Do Puppies Need Milk After 8 Weeks

Do Puppies Need Milk After 8 Weeks?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
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The majority of new puppy owners believe that they should still be drinking milk at this age to keep them healthy.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Do Puppies Need Milk After 8 Weeks?“.

Puppies are usually brought home by their owners when they are eight weeks old and for good reason. It is at the age of eight weeks that puppies are completely weaned from their mothers’ milk.

Do Puppies Need Milk After 8 Weeks

You’ll notice however that 8-week-old puppies are still very small and very cuddly even when they come from large breeds. 

Most new owners get confused about what to feed their pups at that age since they seem so young at that age. Lets examine what puppies eight weeks old should be eating and drinking as well as what we can expect when we bring them home.

Why is 8 weeks an important time in a puppy’s life?

Puppy puppies reach an important milestone at eight weeks of age. During that time they’ll have finished weaning from their mother (it starts anytime between three to six weeks) and they’ll also have all of their baby teeth and might even start to grow some adult ones. 

Puppy pups are also at their most impressionable during this period. The imprinting stage is that time in a dogs life when he or she hasnot developed habits yet and can be trained easily and socialized with other animals and people. They are very sensitive to their environment and their experiences at this point because they are soaking up all of the behaviors and impressions that they encounter.

What should an 8-week old puppy be drinking?

Eight weeks old your puppy is in that crucial in-between stage in which they’re growing out of being a puppy but are still learning how to be a dog. The training and socialization of your puppy are very important but their nutrition and health are also very important. The majority of new puppy owners believe that they should still be drinking milk at this age to keep them healthy but is this really a good idea?

Although your puppy still looks like a baby with its cute tummy he or she has already been weaned at eight weeks of age. Therefore they are no longer dependent on their mothers milk. When puppies (or even dogs) drink cows milk they usually get diarrhea or at least a tummy ache.

You should only give your puppy fresh water at this age. 

If you want to give milk to a puppy as a treat what types of milk can a dog drink?

Its best to use plain yogurt evaporated milk or goats milk as a treat for your new puppy to mimic their mothers milk. Unlike regular full-fat cows milk this would not irritate your puppys stomach in the same way.

Even just the yogurt will be a fun and healthy treat for your pup if you mix it with either evaporated milk or goats milk. Make sure it isnot sweetened with artificial or natural sweeteners. 

Do not give your dog treats more than 10% of their total diet when giving them treats. Puppies should still receive the majority of their nutritional needs from their puppy food which is specifically designed to meet these needs.

Why is giving an 8-week old puppy milk a bad idea?

The stomach of an eight-week-old puppy is extremely sensitive so milk specifically full-fat cows milk can be very bad for them. The adverse effects of feeding your puppy cows milk can be severe such as diarrhea and vomiting. 

As a result of the high fat and natural sugar content of cows milk it can irritate a dogs stomach especially a puppys stomach. Since your puppy is growing up and developing he is not as strong as an adult dog so if he gets diarrhea or experiences severe vomiting he may not recover as quickly. 

Keeping your puppy hydrated with freshwater is highly recommended. If you feed your eight-week-old puppy high-quality puppy food then he is already getting all the vitamins minerals and nutrients that he needs. 

What should an 8-week old puppy be eating?

What should your puppy eat after she is weaned from her mothers milk at eight weeks old? Your puppy should only require high-quality puppy food to stay healthy whether it is wet or dry. Choosing puppy food that can provide your new puppy with all the nutrition he needs to grow strong bones teeth and muscles is very important. What type of puppy food is right for your puppy?

A good place to start when choosing puppy food is to ask the breeder or shelter where you got your puppy. Most puppies eat puppy food since they are four weeks old to help them transition to a solid food diet. Theres also a good chance that they gave you a pound of puppy food when you brought your pup home so buying more should be simple.

If however you do not know what your pup was eating (and somehow cannot find out) or if you feel that it isnot meeting all of their nutritional needs then you can seek out a high quality puppy food. 

If you want to choose the right food for your puppy make sure it has a higher caloric content than regular dog food – a puppy needs a lot of energy because hes growing so fast at this age. When you feed your puppy adult dog food you are denying him the essential nutrients and proteins he needs in order to grow and develop properly. 

Do you have questions? Donot hesitate to reach out to your friendly neighborhood vet. In general they know the best quality brands and might even recommend a couple of great pet stores in the area.

What treats can you give an 8-week old puppy (instead of milk)?

Since you’re weaning your puppy from milk and introducing him to a solid diet the best treats at this stage should be solid and chewy enough to let your dog eat them without choking. 

There are many brands that offer treats specially formulated for puppies. These are excellent choices because your new pup can rest assured that they are safe for him to eat plus they are nutritious. 

Dogs are often given human food as treats but there are quite a few foods that are unexpectedly toxic to them. Despite the fact that everyone knows chocolate is bad for our pets few know that onion garlic chives and even raisins are also poisonous. Additionally since your puppys stomach is likely still sensitive you should stick to treats that have been proven safe.

How often will an 8-week old puppy need to wee and poop?

During the first eight weeks of a puppys life they can hold their pee for up to three hours which means you need to let them out every three hours. The length of time a puppy can hold their pee can be calculated by taking their age in months plus 1 so an eight-week-old puppy is 2 months plus 1 equals 3 (hours). 

Generally puppies will poop 30 minutes after they eat. In addition they tend to poop as soon as they wake up so its best to let them out first thing in the morning. Puppy poop can occur as often as three to four times a day since they eat so much at that age.


Congratulations if you’re an eight-week-old puppy parent! It is at the eight-week mark when puppies can be weaned from their mothers and are introduced to solid puppy food. Eight weeks is also the stage where puppies are most impressionable and trainable making it a huge milestone for them.

Donot worry puppies are tougher than they seem. When it comes to puppies at this age make sure they have access to fresh water and high-quality puppy food. Give them lots of cuddles and socialize with them. As a new pup parent you’re already doing a great job!

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