How Many Eggs Can A Dog Eat In A Day

How Many Eggs Can A Dog Eat In A Day?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
correct answerThe Short Answer is:

For an adult consuming 2000 calories per day, I think 2 eggs per day is a reasonable amount.

The purpose of this article is to explain “How Many Eggs Can A Dog Eat In A Day?“.

As an example of eggs’ nutritional value I think of a scene in the movie Rocky when Rocky eats raw eggs to boost his training. 

How Many Eggs Can A Dog Eat In A Day

Americans consumed 404 eggs a year on average in 1945. 

In 1993 this number had plummeted to 229 eggs per person per year.

As the popularity of eggs has increased it is estimated that in 2019 the average American ate 290 eggs or .80 of an egg per day. 

What are the nutritional properties of an egg?

Is that why eggs are so nutrient-dense?

The following are present in every 100g of egg:

76 grams of water

13g (26%) protein

9.5g (12%) fat

0.7g (0%) carbohydrate

In case you’re wondering 100g of the egg is equal to two medium-sized eggs.

A serving of 13g of protein is also 26% of the daily recommended intake.

9.5 grams of fat is 12% of the recommended daily allowance.

0.7g of carbohydrate represents less than 1% of our recommended daily allowance.

Two of these eggs will provide an adult with 10% of the recommended daily vitamin D intake and 10% of the recommended daily iron intake.

The recommended daily allowances are based on the needs of an average man or woman who should consume 2000 calories daily. 

However how can we possibly use these figures to determine how many eggs our dog should eat per day?

Its true that we can not.

Nevertheless I will show you in the next section how you can make a reasonable guess.  

How many eggs can a dog eat in a day?

On the planet dogs are the most diverse group of mammals.

There are no other species with such a wide range of sizes and weights.

What is the maximum number of eggs that a dog can eat each day? Lets use three different breeds of dogs.

A small-sized breed a medium-sized breed and a large breed are my recommendations. 

As a guide I’m using the American Kennel Clubs most popular dog breeds of 2019.

Despite providing a lot of “nutrition” eggs do not constitute a complete meal.

Eggs cannot sustain men women or dogs because they do not provide all the nutrients they require. 

For an adult consuming 2000 calories per day I think 2 eggs per day is a reasonable amount.

Thus we can apply that measure to our dogs.

You can do this by using a free online dog calorie counter.

At the moment the one I am using is only one of many available online but I like it.

It combines thoroughness with ease of use for me. 

I used it to calculate that Sylvie my youngest Golden Retriever should consume around 1600 calories per day as you can see in the results below.

Eight pieces of information are needed to use the calorie calculator.

Here are their names:

[1] Name of dog

[2] Breed of dog

[3] Age of dog

[4] Is your dog fully grown

[5] Whether your dog has been neutered

[6] Weight of the dog

[7] Size and shape of your dog

[8] How much exercise do they get

Please do not be put off by any of my descriptions of the information. 

I promise it will take you less than a minute to provide the information. 

As per the calculator Sylvie should consume 1600 calories per day which equates to roughly 460g of high-quality kibble.

Her daily raw food intake is about 500 grams.

The calculator is extremely accurate!

Using this calorie estimate suggests that Sylvie could eat up to 1 large egg per day. 

My next example is a French Bulldog which according to the AKC website should weigh around 28 pounds and be exercised for less than an hour each day. 

The average French Bulldog should consume around 850 calories per day or about 250 grams. 

In terms of eggs a French Bulldog could consume one small egg per day safely.

Lets move on to a Great Dane. 

These dogs with an average weight of 130 pounds and a need for about two hours of exercise each day should consume about 2700 calories per day and 770 grams of kibble. 

It is safe for them to eat two medium-sized eggs per day. 

How many eggs should a 15 lb dog eat every day?

Another example is that many people are asking how many eggs they can feed a 15lb dog?

It is true that there are many breeds of dogs that weigh around 15 lbs. 

Bischon Frises American Hairless Terriers King Charles Spaniels Border Terriers and Dachshunds are just a few of the breeds we have!

With the same calorie calculator that I used above a 15 lb dog should consume about 530 calories a day or about a medium-sized egg every other day.

What did I do to figure that out? 

The average adult needs roughly 500 calories per day. 

A 15 lb dog can have one medium-sized egg every other day. An adult human can have about two medium-sized eggs per day. 

At what age can puppies eat eggs? 

I believe that the best time to start feeding your puppy eggs is around the four-month mark.

Around eight weeks of age puppies should be fully weaned.

Hopefully they will be in a good eating routine when they are four months old.

They will know their food very well and will eat it properly- not picking at it or eating too fast.

With this solid foundation you can start to make a few small changes such as adding eggs to your diet. 

Eggs will only make your puppy fussier if he is a picky eater.

You need to figure out why your puppy is such a picky eater. 

It might mean changing their kibble or wet food so speak with your veterinarian or a friend with a dog.

 It is best to get your puppy to eat their main food regularly before adding extras such as eggs. 

The best way to begin is to use a small amount of egg.

You can also scramble the eggs.

The stomach of a puppy will digest eggs easier if they are cooked. 

If your puppy is eating very well then you might want to introduce them to scrambled eggs a little earlier.

Dietary eggs are an essential part of a healthy diet!

In an earlier section of this article I provided nutrition information for eggs. 

The important thing to mention now that I did not tell you earlier is that this data includes calorie counts for each serving.

If you intend to feed eggs regularly to your dogs then you should take the “egg” calories into account.

As an example let me give you this. 

There are 130 calories in 100g of the egg. 

Around 1600 calories can be consumed by my dog Sylvie each day.

My suggestion was for her to consume about one large egg per day (about 60 – 70 grams). 

I would have to feed her less of her main food if I fed her eggs since this is equivalent to about 100 calories. 

Raw vs boiled vs scrambled vs fried egg

Raw eggs

Raw eggs may contain salmonella a potentially deadly parasite found in chickens.

Even though there is little data on dogs we know that eating raw eggs causes around 79000 Americans to get food poisoning from Salmonella- which kills thirty people. 

In America 95 million eggs are eaten every year so the chances of becoming ill are very slim but why take the risk?

It is important to store eggs in the refrigerator and consume them within a week of purchase. 

The yolks and whites should be cooked until they are firm. 

It takes around 10 minutes based on this site. 

If you have decided that it is probably best not to feed your dogs raw eggs hard boiling them will be the easiest method.

Hard-boiled eggs

The cleaning up process is very quick since you just have to heat water in a pan. You do not have to add any seasonings or fat too hard-boiling. 

Taking off the shell is the only faff!

Scrambled eggs

In the microwave you can easily make scrambled eggs.

Add some water instead of milk.

No seasoning either. 

While whisking the egg cook it in 30-second bursts and then “fork” through the egg between each burst. 

In about a minute two medium eggs should be ready.

Fried eggs

Is it necessary to explain why your dog should not eat fried eggs?

Can dogs eat eggshells?

Last but not least I want to talk about feeding your dog eggshells. 

You should only give them to your dog occasionally.

Donot feed them the eggshell every time your dog eats eggs as a regular part of their diet.

Putting a whole raw egg in their bowl may seem easier but it isnot healthy for them.

Salmonella and raw eggs have already been discussed.

The problem with eggshells is that they contain 40% calcium and half a shell might provide an adult human with their recommended daily intake.

What would that amount mean for most dogs? 

Overdosing would be dangerous!

Research has shown however that eating eggshells can ease joint pain in dogs with arthritis. 

Its also unhelpful for their poop when they eat too much calcium (whether from bones or eggshells).

Poop from my dogs turns white when they eat too many eggshells.

The same thing happened to my dogs after I fed them eggshells from a cake baking session.

It also makes the dogs pooping process physically more challenging.

It is almost the same as constipation.

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