Can Dogs Eat Strawberry Yogurt

Can Dogs Eat Strawberry Yogurt?

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
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It is usually okay for dogs to consume strawberry yogurt in small quantities. Yogurt offers some great health benefits to dogs, and strawberries are not toxic to them. In addition to calcium and protein, it contains other minerals and vitamins, such as vitamins C and E. It is also a source of probiotics, which are live bacteria that are incredibly beneficial to the gut and digestive system.

In this article you will know the answer to the query “Can Dogs Eat Strawberry Yogurt?“.

In the end your dog will still want to eat some delicious human food after eating all the dog treats in the world!

Can Dogs Eat Strawberry Yogurt

If your dog has gotten into your empty strawberry yogurt bowl that you left sitting on the counter or you are tempted to give them a snack of strawberry yogurt make sure it is safe for them to eat.

Your dog can eat strawberry yogurt as long as it does not contain xylitol or other harmful ingredients. If you want to feed your dog yogurt choose natural or plain yogurt rather than strawberry yogurt since strawberry yogurt is high in sugar.

Your dog would not be harmed if they accidentally eat some strawberry yogurt though it is worth noting whether or not the strawberry yogurt contains xylitol as it could upset their stomach.

Heres what you need to know about feeding your dog strawberry yogurt and how to do it safely.

A reward or snack is always appreciated by our pets.  We feel good about it and they feel good about it as well.

Sometimes its difficult to tell which foods are safe and which are not especially when we enjoy eating food that can harm us. The example of yogurt is one of many.  This is one of our favorite things. The tub is a staple in our household and our dog is always watching it when we take it out of the fridge.

What about strawberries in yogurt? Can dogs eat them? Is this delicious sweet treat something we should keep to ourselves?

Is Yogurt Good for Dogs?

It is healthy for dogs to eat yogurt as a treat. Calcium is a key component of strong teeth and bones so its high in calcium. It is also high in protein which helps maintain a healthy coat and digestion as well as build healthy cells in the body.  

If you are shopping for your dog choose plain Greek yogurt or regular plain yogurt.  It is common for owners to buy plain probiotics for their dogs to support a healthy digestive system.  Occasionally we give our dog plain Greek yogurt because it is thick and delicious.

Dogs can benefit from yogurt but there are a few caveats to consider.

Anything containing xylitol should not be fed to your dog.  Some yogurts contain xylitol a naturally occurring sugar.  Dogs are toxic to it but humans are fine with it.  A veterinarian should be contacted immediately if a dog ingests xylitol.  Before letting your pet eat anything make sure to check the ingredients. 

There are some dogs who are lactose intolerant.  They can not digest dairy products properly because of this. An upset stomach may not make you aware that your dog has this condition.  At first give your dog only a small amount of yogurt until you are sure they can tolerate it.

You should avoid yogurts that contain artificial sweeteners.  Some other sugar substitutes while not toxic can cause mild stomach upsets including Xylitol. It is recommended that aspartame sucralose stevia and saccharine not be used.

Yogurts containing high sugar levels should be avoided.  Sugar isn’t good for dogs and there’s no need for them to have it in their diet.  Plain Greek yogurt or regular yogurt is the best choice if you want something with low sugar and with no added sweeteners.

Can My Dog Have Strawberry Yogurt?

It is usually okay for dogs to consume strawberry yogurt in small quantities. Yogurt offers some great health benefits to dogs and strawberries are not toxic to them. In addition to calcium and protein it contains other minerals and vitamins such as vitamins C and E.

It is also a source of probiotics which are live bacteria that are incredibly beneficial to the gut and digestive system. In addition to these great benefits your dog will probably enjoy the taste of strawberry yogurt as well.

The benefits of strawberry yogurt for your dog are great but you should not feed it too often. In moderation and with care all things should be consumed in moderation. 

Strawberry yogurt contains xylitol which can upset your dogs stomach. If you are feeding your dog strawberry yogurt make sure you avoid any that contain xylitol.

If your dog is overweight you may also want to consider low-fat strawberry yogurt. Plain natural yogurt free from artificial sweeteners artificial flavors and preservatives would be the best choice for your dog.

Avoiding unnecessary allergens is always a good idea since you never know how your dog might react to new ingredients.

Which Ingredients Should Be Avoided?

Yogurt might contain a few ingredients you should avoid in order to prevent harm to your dog. Here are some of the ingredients that could harm your dog or upset their stomach:

1. Xylitol

There is a natural sugar called xylitol that is sometimes added to yogurt. Humans can consume it but dogs can be poisoned by it. In mild cases your dog may experience an upset stomach after eating xylitol; in more severe cases your dog should see the veterinarian right away.

2. Lactose

There are some dogs who are lactose intolerant which means they cannot digest dairy products. Lactose-intolerant dogs may have upset stomachs if they are given anything with lactose in it.

When you are not sure whether your dog is lactose intolerant you should give them a small amount of yogurt and see how they react.

3. Other Sweeteners

There are a few other sweeteners that you should avoid in yogurt besides xylitol.

The most common of these are aspartame stevia sucralose and saccharine. Your dog may feel quite uncomfortable if he consumes these products like xylitol.

4. High Sugar Content

Yogurt with a high sugar content should not be fed to your dog. Sugar in their diet is not necessary and you should not give them anything that contains a lot of sugar.

In severe cases too much sugar can lead to obesity and even diabetes in your dog. It is best to give your dog plain yogurt that has no added sugar as it avoids giving them any additional sugar they do not need.

Are All Dogs Lactose Intolerant?

It is common for dogs to be lactose intolerant but the severity varies from dog to dog. While one dog might be fine after eating yogurt another might have an upset stomach.

You should not just assume your dog will be fine after eating some yogurt especially if they havenot really been exposed to lactose before.

Consequently yogurt should be introduced to your dog gradually in small quantities. Although yogurt contains less lactose than milk it still contains some so you need to be careful. Try giving your dog one or two teaspoons of yogurt at first to see how they respond.

Due to the fermentation process yogurt goes through it has a lower lactose content. As a result of this fermentation process lactose in yogurt is broken down making digestion easier. Keep in mind however that you still need to take care!

Having your dog eat yogurt and therefore lactose could cause them to have an upset stomach to vomit and to have stomach cramps if they have lactose intolerance. This can vary in severity between dogs but it is extremely uncomfortable for them.

In the event that you experiment with yogurt for your dog and notice any of the above symptoms it is best to avoid any lactose going forward and to speak to your vet about what has happened to get their advice.

Can Dogs Eat Greek Yogurt?

Its best to feed your dog Greek yogurt if you plan to do so! Compared to other types of yogurt it contains fewer sugars and less lactose. As a result your dog will be less likely to get an upset stomach and it will be able to digest it better.

While Greek yogurt contains fewer probiotics and calcium than other types of yogurt it still contains a good amount of both so they would not be missing out on much. In addition it has more protein which is always a plus!

You should always check the ingredients of Greek yogurt to make sure there are no hidden nasties that could harm your dog even though it is considered to be the best type of yogurt to feed them.

If you wanted you could drizzle a little honey over the Greek yogurt for your dog. Honey is safe for dogs to eat so this will make it tastier for them. It is important to keep in mind that honey contains a lot of sugar and should only be consumed sparingly.

Can My Dog Eat Soy Yogurt?

It is possible that you keep soy yogurt at home if you do not eat dairy. If you want to feed your dog soy yogurt instead of dairy yogurt you might wonder if its okay.

You should only feed your dog soy yogurt if you know they do not have an allergy to soy. Occasionally soy is included in dog foods. Make sure your dogs food does not contain it. One or two tablespoons of soy yogurt can be given to your dog if it does not cause an adverse reaction.

If feeding your dog soy yogurt ensure that it does not contain any toxic chemicals that could harm them and always give them soy yogurt in moderation.

Ideally it should only be used as a snack or treat once or twice a week only one or two tablespoons at a time.

Can My Dog Have Vanilla Yogurt?

There is no clear answer to the question of whether your dog can eat vanilla yogurt. To determine whether the yogurt is safe for them to eat you need to carefully examine the ingredient list.

As long as the yogurt is naturally flavored with vanilla pods and does not contain other harmful ingredients they can have it. Your dog should not be exposed to artificial vanilla ingredients such as vanilla essence and vanilla extract.

A problem with vanilla extract is that it contains alcohol and even though it is a small amount your dog is still ingesting alcohol. It will not harm them to consume a small amount of vanilla yogurt but they should consume it in moderation.

Many vanilla yogurt brands also contain a lot of sugar and other additives which can upset your dogs stomach. You should avoid feeding them vanilla yogurt altogether but if you want you can give them a teaspoon here and there.

How Much Yogurt Can I Give My Dog?

Depending on your dogs size age and reaction to yogurt you should feed him different amounts of yogurt.

It is enough to give your dog a teaspoon of yogurt every few days if he is small. Once or twice a week a bigger dog can probably eat a tablespoon or two of yogurt.

When you first start feeding your dog yogurt be sure to do so slowly and with a small amount. The purpose of this is to give you the chance to watch out for any adverse reactions that your dog might have and to avoid giving them too much that could make them sick.

Can My Dog Eat Frozen Yogurt?

If you follow the same rules as you would if you fed your dog normal yogurt your dog will probably enjoy a frozen yogurt snack on a hot day.

You should make sure the frozen yogurt does not contain any toxic ingredients or too much sugar that could harm your dog.

Keep in mind that frozen yogurt is cold and can be a bit of a shock to your dog and even give them a brain freeze! Give your dog only a small amount of frozen yogurt at a time to prevent them from becoming too cold or shocked.

You can make frozen yogurt at home to feed your dog on a hot day by freezing Greek yogurt or natural yogurt and then taking out a scoop.

Can My Dog Eat Cherry Yogurt?

It is possible for dogs to be poisoned by cherry pits and cherry stems as they contain cyanide. As a result you should never feed cherries to your dog because of the risk of them getting sick.

The flesh of a cherry should be used to make cherry yogurt which is not toxic to dogs.

Another problem with cherry yogurt is that it may contain too much sugar or other sweeteners which should be avoided if at all possible.

Can My Dog Have Yogurt Every Day?

When feeding your dog yogurt every day you must ensure that they do not have lactose intolerance and that the yogurt does not contain sugar sweeteners artificial flavors or artificial colors.

Due to the calcium protein and probiotics in yogurt you can feed your dog about one teaspoon a day.

When your dog starts reacting to yogurt stop giving it to them and see if the symptoms improve.

Before introducing anything to your dogs diet especially something primarily made for humans its a good idea to consult the vet. Snacks should not account for more than 10% of your dogs daily calorie intake while the rest should come from his food.

Can My Dog Eat Strawberry Yogurt?

If the strawberry yogurt does not contain xylitol artificial flavors or other sweeteners then it can be fed to your dog. Sugary yogurt should also be avoided because dogs do not need high-sugar foods. 

It is best to avoid feeding yogurt to your dog if he has lactose intolerance. The best yogurt for your dog is Greek or natural yogurt which is low in sugar and should not contain harmful ingredients.

Can My Dog Eat A Strawberry?

Dogs can eat strawberries in moderation but only in moderation. There is a risk your dog could be poisoned by strawberries due to their high sugar content. The green bits of strawberries should be removed before feeding them to your dog.

Which Fruits Are Bad For Dogs?

There are some fruits that can cause your dog to become ill. For example cherries contain cyanide in their pits and stems which are toxic to dogs. A dogs kidneys can be damaged by grapes and raisins and his stomach can be upset by citrus fruits like grapefruit lemons and limes.

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