Dog Ate Clorox Wipe

Dog Ate Clorox Wipe

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
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Dogs are highly toxic to all the chemicals in the wipes, so it’s not hard to figure out why. However, not in such minute quantities as are used in a single wipe. There are fewer than .04% active chemicals used in the product. Therefore, if your dog ate one wipe, he is highly unlikely to become poisoned.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Dog Ate Clorox Wipe“.

Following the outbreak of the pandemic two years ago everyone has become much more aware of how important it is to keep things hygienic.

Dog Ate Clorox Wipe

What better way is there to do this than with disinfectant wipes?

If we wipe a work surface a door handle or an object quickly we have instant peace of mind knowing that any bacteria or virus will be eliminated immediately.

However what happens when a dog discovers a used wipe on a table and decides to snack on it?

There is no question that these wipes are bad for germs but are they also dangerous for our dogs?

In order to answer this question I’d like to learn a little more about Clorox wipes. 

What is Clorox Wipes? 

The company Clorox began making bleach in 1913 a time when very few people had heard of it. 

Individual Clorox wipes promise to clean disinfect deodorize and remove allergens. They also promise to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

These wipes also leave a pleasant scent behind as they are available in two flavors (fresh scent and crisp lemon). 

What is interesting is that these wipes are bleach-free from a company that almost invented bleach. 

Is it safe to feed them to your dog? 

As a beginning to answering this somewhat strange question lets take a look at what the ingredients are in a wipe. 

What are the ingredients in a Clorox wipe?

In a Clorox wipe there are two major groups of ingredients. 

Firstly the cloth is impregnated with chemicals. 

Second there are the ingredients that make up the cloth. 

Clorox wipes contain four active ingredients. 

Ammonium chlorides and n-alkyls both have two types. 

The ingredients in this product are all chemicals which makes it a bit hard to describe but I will do my best. 

Since n-alkyls kill bacteria they are used. 

They are used as disinfectants since they contain ammonium chloride. 

Because polyester is a by-product of petroleum it is not biodegradable. 

Are the ingredients in Clorox wipes poisonous to dogs? 

Dogs are highly toxic to all the chemicals in the wipes so its not hard to figure out why. 

However not in such minute quantities as are used in a single wipe. 

There are fewer than .04% of active chemicals used in the product. 

Therefore if your dog ate one wipe he is highly unlikely to become poisoned. 

Its also good to know that neither polyester nor nylon is harmful to your dog. 

The wipes’ danger lies in the fact that they might cause a blockage in a dogs digestive system. 

As long as there is no blockage somewhere it would not be digested and will just show up a few days later in the dogs stool. 

What should I do if my dog swallows Clorox wipes?

In the event that your dog consumes a Clorox wipe you should keep your vets phone number close at hand and watch your dog like a hawk. 

Depending on how many wipes your dog has eaten and the size of your dog the danger your dog faces will be different. 

A dog that has eaten more than one wipe is at the greatest risk as well as small dogs. 

First you should be on the lookout for a wipe that has become stuck in your dogs throat. 

Are there any signs that your dog may be choking? 

How do I know if my dog is choking on a Clorox wipe? 

The signs of choking are well known to most of us since most of us have experienced it at least once. 

As a result of eating the wrong candy or swallowing a chicken bone or fruit pit. 

Among the classic symptoms of choking for dogs are gagging retching and horrible rasping noise.

Other symptoms to watch for in your dog include rubbing their face on the ground. 

Hopefully if any of these symptoms are seen they will only last a short time and the dog will spit out a wipe and look quite sorry for themselves. 

It is very important to act as soon as your dog exhibits signs of distress. 

Taking your dog to a vet right away is the most important thing you can do for him. 

Your dog may not show any signs of choking but the danger is not over yet. 

What are the signs of intestinal blockage? 

Your dog has dodged a bullet in terms of the wipe getting stuck in their throat but there are plenty of other places where a wipe could get stuck. 

The following section discusses the signs of a blockage in the intestines or bowel. 

Your dog may show signs of a blockage izn its digestive tract hours or even a few days after the incident. 

A blockage is evident in many ways. 

Symptoms of one of these conditions are very similar to those of other health problems in your dog. 

Therefore it is important to know for a fact whether your dog ate a Clorox wipe. 

An intestinal blockage is characterized by symptoms such as loss of appetite vomiting and straining to poop. 

As a result of all this heartache and stress another obvious question arises which I will answer in the next section.

Why might dogs eat Clorox wipes? 

Any respectable dog would not stoop so low as to eat a wipe.

It does not even qualify as food does it?

The wipe that the dog ate might have been covered in food or scented with food.

Even so eating a wipe seems desperate does not it?

This is the case.

I believe that this is a more common occurrence than we’d like to think. 

When dogs eat items that are not food they suffer from a medical condition.

Pica is the medical term for it.

It is unknown how common pica is in dogs and it can have a variety of causes.

Behavior is the leading cause of most dogs’ problems.

In other words they eat non-food items when they are bored or stressed. 

There are some dogs that do this due to an underlying medical condition such as malnutrition or liver disease. 

To treat pica you must identify what is causing it and then stop or treat this “trigger.” 

In the next section I want to look at a recent development in the world of wipes and whether this might be a blessing in disguise for any wipe-eating dog out there. 

Are Clorox compostable wipes less dangerous to dogs? 

Wipes are incredibly diverse but one of the biggest problems is that regular wipes do not rot or coalesce.

Once in use they must be immersed in a container which will eventually fill for thousands of years.

And at a time when most of us want to fit in with nature that does not make sense.

Add embedded wipes.

These wipes are different from traditional wipes because they are made from plant-based materials such as cotton or bamboo rather than a fabric made of polyester.

They can be fertilized and rotted.

I can not figure out what plant-based ingredients Clorox uses.

What good is a planet but what does it mean for our dogs that love to clean?

I’m not sure anything changed for the dogs.

Although dog bellies are very popular with acid I am not sure they can digest plant-based fabrics.

I mean a combined wipe can be ground in a normal wiping area but I can not think of much.

So is there such a thing as wiping an animal?

What are the most pet-friendly wipes? 

I have never seen pets wipe.

These are the features you use to clean your dogs such as cleaning a baby or toddler.

How funny is this?

However these drying methods are not compatible with pets as they are digested when eaten.

So if you are looking for a non-perishable rubber when your dog chooses food then you may be looking forward to going to the “old school”.

Also use kitchen towels and dish soap.

The kitchen towel is less likely to choke or cause your dog to snort because the dog may be molt as it passes through your system.

And most dish soap kills more than 99% of germs which means it can be used to remove all kinds of dirt and kill all germs and germs.

And as long as your dog does not eat the whole bottle the ingredients used in the dishwasher (in most cases) will not harm your dog.

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