Can I Give My Dog Activia Yogurt

Can I Give My Dog Activia Yogurt?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
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Activia and other yogurts can be eaten by dogs. Before purchasing yogurt of any type, one must consider a lot of factors. First, one should check the ingredients. Your pet may die if it eats sugar-free yogurt because it contains xylitol.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Can I Give My Dog Activia Yogurt?“.

Who is Activia?

It is a company dedicated to researching probiotics and how they improve gut health.

Can I Give My Dog Activia Yogurt

It offers a variety of probiotic yogurt products including some designed specifically for children. The company believes gut health is essential to overall health.

Why might Activia help dogs? 

Just like people pets can develop intestinal problems.

Dogs are known for eating things they should not as they often eat things they should not. A natural approach to treating your dogs mild gut problem is to use probiotics.

The yogurt produced by Activia is made using a special process.

The product contains five different fermenters.

In yogurt these bacteria turn lactose into lactic acid by eating lactose.

Even though not all lactose is consumed by the bacteria enough of it is so that people with lactose intolerance are less likely to experience problems.

Generally we think of bacteria as being bad but we and our pets need them to have a healthy gut.

As a result candida yeast and other bad bacteria are kept at bay. Otherwise we become ill quickly. Dogs and cats are no exception.

Is milk a healthy ingredient for a dog? 

There are many factors that go into determining that.

A few tablespoons of milk can be tolerated and enjoyed by some dogs and some milk products are more easily digestible than others.

Milk is a common ingredient in dog treats so under those conditions yes.

Nevertheless milk and dairy products are among the most common food intolerances among dogs according to the American Kennel Association.

Due to the lactose content this usually occurs. You should also take that into account. 

Should dogs who are lactose intolerant be given yogurt? 

The dog usually does that on its own.

Almost all dogs can handle small amounts of yogurt since the bacteria eat lactose. Activia is an active culture yogurt that is important to consume.

What other ingredients in Activia yogurts are unhealthy? 

Depending on the product you choose it will vary greatly.

Yogurt with fruit may contain added sugars which is not recommended for dogs. Some fruits are poisonous to dogs.

They also use grapes and raisins in some of their products.

Activia makes yogurt with nut milk such as almond milk. Although it still contains active bacteria the dog may experience digestive problems because of it.

Almonds were not designed to be digested by dogs so they can be problematic. Before you give your dog almond milk yogurt. or the milk itself. check with your vet.

How much yogurt should I feed my dog every day? 

A dog should receive between one and three tablespoons of dog food each day depending on its size.

The number of times and duration of yogurt feedings will depend on the dogs reaction to it whether its helping and the veterinarians instructions.

What other foods contain probiotics? 

Probiotics are found in most fermented foods. The majority of beers do not contain any live cultures even though they are fermented. A few of them are actually liked by some dogs and there are several that can be used.

Miso is one but it is best to make sure it isnot made with MSG. The supplement can be added to the dogs food or provided separately. Most major grocery stores and Asian food markets carry the paste.

A fermented drink made partially from black tea kombucha. Fermentation takes care of problems like caffeine but some dogs refuse to drink it. Most owners mix it into their dogs food especially if they feed their dogs a raw diet.

Kombucha may not be suitable for every dog. Dogs who suffer from acid reflux should not drink fizzy beverages. Additionally it is wise to avoid flavored Kombucha because it may have added sugar or other ingredients that are bad for your dog.

DIY fermented foods

Fermentation is an easy process that can be done at home with most vegetables and some fruits. Vegetables that are dog-friendly can be used for fermentation. This includes leftovers from your own meal preparation. If possible you should avoid using anything from the onion family but you can use broccoli kale carrots and watermelon rinds.

Throw them (and maybe an organic banana peel or two) into your food processor and chop them up. Compress them. Wait two hours. When the veggies have not produced enough liquid on their own add water until everything is covered. Any veggies left uncovered will mold.

The mixture is usually allowed to ferment on the counter. Its okay to see mold growing on top of the liquid. Just scrape off the mold later when it has fermented. The average dog gets around twenty percent of its food from vegetables though some dogs get up to thirty percent. Dogs of different sizes consume different amounts.

What other simple hacks are there to help your dog’s digestion? 

One choice that is good for dogs is pumpkin puree. You should not get pumpkin pie filling because its usually not made from pumpkin and it contains extra sugar and other ingredients.

You should slow your dog down if it tends to wolf his or her food down as fast as possible. In addition to digestive issues eating quickly can cause a number of problems. Eating smaller portions more frequently may be one solution.

Some dogs are fed raw food as described above. Fresh food is healthy for a dogs digestive system. A dog can benefit from either raw or gently cooked meat. You should not switch your dogs diet immediately; gradual changes are necessary.

Just like humans dogs require hydration. Before a meal the dog should drink a lot of water to improve digestion. Slow-eating dogs might also benefit from this. Among other things overfeeding a dog can cause digestive problems. Even though the dog does not seem to think so giving too many treats can be problematic. 

Although quality dog food isnot necessary for fancy designer brands it is important. Make sure the ingredients label includes everything your dog needs and nothing it does not. It isnot good food for your dog if it does not contain at least 70 percent meat. You can also see if it is healthy by checking the nutrition label.

Can dogs eat Activia yogurt? 

Activia and other yogurts can be eaten by dogs. Before purchasing yogurt of any type one must consider a lot of factors. First one should check the ingredients. Your pet may die if it eats sugar-free yogurt because it contains xylitol.

In addition to having an active culture it is equally important that the yogurt is fresh. Some do not and those would not do much good to your pet. With five fermenters Activia has been considered a very good product. Additionally the company offers plain Greek yogurt which is ideal for dogs.

Due to the dairy content in yogurt some dogs cannot consume it. Even though the bacteria consume most of the lactose some may remain and dogs with very sensitive stomachs may suffer a reaction. Be on the lookout for signs of lactose intolerance and avoid all dairy products if your dog has a problem with it.

If your dog is lactose intolerant you may want to consider other fermented products. You can even make it at home; it does not have to be fancy. By continuously adding ground-up fruits and vegetables you can keep the fermentation going.

You should always keep canned pumpkin… that contains real pumpkin… on hand as it can be used in case of a minor hiccup to improve digestion. Cooked pumpkin can also be ground up and frozen for later use if your dog is likely to need it often.

Dogs need healthy food to stay healthy. You should check for sodium content extra sugar and other ingredients that may not be useful to your dog. The consumption of too much fat can also lead to digestive issues and long-term health issues.

You should always discuss pet foods with your veterinarian. In addition the vet can give you information about how much and when to feed the dog if it has special needs. In addition to preventing overfeeding it can also prevent other problems from occurring.

You should make any major changes to your dogs food slowly. You can start with half new food and half old food and gradually move it until its all one. By doing this you avoid potential problems that could arise.

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