My Dog Ate A Mushroom And Is Throwing Up

My Dog Ate A Mushroom And Is Throwing Up

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
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Did you know there are over fourteen thousand different kinds of mushrooms? It is true that a small percentage of these are poisonous to dogs. So When you are out and about with your dog, and you see them eat a mushroom and throw up, call your vet right away. A quick response could mean the difference between life and death for your dog.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “My Dog Ate A Mushroom And Is Throwing Up“.

If you just saw your dog eat a mushroom and then vomit then you need to act right away.

My Dog Ate A Mushroom And Is Throwing Up

Even if you just gave your dog a bite of your mushroom pizza and then saw them vomit your dog will probably be fine.

They werenot fond of the mushroom but the body dealt with it by throwing up.

It is important to contact your vet as soon as possible if all this happened while you were out walking.

The trouble with eating wild mushrooms is that your dog will get sick.

If they eat a mushroom they might throw up moments later or they might throw up hours after eating the mushroom.

It is possible for dogs to eat a mushroom without throwing up at all. 

Because mushrooms are so poisonous and toxic you should call your vet as soon as possible regardless of the symptoms your dog may be experiencing. 

Are mushrooms poisonous to dogs?

Did you know there are over fourteen thousand different kinds of mushrooms?

It is true that a small percentage of these are poisonous to dogs but they are unlikely to become ill or die from eating them.

Only a few species of mushrooms are poisonous enough to cause death.

While it is impossible to put an exact number on the number of types of mushrooms that are deadly to humans this website estimates that there are about thirty types. 

Our dogs are not poisoned by the mushrooms we buy from supermarkets.

Since it is so soft I doubt your dog will view this as appetizing but a bite of mushroom pizza or a lick of mushroom soup would not hurt.

Are wild mushrooms dangerous to dogs?

In terms of mushrooms your dog is more likely to encounter them on walks or even in the back garden.

It is here that you will find those thirty or so fatal mushroom species. 

How come dogs eat mushrooms?

The reason why a dog might eat a mushroom while out on a walk is unclear.

When dogs are out and about they are stimulated by both sounds and smells around them.

The smell of many mushrooms is distinctive as well.

A toxic mushroom (a death cap for example) has a strong smell that is similar to cleaning fluid.

Some dogs might find that smell interesting though it sounds strange.

You might not understand why your dog ate a certain mushroom at other times.

There was just a moment in time when they felt like exploring the world by eating something!

They do the same thing when they eat grass. 

What do toxic mushrooms look like?

That would be as simple as showing you a list of the 10 most poisonous mushrooms!

Sadly some of the most toxic mushrooms look remarkably similar to mushrooms that are perfectly safe to feed your dog. 

It is best to treat all mushrooms the same way and to prevent your dog from eating any wild mushrooms. 

What are the symptoms of mushroom poisoning in a dog?

Dogs with mushroom poisoning experience a long list of symptoms.

A dogs body is attacked in different ways by different mushrooms.

There are four types of toxins found in poisonous mushrooms. 

I will examine just three of them; gastrointestinal hepatotoxic and nephrotoxic


Toxins affect the dogs digestive system and can lead to sickness and diarrhea. It is unlikely however that be killed by mushrooms with these toxins. 


Eating mushrooms with these toxins will kill your dog if eaten in sufficient quantities as their liver will stop functioning.

Jaundice and lethargy are among the symptoms. 


Those mushrooms that are nephrotoxic can be fatal for the kidneys. Diarrhea and vomiting are common symptoms. 

The confusing thing about these symptoms is that some would not appear for hours others will appear within minutes and others will appear and then disappear.

The only thing you need to do if you think that your dog has eaten a mushroom while on a walk is to contact your veterinarian and request an emergency appointment. 

It is possible for your dog to suffer invisible and irreversible damage despite appearing to be fine on the outside. 

How might a vet treat mushroom poisoning in a dog?

An outpatient appointment will be required for all cases of mushroom poisoning and many of them will result in the dog being hospitalized for further treatment.

Veterinarians will take samples of the dogs blood and urine and they may try to obtain a sample of the mushroom from its stomach.

Another option may be to give the patient activated charcoal which will absorb the toxins from the body or to give them lots of fluids to help flush them out.

What will a vet need from you?

You need to give the vet as much accurate information as possible just like any trip to the doctor.

It will be important to know when your dog ate the mushroom and when he vomited.

Does your dog exhibit any other symptoms?

You should try a mushroom sample if you can.

You can get a sample from your dogs vomit or from the place on the walk where your dog ate it. 

Your vet may also be able to help you with a good-quality photo if you can not get a physical sample of the mushroom.

How much toxic mushroom is enough to kill a dog?

The outcome depends on the size of the dog the type of mushroom they ate how much or how quickly they vomited the mushroom and how quickly you get them to the veterinarian. 

Nevertheless just because your dog does not immediately display any symptoms does not mean that they are fine.

You should act quickly if your dogs kidneys or liver are failing. 


When you are out and about with your dog and you see them eat a mushroom and throw up call your vet right away.

A quick response could mean the difference between life and death for your dog. 

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