Can Dogs Eat Veggie Burgers

Can Dogs Eat Veggie Burgers?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
correct answerThe Short Answer is:

Even though dogs can usually tolerate veggie burgers, it is not recommended to feed them in large quantities. It is always best to check the ingredients list before giving your dog a vegetable burger, as some ingredients may be toxic to dogs.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Can Dogs Eat Veggie Burgers?“.

Veggie burgers are a seemingly harmless option for your dog to eat.

Can Dogs Eat Veggie Burgers

The nutrients in vegetables can not hurt your pooch right?

Even though dogs can usually tolerate veggie burgers it is not recommended to feed them in large quantities. 

It is always best to check the ingredients list before giving your dog a vegetable burger as some ingredients may be toxic to dogs.

You can prevent your dog from getting sick by doing this. 

Even though most dogs will eat anything you give them this does not mean that they do not have sensitive stomachs.

On the contrary dogs have sensitive stomachs that can be easily upset by human food.

Learn what effects veggie burgers can have on your dog and which ones are safe for your dog to eat from the article below! 

What Are The Most Common Ingredients Used In Homemade Veggie Burgers?

Vegetarian burgers may contain a wide range of ingredients but Soy is the most common.

Beans are legumes native to East Asia and soybeans are made from them. 

There is no doubt that soy is loved by vegetarians because it contains large amounts of protein and fiber.

Another popular option is tofu which is also made from dried soaked and crushed soybeans. 

Vegetarian burgers can also be made from a variety of beans.

Can dogs eat black bean burgers? Beans like black or kidney beans are widely used because they can be compressed into patties with various seasonings.

It is not uncommon to enhance flavor with chili onions garlic and cheese.

Can Dogs Eat Mycoprotein?

Lastly Quorn burgers are another very popular dish that you can make at home. Quorn is made primarily from mycoprotein and it also contains egg whites onions barley sugars and milk.

Can Dogs Have Veggie Burgers? Are These Ingredients Toxic For Dogs? 

Some of the ingredients found in the veggie burgers listed above would be toxic to dogs especially if given in large quantities or frequently.

Despite being technically safe for dogs and being found in many dog foods not all forms of soy are good for them. 

As some dogs are allergic to soy its a good idea to monitor your dogs response to the soy burgers and avoid soy altogether if they seem uncomfortable.

If you think your dog is having a severe reaction you should always take them to the vet so they can be checked out. 

Dogs with soy allergies often exhibit pruritus (severe skin itch often confused with dermatitis) and chronic ear infections.

To determine whether they have a soy allergy or if another product is causing the problem you can conduct food elimination trials with your veterinarian. 

Onions and garlic are commonly found in Quorn products.

Garlic and onions contain disulfides which make them toxic to dogs.

It is a compound that can potentially lead to anemia if eaten in large amounts as it causes red blood cells to break down. 

The dogs red blood cells are inhibited from carrying oxygen because their bodies perceive their own red blood cells as invaders and attack them.

It is best to avoid giving your dog anything that contains garlic or onions. 

How Might These Veggie Burgers Help Your Dog? 

Even so some veggie burgers do contain ingredients that are beneficial to your dog.

Vitamin C and K are abundant in black beans and kidney beans.

They contain large amounts of protein and fiber which help strengthen the immune system of your dog. 

Additionally they aid in fat burning and blood sugar regulation.

It has even been known that kidney beans contain antioxidants that fight cancer! Raw kidney beans however contain toxic compounds that can harm dogs.

Before you feed your pet a burger you should ensure that it is completely cooked. 

What Other Common Ingredients Are Used in Veggie Burgers? 

In spite of the fact that a dog would need to consume one whole onion or two garlic cloves to experience toxic effects most pre-packaged burgers use onion and garlic powders that are considerably stronger than fresh. 

Meatless products also contain a significant amount of sodium.

For humans this serves as a preservative and enhances the flavor.

Because salt is essential for survival humans crave it and it is somewhat addictive. 

Are Any Of These Ingredients Toxic To Dogs? 

A fake meat burger or a veggie burger is highly processed.

Because of this much of the nutritional value is lost and the dogs are unable to digest them properly.

Dogs also should not consume them due to their high fat and salt content. 

Dogs are not toxic to salt but they require certain levels of it to keep their cells healthy and functioning.

It is estimated that between 0.25 g and 1.5 g per 100 g of food are consumed daily. The dog becomes extremely thirsty and dehydrated if it eats too much of it. 

Vomiting diarrhea seizures and high temperatures are all symptoms of eating too much salt.

If this occurs in the worst case scenario sodium ions can also be poisoned.

In the future make sure your dog consumes plenty of water and limits their salt intake to prevent becoming ill again. 

Donot be alarmed if your dog eats a lot of veggie burgers.

You should monitor your dogs behavior and call your vet if they show signs of pain.

If that happens they may advise you to bring them into the clinic for a more thorough examination. However your dog is probably fine.

Can Dogs Eat Veggie Burgers? Can Dogs Eat Beyond Meat Burgers?

We have discussed how dog-friendly veggie burgers are in general but now we’ll dig a little deeper.

Among the top veggie burger brands I will discuss Beyond Meat in this section.

Fortunately dogs can eat small quantities of Beyond Meat burgers.

They should not be included in your pups diet on a regular basis.

Initially Beyond Meat is extremely expensive so most people are not able to afford to buy it every day for their dogs.

In the United States they cost $6.40 per pound and around £5 for two patties in the UK.

Additionally Beyond Meat burgers and most other fake meats are highly processed. If you give your dog a small bite of the burger it would not hurt him; however if you give him more than that he might suffer health problems in the future. 

Are Any Of These Ingredients Toxic To Dogs? 

Beyond Meat burgers contain cocoa butter as one of their main ingredients in addition to the issues listed above.

Chocolate fat-containing theobromine is removed from the chocolate. Canines’ nervous systems cardiovascular systems and respiratory systems can be affected by theobromine. 

The consumption of too much of this can lead to poisoning which causes symptoms such as vomiting and polydipsia.

As a result it is best to avoid giving your dog any Beyond Meat products in large quantities or altogether.

Theobromine is rarely fatal but if consumed in large amounts it can cause death. 

Can Dogs Eat Vegan Cheese? 

If it isnot a major part of their diet dogs can eat vegan cheese in small amounts just as they can eat veggie and Beyond Meat burgers.

Cheese is not healthy for humans so it should come as no surprise that it is not healthy for your dog. 

The cheeses made from nuts such as cashews are sometimes less processed than store-bought vegan cheeses.

However they often still contain high levels of fat and sodium.

According to the above explanation high levels of sodium can lead to poisoning and high levels of fat can lead to weight gain.

These can lead to significant problems down the road such as obesity joint problems heart disease and hypertension. 

Nut allergies can also affect dogs as they can humans.

There are many common nuts that cause allergic reactions such as walnuts peanuts and pecans.

Homemade and store-bought vegan cheeses contain both of these ingredients.

If you are concerned that your dog might react negatively to nuts you should avoid giving them food made from them.


Taking everything above into account its safe to conclude that giving your dog veggie burgers on a regular basis is not a good idea.

Where possible dogs should be given lean meat as a treat rather than fake meat because this is what they are meant to eat. 

Therefore meat contains the right amount of protein for your dog to stay healthy and build muscle.

Veggie burgers are lower in saturated fat and cholesterol than normal burgers and processed meats like hot dogs. However you should never feed your dog any type of burger whether it is veggie or meat. 

You could also try feeding them any number of dog-safe fruits and vegetables as a treat!

This will provide them with a variety of nutrients and minerals and will add interesting flavors to their diet.

If you have any experience with feeding dogs veggie burgers please let us know in the comments as well as any alternatives you can suggest. 

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