Can Puppies Eat Eggs

Can Puppies Eat Eggs?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
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Your puppy can eat eggs, but there are a few things to consider. It is extremely vital that you do not overfeed puppies, since they absorb nutrients at a much higher rate than humans. To avoid salmonella contamination, you must also provide them with completely cooked eggs. Finally, you should avoid spices, oils, butter, and other additives. Instead, mix in some rice to give them the nutrients they need to grow big and strong.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Can Puppies Eat Eggs?“.

What are the effects of puppies eating eggs? I attempt to answer this in this article.

Can Puppies Eat Eggs

Since eggs are a staple food in most households they are cheap they are healthy and most of us know that eggs are a good choice for adding to a puppys diet.

Should we be more cautious about including eggs in a puppys diet or are they a must-have food?

Our goal for today is to accomplish that.

One thing we all know is that puppies cannot live solely on eggs.

Thus before we discuss eggs lets briefly consider their overall nutritional requirements.

What nutrition do puppies need?

The mothers milk will meet all of a puppys nutritional needs when they are firstborn. Within three to four weeks after birth puppies are weaned off their mothers’ milk.

Even though puppies are small breeds its important to remember that their bodies need a lot of nutrients during this time.

Dogs need protein to grow as it helps them build strong tissue and strengthens their bones.

In addition they need a lot of fat for healthy skin and hair.

They also benefit from fats as their brains and vision continue to develop.

In addition to their energy those little furballs should also consume lots of carbohydrates to keep them fueled all day.

Additionally they will need a variety of vitamins and minerals including vitamins A B D E and K as well as calcium and phosphorus.

What nutrition will puppies get from eggs?

It is no surprise that eggs are one of the most nutritionally dense foods that humans can consume and our puppies can enjoy many of the same nutrients.

Six grams of protein can be found in an egg!

About five grams of healthy fat are also contained in each serving as are vitamins D E and A. 

The yolk of an egg contains the majority of these nutrients.

Many people prefer to eat just egg whites but you want your puppy or dog to enjoy the yolk as well as all the nutrients it contains.

How many eggs can your puppy eat a day?

You should feed your dog one egg or less every day regardless of how different each dog is. Even though eggs are packed full of nutrients you need to remember that this is a high concentration of nutrients being delivered to your dogs body at once.

One gram of protein per day is required to maintain the weight of an average dog. But that does not mean they can only consume one gram of protein a day; their bones and skin can handle more of it.

It is also possible for larger dogs to require more protein than 1 gram per day just as there are different parts of every dogs body.

In contrast if your dog eats too much protein a day it can overwork its kidneys which can lead to other health problems later on in life.

The same is true for fats too much of those healthy fats can cause your pup to gain unhealthy weight when stored in the body.

Because puppies require the most protein they can process eggs’ nutrients better than older dogs.

The fats and vitamins in eggs are also vital to puppies who need them most. Therefore even though it seems counterintuitive it is okay for a puppy to eat more eggs than a full-grown dog.

However remember that their bodies are still smaller so you should not eat an egg all at once maybe spread it out over the day. 

Can Puppies Eat Eggs?

Truth be told there is no specific age when your puppy can start eating eggs and that is because each puppy is different.

Within a week or two after birth some puppies will wean themselves off of their mothers milk while others will just begin.

Until the puppy has fully transitioned away from their mothers milk you should not give them anything other than milk or puppy food. 

Hard food (not liquid) is not processed or absorbed by puppies when they are born.

They become capable of processing hard foods as their bodies grow until they are unable to properly absorb nutrients from a liquid diet alone.

For this reason you should wait until your dog is only eating a hard food diet (no liquids). 

Raw vs boiled vs scrambled vs fried eggs

Similarly to humans it is important to make sure that the food we consume is not just good for us but that it is also prepared in a safe manner.

Rocky is often seen swigging raw eggs but this is not advised for you or for your pet.

Salmonella can cause salmonellosis in dogs if raw eggs are consumed.

In puppies as well as older dogs this bacterial infection can cause gastroenteritis spontaneous abortions and septicemia.

Salmonellosis is zoonotic meaning it can be transmitted from dogs to humans (or other pets) and vice versa.

Ensure that any eggs your puppy eats are fully cooked to prevent salmonellosis. 

What is the best way to cook them?

Dogs have different bodies than humans and anything added to their food will have a greater effect on them than on you.

Consider this crazy example: you might like the flavor of spices on food but you might also like the burn.

Even a little spice can burn their sensitive tongue and upset their stomach or worse.

For everything else the same is true.

Our bodies are capable of processing butter but dogs’ bodies will view it as a much more concentrated source of fats which can negatively affect their health. 

However frying eggs for your puppy is the worst way to prepare them since the oil used for frying will transfer a significant amount of fat into the egg.

Besides that your dog can be served boiled scrambled over easy over medium or any other method of cooking as long as the egg is fully cooked.

Regardless of how you intend to cook the egg you should avoid adding butter oil salt spices or any other additives. Cheese is not an exception.

What are the disadvantages of feeding a puppy dairy?

As a minor digression lets take a look at why its not a good idea to give your puppy cheese or other dairy products.

There are lactose levels in dogs which is the enzyme responsible for breaking down the sugars in dairy products.

Because of its exorbitant amount of sugars dairy products put the body into shock even in small amounts.

Digestion problems and diarrhea can result from this.

Additionally since dogs rarely consume dairy many of them have developed allergies to it and when they ingest cheese or other dairy products they may have an adverse reaction the most common of which is excessive itching. 

Should Puppies Eat Eggs and Rice?

It is common for our little fur babies to eat something that upsets their stomachs and causes diarrhea.

In some cases they might not even need to eat they might just catch a cold or they might have a tummy ache.

The most important thing is to ensure that they have plenty of water available at those times to prevent dehydration.

However what else can you do to ease their bum belly?

When someone is suffering from diarrhea eggs and rice are a sumptuous meal.

The combination of rice and eggs will be easy to digest and will help to absorb any excess stomach acid that might be contributing to diarrhea.

In addition to providing most of your puppys basic nutrients the eggs and rice will provide carbohydrates that will turn into extra energy to fight against whatever is causing your puppys illness.

Even if a dog isnot sick eggs and rice are a great combination in moderation. 

Should a Picky Puppy Eater Eat Eggs?

It can be challenging to choose a puppy diet that both he and you will both enjoy and is healthy if your puppy is picky with their food.

A picky eater is not specifically forbidden from eating eggs but my recommendation would be to avoid it.

As with humans too much of a good thing is bad so you should only feed your dog eggs as a side dish not as their main food.

Instead try other means of adjusting your dogs diet like trying different dog foods. Puppies sometimes have trouble transitioning from mothers milk to dry dog food.

It is possible to mix a small amount of wet food into the dry food or even some water if you wish. As with humans our dogs can too sometimes act spoiled so there is also something to be said about tough love.

You can often wait for your selection of high-quality food to win out over their stubbornness if you make the food available when they are hungry.


Therefore yes your puppy can eat eggs but there are a few things to consider. It is important that you do not overfeed puppies since they absorb nutrients at a much higher rate than humans.

To avoid salmonella contamination you must also provide them with completely cooked eggs. Finally you should avoid spices oils butter and other additives. Instead mix in some rice to give them the nutrients they need to grow big and strong.

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