Breeders are informed of positive and negative genetic health issues through this process. 

In this way we can keep track of any ongoing issues with certain dogs and broaden our knowledge of many breeds. 

As part of the registration process you must attach a three-generation certificate of pedigree along with your pets existing registration. 

Registration with the ACA is not possible if you do not have any of these. For your dogs three-generation pedigree you will have to pay $15. 

However the AKC will not register a litter if neither parent is registered with the AKC but the ACA will. 

ACA Registration vs AKC?

The AKC is generally considered to be a more trusted and widely recognized registry. 

Thus a dog registered with AKC is better than a dog registered with ACA. 

Breeders must adhere to more stringent standards to ensure each breeds integrity. 

Your dog has a lower risk of developing health problems and temperament problems because of this. 

Either organization can guarantee that your dog has been bred by a responsible breeder but neither provides a full guarantee. 

Both organizations require yearly inspections of breeding facilities and veterinarians at breeding kennels but both encounter issues with puppy mills.

There is a huge problem with puppy farming around the world. 

In mills and farms tens of thousands of dogs are killed every year due to unsanitary conditions. 

Therefore you should always buy from a reputable breeder if you can. 

An even better option would be to buy a dog from a rescue organization rather than a pet store. 

Can You Breed An AKC Dog With An ACA Dog?

You can technically breed an AKC dog with an ACA dog. 

Nonetheless this affects how pups will be registered in the future. 

If both of the parents of the dog are not registered with the AKC the dog will not be considered purebred. 

The AKC would not let you register a dog that is bred from an AKC and an ACA.

Conversely the ACA allows you to dual register your dogs with the AKC. 

AKC dogs can only be registered with the ACA when they are bred with ACA dogs. 

You should consider this before breeding dogs from two different registries. 

In addition to changing the number of puppies that can be sold mixing registrations can affect the genetic makeup of the puppies (AKC dogs are more sought after if you want pedigrees). 

Which Breeds Of Dogs Do The AKC Recognize That The ACA Doesn’t?

There are now 195 breeds of dogs recognized by the AKC. 

Nevertheless this represents just over half of the 350 dog breeds recognized around the world. 

ACA on the other hand does not recognize Boerboel and Pumi breeds. 

People are much more involved in this than dogs. 

Dogs with an official parent club in the United States can be recognized by the AKC as stewards of a specific breed. 

Therefore there are a number of unrecognized dog types that exist. 

For each rare dog to become an AKC breed there have to be at least 150 of them in the US. 

It is impossible to form a national parent club otherwise. 

Additionally the dogs must have existed in the US for at least 40 years. 

The AKC follows strict criteria that breeders and parent clubs must adhere to.

Which Breeds Of Dogs Do The ACA Recognize That The AKC Doesn’t?

Compared to the AKC the ACA recognizes many more dog breeds. 

For example it recognizes the breeds Fiest Mundi Dingo Heeler and Klee Kai. 

Because of this many people believe the ACA has lower standards than the AKC. 

As a result the ACA has come under criticism for allowing anyone to register any dog. 

Before you decide to register your puppy or breed your own litter its important to know the realities of AKC and ACA. You should also speak to a veterinarian about the matter. 

It is highly likely that certain breeds will develop genetic issues whether they are purebred or not. 

Therefore its best to know these risks before you buy a dog. What dog registries have you used and what is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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