Can Dogs Eat Wheatgrass

Can Dogs Eat Wheatgrass?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Can Dogs Eat Wheatgrass?“.

Now that you have discovered a whole new health craze you are getting really excited about it.

Maybe you eat it because you do not consume enough fiber like 95% of Americans.

Can Dogs Eat Wheatgrass

Perhaps chlorophyll improves the oxygen levels in your blood so you want to know more about it.

That means more energy right?

Whatever the reason this stuff makes you feel good- buzzing is probably a better description.

The canine shadow in your shadow is taking in whatever you are doing while you make the smoothie and adding the wheatgrass powder.

Then you start to think…

Its a stretch to feed your dog a smoothie however is there any benefit to adding wheatgrass to their food?

Keep reading to find out.

What is wheatgrass? Is Wheatgrass OK for Dogs? Is wheatgrass safe for Dogs?

Grass growing on wheat plants is called wheatgrass. 

Wheat is a root vegetable that allows for no gluten to develop regardless of its definition as a grain. 

There are many nutrients in wheatgrass that make it an excellent source of vitamins A C E K iron and magnesium a reason why its sometimes called a “complete food”.

Can Dogs Eat Wheatgrass? Benefits of Wheatgrass for Dogs?

In addition it contains a high amount of fiber and magnesium making it good for the digestive system and keeping the bowels healthy. 

This may prevent your dog from experiencing gastrointestinal issues like bloating vomiting diarrhea and constipation.

The maintenance of a healthy weight is also related to having an efficient digestive system. 

Even though we want our dogs to be happy allowing them to eat whatever they want isnot the solution.

So that your pet can remain healthy and active you need to feed him or her a balanced diet. You can solve this problem easily by adding wheatgrass to your dogs meal.

Along with promoting bowel health wheatgrass helps keep gums healthy. 

Its high chlorophyll content means that its an excellent natural remedy for gum disease and bad breath.

Besides boosting red blood cells wheatgrass also helps boost immunity. 

Wheatgrass which contains a large amount of iron is a good source of iron for dogs. 

It is more fun for your dog to play around if they have sufficient blood cells in their bodies.

In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties wheatgrass also contains antioxidants. Wheatgrass provides protection against infection. Lastly wheatgrass also enhances the luster of a dogs coat if all of that isnot enough.

What is the difference between wheatgrass and regular grass?

You should not be surprised to learn that your lawn or your local park has a different type of grass than wheatgrass.

At some point in the past you must have seen your dog eat grass?

Grass can cause dogs to do two things when they eat it. In either case the pollutants are vomited back up or expelled when they poop. The grass is not suitable for dogs as their stomachs were not designed to digest it.

This is also not digestible!

Do you remember what you heard about cows having two stomachs? They live off of grass right?

For grass to be digested they need every inch of their two stomachs to break it down and extract its goodness.

Humans and dogs are unable to digest grass since it contains far too much cellulose. 

In addition a dog isnot able to absorb any nutrients it may contain because it can not be digested.

Wheatgrass can be digested more easily by dogs. There is also the obvious problem that regular grass is more likely to be contaminated.

A garden can be contaminated with pesticides fertilizers or just a lot of bacteria and parasites left by other animals. The nutrients in wheatgrass are also much higher than those in regular grass. 

Wheatgrass has similar mineral and chlorophyll content to regular grass but is richer in iron magnesium and antioxidants than regular grass.

Powder vs Juice powder vs Growing your own wheatgrass

There are many ways to get wheatgrass from powder and juice to wheatgrass that can be grown yourself. 

Wheatgrass is available in all of these varieties so which one should you give to your dog?

The difference between wheatgrass powder and wheatgrass juice is their nutrient content. 

Despite being made from the same main ingredient the way they’re packaged affects the other components of the food. 

Fiber is four times more abundant in wheatgrass powder than wheatgrass juice. 

Meanwhile wheatgrass juice contains more calcium iron and chlorophyll.

It is more convenient to buy wheatgrass powder and wheatgrass juice rather than growing your own wheatgrass. 

If you choose to serve it as a juice or sprinkle a small amount on their meal you can blend it. 

When growing wheatgrass you will need to spend more time taking care of the plant.

Nevertheless growing your own wheatgrass has the advantage of being able to ensure that it is 100% safe for your dog. 

In addition to its various benefits it can be served in various forms such as juice or as grass for your dog. 

How much wheatgrass should I feed my dog? Can Dogs have Wheatgrass?

You should take care not to give them too much wheatgrass since it contains so many antioxidants. 

Follow the serving instructions printed on the product if you are using wheatgrass powder or juice powder. 

Small dogs under 5 kg should receive 1 teaspoon and large dogs more than 5 kg should receive 1 tablespoon. It is best to consult your vet before taking fresh wheatgrass.

To provide your dog with maximum satisfaction when they munch on grass when you are feeding your dog wheatgrass as an alternative to lawn grass you should give it to them in its grass form.

Wheatgrass types all have their advantages and disadvantages. 

Wheatgrass should be tailored to your dogs individual needs when you are choosing it for your pet. 

You might want to consider the powder form of this product if you’d like to boost their digestive system. 

Try the wheatgrass juice because it contains a lot of chlorophyll which helps your dogs breath.

Additionally there is the issue of pricing. 

It depends on the quality (such as whether it is organic or not) whether wheatgrass juice or powder is more expensive. 

Because you have to work so hard to produce the finished product you get far more value for your money when you buy seeds!

Can wheatgrass help sick dogs? Is Wheatgrass Good for Dogs?

It has been claimed that wheatgrass helps treat cancer in humans but no scientific evidence supports its effectiveness. 

Therefore giving your dog wheatgrass will not cure them of cancer. 

In addition it contains a high amount of antioxidants which help in fighting free radicals which are strongly linked to cancer development. 

As dogs eat fats that can oxidize into free radicals this is good for them. 

Wheatgrass cannot cure canine cancer directly so it should be kept in mind.

Wheatgrasss high nutritional content makes it a very good meal to recover sick dogs largely due to its composition of a variety of essential nutrients. 

Vitamins antioxidants and magnesium in wheatgrass are crucial for a healthy active body.

Wheatgrass alternatives

There are a variety of reasons why wheatgrass isnot accessible to you for your dog but it can be a useful supplement for your pet. 

Wheatgrass is not the only food that you can give your dog as an alternative.

Coconut oil has many of the same properties as wheatgrass. 

As a result dogs’ coats become shinier and their breath is less bad. 

As well as supporting heart health reducing itchy skin and relieving allergies fish oil is also a popular supplement for dogs

A high level of antioxidants are also present in fish oil which also aids in the fight against free radicals. 

You can also consume aloe vera juice which contains vitamins A C E and magnesium as well as promoting gut health.

How to grow wheatgrass for Dogs?

Wheatgrasss greatest strength is its practicality. Planting it is very easy and it grows very fast because we will only use newly sprouted grass. 

The plants can also be planted in soil or without soil (with rock wool or coco peat using the hydroponic technique).

Wheatgrass planting instructions:

  1. Put the seeds in water and let them soak overnight. When the seed is planted the outer layer softens allowing it to absorb water more quickly allowing it to sprout faster. 
  2. In the growing container (pot or seedling tray) prepare the planting medium of your choice.
  3. Seeds should be strained from the water after they have been soaked. Donot forget to cover the wheatgrass seeds with another thin layer of planting medium after spreading the seeds in the planting medium. Cocopeat can be used to cover the seeds if you are using Rockwool.
  4. Two times a day one in the morning and one in the afternoon you should water your medium. Wheatgrass seeds are extremely susceptible to rotting and mold if they are left in a puddle of water.
  5. Make sure the seeding medium is covered with newspaper for the first three days and kept out of direct sunlight.
  6. Sprouts should already be visible after the fourth day when you remove the newspaper. Place them in an area that receives indirect sunlight but not direct sunlight.
  7. About five inches should be the ideal size to harvest. When you cut it into two-thirds the grass is ready to be consumed.


As a supplement you can give your dog wheatgrass as a complete nutritional food. 

In addition to its nutritional benefits it can also fight infections and cancer-causing free radicals. 

With many forms to choose from you can find one that meets your needs and those of your dog. 

Sprouting is very easy and it sprouts in a short amount of time. You can even try growing it yourself. 

Take a wheatgrass supplement for your dog to provide them with maximum nutrition.

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